NLP in seduction. Technology transfer in love.

by admin on October 25, 2009

NLP Seduction

NLP Seduction

Tired of waiting for reciprocity? We take and falls for an object in itself.

– Organize the context of communication with your partner that you are going to fall in love with (hereinafter – partner of A), for which: create an intimate atmosphere with soft lighting, romantic and sad music, etc. Make sure that you no one bothered .
– Build rapport with your partner but at the level of consciousness and at the subconscious level, for which:
1. Plead guilty (including a non-existent) for all past, present and future for the year ahead;
2. Cursed myself for all the dignity and praise for his partner A deficiencies;
3. Adjusts to posture, breathing, movements, intonation, rhythm and inner experiences of partner A.
– Help your partner and the maximum dive into the experience of love associated with it (him) last sexual partner (hereinafter – partner of B), highlighting only the positive aspects of this experience, for which:
1. Talk about the partner B only good;
2. Appreciates the feelings of partner A to partner B, a very uncertain time speaking out about the manifestations of these feelings so that would link the feelings of the past with the situation in the here and now. ”
– Maintenance:
1. Changing their own behavioral features that you used for the adjustment, call for a partner A rapid and irregular breathing, the desire to close his eyes, the manifestation of unconscious movements such as tremors;
2. Verbalized the alleged manifestation of your feelings partner A to partner B, against this backdrop that some aspects of the observed verbalized you here and now “behavior of a partner and begin to gently, gently touching a partner’s body, gradually extending the area of touch
3. I sincerely admire a partner, in cases of blatant flattery, use quotation marks “on behalf of the partner B” ( “and he could be glad that you know how to feel so full of life, aroused even more”). If you are familiar with the partner B, carefully plot while some aspects of it (it) non-verbal behavior.
Do not process your single utterance from the first person – talking only on behalf of partners A and B.
– Use the results as you want it:
1. Either the “here and now, making trims to the future, if you’re looking forward to a relationship;
2. Either partner A sharp return to reality, giving a negative evaluation of her (his) behavior in the here and now “the first person, if you want to call from your partner a feeling of guilt, the experience of depression, etc. Appliances will be long and difficult, but reality of running for 3-5 minutes.

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