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by admin on November 14, 2009

You need to loose some weight to have more success with woman

You need to loose some weight to have more success with woman

Below you will find a concrete and comprehensive program lose weight, and some advice for those who do not suffer from this very overweight, and even the other hand, suffers from the disadvantage, and learn how to build a handsome and muscular body.

What kind of girl do you like? Needless to thin, those with the bone in every conceivable field are emerging from under the skin? Or, perhaps those with certain parts of the body oversteer because of their (s) of excessive weight? Almost certainly not. Do you like slim girl with a good figure, such as leather, and more … uh … lenses. Now, remember that the girls – it is also people, with largely the same as yourself. Of course, there are also unique landscapes, who like a very bad man, or vice versa, a man with a big belly and abundant body fat, but those uniques a bit, but much more those who like men with a normal bit athletic, well muscled, elastic booty, and press “chocolate”. Of course, they are willing to put up with certain disabilities, but rather that they were not there, right? Yes, and you’ll feel much more confident when your property will be a beautiful male body, rather than a bag of bones or fat.
It so happened that I was not myself very lucky with the body. Yes, I have grown up always involved in any sport, but inherited from his father’s tendency to gain weight in combination with secondary growth, and not a very good skin added problems to interfere with the normal figure, and generally makes it very difficult to work with the body. Therefore, all the way from tolstyachka to more or less an athlete I am abundantly watered by their sweat and blood, and this is truly an invaluable experience, I am ready to give you a reason. Learn from my mistakes, you have such an opportunity!
So, figure. What is appreciated by all women, and what you can somehow hide, but only for the time being, which, if I understand your desires, your interests as close. Whatever constitution or nature has given you – a normal, too thin, or full, you have a great set of tools to touch up her work. These tools are simple, like a brick, and a little bit, just four: strength training, aerobic training, diet and pharmacology. No, no, do not worry – I will not teach you to drink anabolic steroids, but I am not your enemy, and if you are not the enemy himself, forget about them. The word “pharmacology” I understand just a harmless type of fat loss, as well as multivitamins.
Surely you have already tried to swing, and very likely you have not got anything spectacular, and you gave up this occupation. The reasons for this may be many, the primary reason – is fundamentally incorrect construction of the training, wanton perediranie program from someone else without adjusting it to fit your goals and under his body. The body you have one, and if it says something to you – muscle pain, sprains Elijah muscle fatigue and reluctance to train, or no right to you the results of his foolish not to listen. Unfortunately, most trainers just that and advise.
Start with the fact that in the nearest large bookstore to acquire books Stuart McRobert “Think” and “Think-2” They can be found on the Internet, but there is much more convenient to have them on hand in paper form. Then buy a pen and notebook with a strong cover. And, having finished reading my work, sit down to read books McRobert. When you fully comprehend them, you realize how many mistakes you’ve done, when trained. Methods McRobert work, believe my experience, and experience a great number of my acquaintances. I believe that his books have shortcomings, but they all overlap one indisputable advantage – he learns to swing not only in body but his head, listen to your body and think about what you are and how you’re doing.
Please take into, however, note that on its own strength training does not relieve you of excess fat on the abdomen and elsewhere. Why? It is very simple. Building muscle mass – this metabolism, the creative process, and the burning of fat – a destructive process called catabolism. In the body, at one point could only be one process, combining them is possible only with very powerful and extremely dangerous pharmacological support (such as clenbuterol can combine these processes, but it will add to you many health problems). We, however, if you remember, have agreed to dispense dangerous pharmaceuticals.
