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by admin on August 29, 2010

How to seduce a womanIf you use some historical analogies, the demand for a magical instant pickup template can be likened to the search for the Philosopher’s Stone. Or free internet access. Pickup can not be instantaneous. It requires certain knowledge, effort and nurturing of personal qualities that makes sense to educate yourself with.
Of course, the logical question is: How are trying to get acquainted with each other everyday people who are not so tempted in the art of seduction.
Unfortunately, most men have the “weapons” only one pattern of behavior which apply to all of them occurring especially in women. Will ask: what template?
Well “Can I meet you?” (Do not you know it from somewhere). Banal and ugly. And the girls usually have no opportunity even for such an approach, but it later. Moreover, we may not be too picky. There are even options for beginners and very experienced young seducer.
1. For example, many believe that it is very good to throw money right and left, hoping that the girl will be impressed and will immediately become yours forever. In this variant implies that the money they already have in your pocket. Where they will be taken at regular students – nobody knows.
But this is not the main problem. Worst is that even when your wallet is full of history, most often ends with the fact that they meet a girl, a “dynamo” which will iztsitsa with as much money as hands on to succeed. In this objective it will be possible to obtain material goods, without giving anything in return. And Be confident that she will forget the moment in which your finances can no longer withstand it.
Of course, not all girls are. Of course, to have money is better than to have no. But to rely solely on money, this means that it will attract primarily those “girls – dynamo, with all ensuing consequences.
I’m afraid that in this case is valid the saying “there is money, but no luck. Itself your financial situation will not bring you happiness in private (including sex) life. They need to add something else to reach success.
2. You can try to drown poor girl with intelligence. (Having previously read his dictionary of philosophical terms.)
Of course, once the girl is likely to fall into hypnotic state by the abundance of incomprehensible words and be completely helpless under the pressure of yummy. Can not deny that intelligence is the most male secondary sexual preferences, Scar!
But more likely is the risk that the girl be povazhishtava erudition of the boy (which in principle not to use words other than “eclectic”, “existential,” “Transcendental”, etc.) but also not understand what it wants.
In this approach there is only one positive point: the girl will soon split from the mainstream of scholarly acquaintances such an idiot from time to time to communicate with him to solve his crossword.
3. Some people prefer to pretend that women do not react.
No, not in the sense that men respond to – and for example, as was shown in the good old American comic “The Jazz are just girls:” Excuse me, baby, but my whole life until now I never felt anything when I kissed a girl. ”
In this way alone send a call girl and this is already much better. The transmission of calls based many templates truck. Among girls, there are many who are willing to accept calls of this kind.
4. Some do think that seduction is no method better than to wake up female jealousy – and the man starts not too intrusive, but half-serious girlfriend to woo the girl who he liked.
The likelihood of this lady does not suffer such injustice, and soon to open itself to prove the man is quite large, but only if the man in her home like that is acting as a possible sexual partner.
5. Pay particular male, never lived in the period of early puberty their romantic complexes, considered the best reason for dating the girl’s salvation from some mythical or real threat to life in.
Method almost ineffective, even if incidental to any circumstances is received by itself. As a consistent approach, it provides guaranteed total failure of “Operation Seduction”.
The work is not that constant will be necessary to maintain good physical shape and to speak to perfection rules head to head. Girls are very simple, and threats to life – a little. Ultimately, you will need to orchestrate these hazards.
6. Some believe that the best way to impress the girl on dating – it is for links to nameknesh or higher origin. “Children of party stars” are not fashionable today, but demand for friends and Godzhi Slavi Trifonov is in full swing.
The method is good for seduction of very young girls who will be happy to agree to see your albums with photos and autographs while sitting on your couch. A sofa, this is clearly not designed for sitting …
Notable works invitation “to look at our family sword.
There are also Lovelace, who believe the best way to bring the girl in bed to offer him “hand and heart.
Ever watched an American talk show in which guests were guys in the group “Four centaur. They had adopted a decision to compete in pickup and seduction. Whoever succeeds – gets points off that more girls, he has a greater amount. Where is the maximum – was awarded.
And there he showed how these guys removable girls in the supermarket (in America this is a popular place for dating). Methodologies and places were primitive and boring to shame: as a rule, they used small change like “I fell to the ears and want to marry me.” Rough and poshlo but acted.
Interesting moment occurs when the next day, all these “download” girls were invited to the studio and were told that their work had a smooth operator. The girls began to show that immediately understood the joke and that I know by heart all these traps and treacherous seducer would receive nothing.
Just a question: “Why you know we have forsaken all your real phone?” They could not respond and zakikotiha. So that – over time and part-time girls are very smart, but in ordinary life are not so profound, especially when they are speaking beautiful words.
“Only idiots do not use such an effective tool by the promise of marriage” wrote A. Yahontov in the Life book for idiots. ” Here I disagree with him and he did not use it. This does not mean that the method does not work, but for me personally that it is unacceptable. Note that many people still use it with success.
While this means in reality is not bad, but leave it for the most extreme case! It is not very elegant and, unfortunately, they are almost deprived of the opportunity to join in reverse!

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