Online dating tips – the art of touch

by admin on November 11, 2009

Do you want to touch him?

Do you want to touch him?

Very powerful weapon in the seduction – touch. Their magic power can bewitch absolutely any guy. When you understand, observe and feel that it is time to reduce the distance, begin to touch him, touch him. How?

At the beginning of dating – is harmless handshake. Can a little while to turn the palm up, as if to kiss her hand. Stop your hand in his hand and slowly slipping stroking and teasing him. If you’re already talking among themselves, occasionally touched his arm. This gesture expresses tenderness, openness, convergence. Make sure that your hands are warm. This is a very strong, compelling reception. Especially when you touch his hand just above the wrist.

Play with him in a fascinating and very exciting game called “random touch”. Dealt with it literally for a split second as though “by chance”. The touches should be very light, barely perceptible. Find a reason to touch. For example, disagreeing with his point of view during a call, you can touch his wrist. Laughing at his joke or story is easy to scratch him on the shoulder, as if thereby through it, and stressing that you be pleased with him. If he sends you an object (book, pen, glass, salt, etc.), touch the it at the moment when he will bring it to you, stop and stroked his hand.

Public transportation, when you’re constantly shaking and shaking, the ideal place for such games is a huge open space for casual touching, such as the thigh or leg, and can “stand” for him not to fall down and doing different innocent “pranks.” Sitting at the table in the cafe would be tempting “casual” touching feet. During the funeral can be gently on your forearm. Pay attention to other touches. All of this quickly and effectively to make him more closely.

Finally, go with him to a disco (or dance), where you can dance together, touching each other. But it must ensure in advance that he was pleased to see you any touch, not only to your skin or hair (they must be free of varnish), but also to the fact that you wore. Therefore, clothing should be soft and silky to the touch. In general you should look so that he would like to touch you! If he behaves passively, put a little sexy gestures, for example, straighten hair or “accidentally” passed his hand on his knee. The romantic atmosphere, soft lighting and pleasant melody quickly do their job and will set up a new friend to continue dating.

But at the same time you must constantly be alert and watch for his reaction. Touching it, you inevitably find yourself in its intimate zone and thus you are talking to him that you are something you want. It is important that it is correctly understood your desires and intentions, realized that you want!
Your task is to learn the art of touch so that he felt the heat coming from you, wanted to reduce the distance between you and wanted to come closer, you spend your time and effort. Too rapid a development could be seen a guy as a desire equally rapid transition relations in the

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