NLP in seduction. Feel like a lion

by admin on October 26, 2009

Feel like a lion

Feel like a lion

Have you ever watched a lion in the eye? He felt weak? … This is what happens with the gazelle. Believe me, this is what happened to a woman if it looks man-lion.

Somehow, one good day, my friend, we decided to walk. We just missed a free drink or two. So we walked and enjoyed remembering old stories of our lives. We walked and chatted, enjoying our wonderful Whiskey White Castle … While we were walking, smoking a cigarette just fine Philip Morris … … Suddenly, his eyes narrowed as his eyebrows were lower, and he said: “Excuse me, Joe …
And then he went up to this stunningly beautiful woman in an elegant dress. I watched them close, he chatted with her, as if they had known each other for eternity! And they exchanged business cards. (She gave her phone – GB) He gently took her hand and winked at me (probably telling that he does not want to leave me alone), and they kissed on the cheek. Well, not bad!
When he returned, I said: “This is your old friend?”
He replied: “old friend? No, I met her for the first time … ”
What ?!!!» My eyes narrowed, expressing great confidence.
“Yes! I just met her for the first time … Hell, you do not believe me? ”
“Damn, boy! Yes, that I failed. How did you do it? ”
“This is – a mystery – he said, grinning an evil smile.”
“Oh, please, man, tell me …”
“Well, Joe” – he said, making it an excellent drink whiskey White Castle. He took a little longer, then pulled up to me and asked …
“Joe, you ever had a lion?”
“Hmm? Uh …. No. I’m going to become a vegetarian ”
“Oh no, not this brake! Leo, you know, a lion! ”
“Leo? You mean an animal? ”
“Hmm … no … I, of course, has long been a man, but as far as I remember … No”
He laughed uproariously … His voice is almost filled the entire bar … and even a drop of whiskey, looked at me.
“Joe, look. This is – like it … “- made a solid shot of whiskey,” … when a lion suddenly sees prey, he feels very happy … deep inside … … the ghazal is just looking at … gazelle. … You are Leo, looking to laugh … inside … deep inside … this is like … like … in liver, lungs, spleen … … pleasantly tickled from the inside, so he feels well, very well … Just watching the gazelle … “Yes, you’ve just seen enough programs in the animal world …” Ha-ha-ha – Ha! not-e-e-t! “It’s like … like when …” You – Leo “. and you suddenly see prey that is in your field of view. You know, it feels a lion?” You feel good, you are feel very well! “You know, like smiling lion?” This is when he feels very good, and before a smile, he licks his lips and the smile … the dazzling show fangs.
“He lit a cigarette, enjoying, exhaled smoke and wet my throat a long gulp of whiskey … and continued:” And you are still smiling from the great feeling inside you … you continue to lick your lips more and more … a little lick their fur mane … then … and Inside there is a little contented growl. You know, like a lion roars? ”
“Hmm … no … I think I was the man for most of the time, as far as I can remember. Of course, I can imagine … although … ”
“Well … it turns out so … the lion is a huge, huge sound inside the bag. When the air passes through the sound bag, get the sound so low that it actually makes the whole body vibrate. This is similar to when you say, and the sound seems to arrive … somewhere deep limits of your stomach … and with every sound that you speak, your whole body completely resonates … ”
“Yes … and now, look at the eyes of a lion on the gazelle … come on … (and he pointed to another amazing beauty) … and the more you resist it, the more you become a lion … and feel very happy … come on … this is correct … ”
“Uh-huh Uh-huh”
“Well, now … look at this ghazal. Feel your body … and fluffy like the wind whistling in your mane … lick your lips … your eyebrows fall … and you can, of course, flashes of the wind blowing in his face … and it … liberates a powerful yawwwnnn …. HUNNNNGGGGG!!!! What you feel? You feel the vibration within your body during the growling? Yes-ah … It’s a wonderful feeling, is not it? ”
“Yes … YES! I feel VERY WELL! ”
“Okay, now … lick their fur … more … and look at this Ghazal … and now … growl. Go ahead … growl! ”
«GROWL (Growl )!!!!»
“Yes … growl! You – the lion, and not Mickey Mouse! Growl, damn it, growl! ”
«GRRROOOWWWWWLLLLLLLLL (all your body ranges from a powerful growling).”
“Yes-ah … now look at that gazelle again (and again he pointed to the astonishing beauty) … hmm … what do you feel?”

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