Plosky of normal thickness and belly fat can only be complex, consisting of strength training, aerobic training, and diet. Preferred but not required as pharmacological assistance. Exclusion of at least one of the first three points will bring the results of the complex at no. Rather, it is not on there – do without the strength training you can, but in this case with the fat you will lose and the muscles that you have, I think, and so not very much. Philosophy of fat loss is simple: if you get more energy than to burn, you’ll get fat, if less – you’ll lose weight. But do not put yourself on a diet of wholemeal bread and water, as well as a large calorie deficit will lead to what the body goes into emergency mode, and will cease to burn fat instead start burn through glycogen from the muscles, which burn faster and easier. Deficit of calories in any case should not be more than four a day. Another four hundred thou shalt burn aerobic training, and the amount it will give a loss of about 800 grams of fat per week. More – not if you lose more, you should know – you lose muscle, not fat.
Daily ration of the normal big guy weighing 80 kg – 2600 calories a day. Your task is to reduce their consumption to 2200. How? ‘ll Have to count calories, can not get away. I still have to break this rule into five parts, it helps the body to burn through everything without a trace, leaving no excess reserves at the waist. That is, you’ll eat every three to four hours. The proportion of fat in your diet should not be less than 20%, but more than 25%, too, should not be. At carbohydrates will account for about 40% of calories, and the remaining 35% you’ll get from protein. And so must each of your meals, not in the morning, for example, there is only carbohydrates, and then only protein. The only reason you can make an exception – a fat, consume it every time is not required, it lies in the stomach for a long time, and does not require the body too often. From now on you do not eat pork, mutton fat, cheese, sour cream and butter, and cream do not drink, and generally try to avoid vegetable fats. Meat consumed only beef and chicken breast (no legs!), Which are best to cook on the grill – Cooking in oil greatly increases the calorie content, and reduces the usefulness of the product. Be sure to consume protein-carbohydrate cocktails – the powder for them to buy in any sports nutrition store, and take a couple of pollitrovyh plastic bottles and if they drink is not difficult. Protein-carbohydrate cocktails provided two meals a day. Limit consumption of biscuits, chocolates and other sweets – carbohydrates that they contain, are empty, burned quickly, and remain at the waist. Our destiny – complex carbohydrates that are contained in cereals and vegetables. Pick up a nutritional guide, or simply pay attention to the table of contents of substances and calories on the packaging of products. 400-500 calories – this is very little, and at the beginning of the diet you’ll ever feel hungry. However, the diet should not be a torture, and if I’m hungry just too intolerable – allow yourself an extra sandwich with whole wheat bread and chicken roll. From personal experience: coping with hunger helps tomato juice, which is extremely low calorie – 16-20 kcal/100 g, and that cool place scores in the stomach. Also, a purely practical advice: on average, that one-time fee you want your body has a size comparable to the size of the hard drive IDE 3,5 “, unless, of course, these are products of high calorific value, and not about chocolate or pork. Yes, and that there would not talk, do not eat before bedtime, at least two hours before it – not because potolsteesh, but because it is harmful for the stomach and intestines.
Strength training – the second most important part of the complex. His task – to stir up the body, to accelerate the processes within it, let him know that we are joking with him not going, it is a serious work. Well, at the same time, clearer lines are those muscles that we have. On the growth of muscle mass during the complex do not expect – I have already explained why. The idea of training is simple – every week for a maximum three-hour workout you should explore one muscle group. Load on a large group of muscles (extensor legs, chest, back) – 7-8 approaches a week for a small group of muscles (biceps, triceps, shoulders) – 5 sets per week. The number of repetitions in approach – from 15 in the first and 8 in the latter. Pauses between sets – no more than a half minutes for large muscle groups, and no more than a minute – for the little ones. Breaks should not be more – it is very important! Neglect not isolated exercises – during complex fat loss you’d better score on what was said by McRobert, and recall is not very effective in other cases, exercises for biceps, triceps and shoulders. Highlighting the muscles of the legs and buttocks – the program must be included squats, bending the legs on the simulator, and kick their feet back in the side under load (the loop on the lower block) is also sure to work over the lower back hyperextension and postural thrust, the number of repeats in approach – 20-25.
The exception to all rules – the muscles of the press. Their you have to work through two or more – three times a week. Not ogranichivaytsya conventional twist – in the course should go all the muscles, including lateral and intercostal muscles. In addition to the twists, there are still rolling straight down, twisting on the bench with a twist, just turns on the bench for sit-ups, leg lifts and knee in Wiese and lying down, rolling on the block, on the fitness ball, side roll, and other exercises. Do not do one exercise twice in one week. Combine different exercises, and you’ll get coveted “chocolate”.
