Pick Up Language – Acronyms in dating

by admin on October 21, 2009

A detailed list of those used in the Pick-up-and acronyms can be found on many Internet sites. However, I will mention and explain the most commonly used ..

AFC – Average Frustrated Chump
/ loser – a person who lacks social skills in general and specific skills for communicating with the opposite sex /

ALPHA – Alpha Male
/ male in nature – Alpha – sex with about 80% of females in the herd – the remaining 20% (ugly, infirm, deception, etc.) are Betty /

AMOG – Alfa Male Other Guy or Alfa Male Of The Group
/ other alpha or leader of the group – the goal is to AMOG-Nash – ie to show that you are in Alpha thereof. Note: The wings and your friends are not AMOG – a serious game should not take off their rank or to lift her on their behalf. I understand AMOG-ing-a more general – like other alpha / leadership / behavior – not necessarily demonstrated by the male /

BUYER’S REMORSE – twinge of buyer
/ When you undertake an action only one naked emotion – often later regret it. For example, in Pick-up-if you pass the border from the comfort of Foreplay (sexual excitation) and no where to have sex with her – later, when she will seek her know that her looking just to have sex, but most emotion probably no longer have it and it will pull, even if you do answer /

CLOSE – Kiss Close, Phone Close, F ** K Close, etc.
/ when you get to kiss or get the phone, or you have sex – it’s kind Close. Indeed, counting only Sex-Close – others are just steps of escalation /

DHV – Demonstrate High Value
/ exhibit a high ranking – verbally or nonverbally, or else you make it – for example, leaf /

DLV – Demonstrate Low Value
/ show low rank – that unfortunately is very easy, it is sufficient to show nowhere /

FRAME – Frame
/ the way you perceive yourself and the world that surrounds you, your beliefs about himself and you all around you /

FREEZE OUT – Freeze-out
/ breach of the emotional atmosphere and report. Subkomunikirash that a man is uninteresting and you lose your attention, taking action aims to challenge him to regain his previous status. That is – to fight for you and your account /

IOI – Indicator Of Interest
/ indication of girl that has an interest in you. For example: Fix your hair, you smile /

KINO – Kinesthetic Approach
/ physical touches, hugs, kisses – CINEMA without you in the box just friends /

/ Escalation of Kinestetikata – from very light touch in the body fondling, hugging, kissing, to … Sex – The game is virtually Attract + CINEMA escalation. If the movie will not do you need tons of verbal escalation, which is much less effective /

LJBF – Let Just Be Friends
/ “Let’s just stay friends” – when miss Attraction phase and go directly to the Comfort and Reports This is a common result /

LMR – Last Minute Resistance
/ final phase (resistance) before sex – in a good game will be little or no will at all /

LTR – Long Term Relationship
/ settled your girlfriend /

NEEDY – Needa
/ subkomunikirash communicate and had no women in his life and that many need a girl that communicates /

NEG – Neg Hit
/ negative remark to the girl. For example: “You have something between my teeth,” These are false eyelashes, right? “/

OBSTACLE – Obstakal – obstacle Barrier
/ Seta participants who are not Objective /

ONS – One Night Stand
/ sex for one night /

OPENER – Opener
/ first sentence or rutin, which go into Seth. Example: “Hi, how are you?” /

PUA – Pick-Up Artist
/ pikapyor – guy who is good in the game – back to the AFC. Roughly speaking – “master Svaliachi” /

RAPORT – Reports
/ position of trust and lack of tension between the communicating – for example: when you communicate with your best friend or a member of the family and not doing their Reports /

SARGE – Go And Pick-Up
/ each communication to Pick-Up – as a verb /

SET – Set
/ each communication to Pick-Up – as a noun. Sets are independent, 2-us, our 3-and with more players, mixing (men, women) or not, etc. /

SOI – Statement Of Interest – IOI, only with words
/ verbal indication of interest. Example: “Abe you’re very funny” or “You have a cool radiation” or even “What is your name?” Is the SOI /

TARGET – Purpose
/ girl or boy (if you’re a woman), which is your purpose /

VALIDATION – Valideyshan, Recognition
/ they are looking for women (figuratively speaking). And doing as compliments, as well as to put just for appearance before doing Atrakshan Reports by offering to draw and others. and gives valideyshan. If you cross the upper limit of valideyshana – they earn from Seta and nowhere to be too too easy if you cross the bottom line too difficult and disinterested /

VERBAL ESCALATION – Verbal Escalation
/ Escalate the relationship with words and compliments. When incorrect verbal escalation (not the exact way and not at the exact moment) – you can lose everything, and pick up grade the girl too. Most qualitative escalation that would have to do is a combination of Verbal and KINO escalation – if they know how /

WING – Wings
/ Friend, which in combination play and help in Sarge-a /

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1 Jaspreet April 3, 2013 at 8:38 pm

The problems are: mattriuy level, life goals, life placement.A young girl usually has all the kid manerisms, they haven’t grown up as much as you have, and they are always right. (by kid manerisms, not always on time, procrastination, doesn’t know how to deal with life problems)Life goals: Mainly I mean they have not usually figured out really what they want to do with their life, and usually have not set goals for themselves or learned how to set good goals for themselves. This is very important, and it something that is learned with a little age.Life situation: I mean that she isn’t at the same point in her life that you are. you may be ready to settle down and start a family and a family would ruin her any hope she has at getting higher education or joining the military or whatever she decides to do, making her dependant on you, which is not a good thing by any stretch of the imagination.Those are the bad things about it, I think the good outweighs the bad, you just have to accept that there are things you just shouldn’t do with her until she grows up a bit. I am in love with a girl that is 4-1/2 years younger than I am and I wouldn’t trade her for anything. She is quite the little angel. It is wise to make sure that she is at least legal in your state, even going out with her even if you don’t do anything can get you in a lot of trouble. Just use your brain, be responsible, she is depending on that whether she acts like it or not, you are the more responsible one in the relationship and you should know when to say no.Good luck to you, she is worth it if you can figur out how to make it work. have a good one.

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