Mystery Method (or how to get beautiful women into bed) in 9 easy steps!

by admin on September 15, 2011

The Mystery Method I will describe the Mystery Method (or MM for short) and its basic principles. I know many of you are aware of it, but for those     who have and those who want to remember his principles is the right article.

This is a method for removing an object from a group of girls. It is divided into 3 main parts each of which has 3 steps.

Attract / Attraction (the site to your humble person)

1. Open / start, opening the group of girls, which is stamped prior object (target).

2. DHV (Displaying High Value) / Show High Value;

3. Male to Female attraction / Show an interest in the site.

Build Comfort / Creating comfort

1. C1/Create comfort of the place of meeting;

2. C2/Create comfort in place of the second meeting;

3. C3/Create comfort on the sex meeting spot.

Seduction / Seduction

1. Seduction / Seduction;

2. LMR (Last Minute Resistance) / Protection in the last minute;

3. Sex / Sex.

For now I will pass quickly through the main things you need to know about attracting, and if there is interest and subsequent articles will describe in detail each step in the method.

1. Home – consists of starting a conversation with a set-A (the set – the group of girls that is your goal). Since females rarely objects found themselves separated and in one particularly in bars and clubs, public places, which suggests that you would have searched girlfriend, so this theory is based on the group method. It is best before leaving to prepare the material that you intend to speak to know what to say as soon as you see appropriate goal. Replica itself, which will start the conversation is called oupanar. A good example is opanar:

“Hey, I saw people fighting outside the female. Some two girls fought for a guy who was up to them and try them raztarve. Then I talked to said it is Pesho. This name is clearly feminine hearts breaker Pesho : D . Anyway, I would continue watching, but after I saw that jacket off one of the other breast, and somehow popped back off me wrong I love juicy breasts, but that was such a razvisnata as from National Geographic. Incidentally where are all you know? ”

Note: If you think that somehow one of the girls can not take a joke about not perky breasts well, better not to say go straight to “How do you know any?”

2. DHV – To show that you have something more to it to be impressed by this and wants you off later to raise their social status in her eyes through a specially selected incident, in which you show some basic properties as leadership, defender of the weak, protector of loved ones, the ability to feel things properly, etc. The story may be chosen by your past or think is irrelevant. It also has enough charge to get the girl to begin to give you indicators of interest (INI). Examples of INI are throwing your hair, smiles in continuous contact with eyes, mischievous behavior, sometimes even bad behavior.

3. In the third part of the attraction you begin to show interest to your target through restocking or method:

3.1. Throwing bait – What is your favorite animal? -Cat.

3.2. Hang it on the hook – you serious? My too.

3.3. Wrap – This is great. I can not even talk to you now.

3.4. Relax – (Turn back to her talking to the rest of the group and wait for it to start talking to you again)

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