No retreat, no surrender

by admin on October 28, 2009

Telephone conversation in the bathroom

Telephone conversation in the bathroom

This is a classic dilemma of “telephone wars. Boys are recruited ability to spontaneously approach an unknown girl, recruited a pack of telephone numbers and, consequently, feel “dizzy with success”. Which quickly disappears when they are calling to these numbers and, one way or another, break off (no one picks it up, call dropping, the girl simply otmazyvaetsya etc. – approx. Trans.).

You see, impossible to completely protect yourself from calving and otmazok, I said it more than once. The best thing you can do – it isself-control and restrain their emotions. You never know what kind of girl will ring you, and what – no, so do not attribute it to his account.

You see, in many cases, the guys explain the breakup and Disclaimers lack of interest. I do not agree with this train of thought. Girls are “state” (or any other interest, right seducer – approx. Trans.), But later on that they were in this state were forgotten.

In fact, much of what happens when the seducer raises interest girls in his own person, she forgets. It will be detached (not sure that the correct translate disassociative – ca. Trans.), And prevail in her mind the cognitive dissonance (most likely by then had in mind the internal conflict – approx. Trans).

And, with regard to such situations, there are several trends that are present in the pick-coterie, which seem to me misleading:

1. Ad girl “reprimand” for Disclaimers, when this is not done in a playful or refined form, or when you look angry or like you are really hurt.

2. Formulation of a girl with a choice – either she calls back, or between you all over.

3. Fundamental unwillingness to continue the seduction of a girl who disagrees with ease at the subsequent meeting, thinking that the way you “scored” on it.

4. The belief that your value can be demonstrated only in person and speak at length on the phone – a bad idea, because it exposes you need. Not that you would need a long phone conversations. Rather, talk as long as you consider necessary. Calibrate so hang up before your companion bored, but enjoy the fellowship as long as you wish. This is just another way to build a sense of comfort (in Russian-speaking pickup, the notion of building comfort corresponds roughly to the idea of a gradual deepening of rapport – approx. Trans.), Which only approximates the desired results.

5. Refusal of further seduction, if a girl did not come to the meeting, because the thought of her disinterest.

For me there are a few things I do when it comes to the phone. First, if a girl otmazyvaetsya, I teased her fun. I never get angry or look genuinely upset. I never focused on finding a logically sound reasons.

I also do not give up if the girl I have not called back. At the same time, when they say they will call me to tell you that not upset because I know that they will not. I’ll just say: “Okay, cool” and give them a chance. And even if they have not called back when promised, I’ll call myself a little bit later and continue the conversation as if I do not remember what I had to call back.

In other words, remain untroubled, be persistent.

Play the game … No wonder it is called a “game” ( “game», «the game» – in foreign texts synonym for “pickup” – approx. Trans.)

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