Between workouts should be at least one day break. Foot training should be separate and go in the middle of the week – to have nagruzhayuschiihsya essentially double biceps and triceps was time to rest. A combination of exercises within a workout on the left to leave you for reading the book McRobert. It fits the following scheme: The first workout – chest, back, press, the second – his legs, press, the third – the hands, shoulders, neck, press. And one more little advice – better to work through the press at the end of training, or even in the morning, immediately after aerobic training. During the training did not eat and drink as much as possible. If now you drink half a liter of water per workout – drink liter, and preferably a half. Just do not drink mineral water, have pity on the kidneys. Soda also not fit, use an ordinary drinking water. After about fifteen minutes after the workout it is desirable to swallow the protein-carbohydrate drink, for this, of course, have to adjust the time so that the end of the exercise coincided with meal times. Never must train well-fed – the desire to train is lower, the more you eat before training.
The aerobic training – is due to what will be provided an additional expenditure of calories. If you prenebrezhesh them, nothing you do not come out. The best time to aerobny workouts – morning, before the first meal. The maximum that you can afford before him – a cup of coffee or green tea without cream and sugar. If the morning train was not obtained, the aerobics after strength training, or if that day does not, in the evening. The total number of aerobic exercise – three, then four, and finally, five a week. Types of aerobic activity: running, running up the stairs, walking on the hills, swimming, jumping rope, rowing a kayak or boat, bicycle, exercise bike, rowing machine, elliptical trainer, treadmill, stepper. In one week, to do twice the same can not combine these types, so that repeated most often, and every workout even slightly, but increases the intensity, otherwise the body quickly becomes accustomed to such loads. The duration of aerobic exercise – 20, then 30, and finally, 40 minutes. No more – risking to resort to the muscles. During aerobic activity you should not choke, but easy and you too should not be. The easiest way to monitor the intensity – is to control the heart rate, but heart rate monitor you have, I think not, and purchase it in your plans do not really belong.
The best option – a step load. Two minutes are you running (pedaling, jumping) very quickly, then reduce the tempo and the same two minutes you work by halves. Then – again, a high tempo, and so on. Combining aerobic exercise with the power for days, or the maximum share – a case in general, yours, but keep in mind that it is highly desirable to have a week more than one day of complete rest, when you do not have any training. Less – also impossible. Enjoy the same day.
The total duration of the complex – 6-7 weeks, during the first two you enter into the rhythm, and still can not afford some relief, but further training can not ignore, because each of them is essential to achieve the desired result. The motivation may serve as its own picture next to a photograph, for example, a peasant from the cover of Men’s Health, which constantly come across to you in the eye. If you have, despite the fact that you clearly know your purpose, there is always an irresistible urge to skip the workout and the body refuses to train, check, did not raise you got overtraining (about her McRobert writes well), and, if you overtrain, immediately reduces the workload. The complex is designed to srednepodgotovlennogo guy who knows what the trainers, not by hearsay, so if you have not yet srednepodgotovlenny, it is very easy to overtrain. But do not panic. I do not accidentally advise you to read books McRobert. If you have read and understood them, then refine by themselves any training program you will not be difficult.
Down everything that happens in training, ranging from the number of repeats and approaches, and ending with subjective feelings, and after each week, analyzing all these data. Once a week, weighed and measured the volume – it also helps you maintain high motivation.
And. This technique works. At one time I lost with it for six weeks, six pounds of fat, while my working weight did not fall or per kilogram, which means that all the muscles I’ve kept. If you do not lose weight – then you do something wrong, or the reasons for your complete lie too deep, and you want advice Endocrinologist.
That’s all I can advise you. Train consistently, regularly and correctly, listen to your body, pay attention to detail, and you’ll get that on your body will stare all the girls passing by. Good luck to you, my grateful reader!

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