Quick Guide to pick up girls

by admin on October 29, 2009

Quick pick up guide

Quick pick up guide

“Quick Guide to pick up the girls.”

So, more than any advertising, that’s what you need to do to put a girl – some clear, simple steps:
– Learn
– Alone with her
– Give her to feel safe and confident
– Laugh
– Make the work of her imagination and excite
– To carry out physical contact
– Kiss and then bang.
So there you go, step by step.
A) Pick-up, ie the introduction and first impression.
– When talking to women, said in a tone set by a clear, deep voice.
– Look into my eyes.
– Met first glance, then go in, slowly, slowly, and a compliment (that’s if it is not so stunning in appearance. If it looks dolled up, do not do compliments the exterior), then submit.
– [Another way that works, if you are a partner / friend] Talk with a friend about it ( “Wow, that’s what I call a short skirt!”) Out loud, that is, so that she heard. She looks at you, and then continue as if you just introduced.
– Talk a little more ( “you’re living / working somewhere nearby?”), To joke, tell a few jokes. You’ve got her laugh, otherwise everything is written on, will not work (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!)
– Ask her to drink a cup of coffee and continue the conversation.
– If it is busy, then take the phone number. If she asks your number, then insisted that she either gave your number or forgot about it. Can you make a joke that you do not give your phone number to girls, because “so you do not call, I know, you simply will show this number to all your friends that pohihikaesh and throw in the trash, it is true after all? :-)”. Here, it should already give you my phone number, or at least exchange numbers. But if it does not, then just forget about it, it is in any case not call. You can safely leave.
– If you gave her your number, you just gave up, handed control of the situation in her hands (and women do not like guys that they can control, it’s just boring to them, and there is no buzz in such relationships, even if they not admit it openly).
– You meet her somewhere (preferably closer to home, then to take her there) a little later that she was without friends. So you either you call it with him immediately, or call and offer “a cup of coffee (or anything else) about eight o’clock, after dinner, my business” (Haha to spend money on dinner with her? “What’s so special about it do for you? So far … NOTHING!), to the same for most girls dinner – it’s just skukotischa, leave it up to the moment when you will lie. And another thing: if things go badly, you can always say goodbye to her minutes later, 15-20 (and make her pay for her drink). During the meal, make it much harder, and you get stuck with it for at least an hour while you wait to order food and stuff.
– Once you have met, it should immediately embrace and (at least try to) kiss. As soon as possible (preferably within the first 5 seconds). If it does not izyavlyaet stormy desire to kiss, just wide smile, hug and show off his finger to his cheek in the invitation to kiss you. It will be a good start and will determine the tone of the forthcoming evening properly.
– Choose a place where you can sit * next * to a girl (and not the contrary, with a table between you). If you’re sitting beside him, he can get closer and begin to establish physical contact (touch, touch), but if you’re sitting in front – is impossible.
– The purpose of this meeting – at least make her laugh, make smile, bring a large amount of physical contact, holding hands and at the end of the evening to kiss fervently. If all goes very well, then we should try to take it right here, right away, or at least delay it until next time, when you invite her to cook you dinner at your house.
– So, the first meeting in a coffee shop / bar / pub. Talk about her work, as she dreams, explain its basic values, that it is important, and try to adjust for them.

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