Ranks in the crush

by admin on October 21, 2009

Crush, flirt and seduction are actually … Game ranks …

Each of us has its own rank. He, however, is not constant. In different situations and rank time varies. At one point you can richest man in the world, but if you’re a sinking ship and you can swim with the lower rank of each swimmer on board:)

With regard to women when talking about Rank – Rank in mind look / most /. The most common method for assessing the status is the use of a scale of 1 to 10:
1 – the most glaring being possible. Something like: dumb-all-life gypsy-junkie:) by the central station, without teeth, hair and weighing 200 kilograms.
2-4 – women with unattractive appearance. Very often there is much between them, decent girls, but most were brutally ragged to life / fate because they are ugly /.
5 – Average work. Not beautiful but not ugly.
6.7 – cute women.
8-9 – HB / Hot Babe / – Very beautiful and good-looking women.
10 – SHB / Super Hot Babe / – truly unique, attractive women.
Rank of appearance are given as a whole include: beauty face, beauty, body, clothing, way of walking, radiation, etc.

Ranks two main indicators are survival and reproduction.

Status of women:
Nature is both more severe and more lenient towards women. Absolutely sufficient for a woman to be beautiful to have a very gallant. However, that very fact injure “psychic” ugly women. This is because men are more interested in rank-and reproduction. If a woman is beautiful, with nice body, big breasts, long and thick hair, etc., it is absolutely enough for a man wants to have sex with her – yes, in his mind she has enough good qualities to born healthy, vibrant and beautiful child. From this perspective, it is desirable for a woman and a great range of men is enough to have a nice figure and nice transmission. On the other hand, however, if a woman is physically ugly, it means that her circle of men, if any, is strongly reduced by niskorangovi men.
With advancing age – the rank of women declined. The same woman 20-25 years has one rank to another 30 + and 45 + completely different …

Rank in men:
For men, rank in appearance does not play so much greater role than women / though of course it matters – just not leading /. Women are more interested in rank-and survival rather than reproduction. For them it is more important man can ensure the survival of the family than it is beautiful, hot body, or have thick hair. In some women, this program is very strong set. Why can often see pairs of types: Beauty and the Beast:). While couples like: zveritsata handsome and are very rare. Social and social status, money, wealth, career, etc.. – Are components in rank survival. This is logical these things to attract women. In fact, what really attracts them is the behavior of men with high status, not themselves object gains. Qualities such as leadership, seriousness, stability, security, coolness, courage, calmness, strength and others. are what really attracts women. Many men thanks to their material gains have this behavior and are attractive to women for example some of the “leading Internet Consultancy” /. The important thing is to remember that even if it is materially equipped type of conduct “high rank” is what is attractive to women.

Facts / s axioms:) / the ranking:
– People are grouped according Ranks constantly – at home, at work, at the party, etc.
– Leadership is usually determined by higher-ranking, and this is not always the primary Rank / appearance /.
– For men’s rank, essentially, is determined by social status.
– For women rank mainly be determined by appearance.
– Have you walked on a crowded street gushnat a girlfriend? Surely you noticed how most people (the greater the percentage of couples – who judge another couple) you around. First look at one, then another immediately. They seek to assess the rank of each of you individually and there the couple as a whole.
– In Seth is much better to start talking and pay more attention to the girl with the lower rank / primary Rank / – in the opening for some /. So arouse interest on both. Differ from each other nategach who immediately put in hot.
– The rank is crucial for her husband. Man could easily have sex with niskorangova chick, but a woman would have sex with a man niskorangov only in exceptional cases.
– When you join Seth is important to determine the secondary ranks of participants in the Seta – that is to know who is the leader. I made friends with him – the whole Seth / usually / is yours. The leader / usually / behavior sets of sets. / stand that if you leave, where they go, what do you do etc. /.

– For women, the rank is not just appearance. Very often happens after the initial Opener and Rank – the situation has changed completely. A beautiful chick (with a higher initial rank) can be an absolute cripple social and / or / on short / half-witted, and it will bring down the grade and immediately. And back in groznichkata be very pleasant and nice person and raise his rank above even more beautiful.
– For men the rank is not only a social status. Even if a man has a lot of money – is enough to show super-nowhere to repulse the women around him.

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