Moments that fail you when you try to get a girl

by admin on October 20, 2009

Important moments that will fail all your Dating experience.

– Hold timing.
Dating convenient time for none. Take women while I’m in a hurry to somewhere, until they stumble down the street, while crying while laughing and fun, while in the company of men or girlfriends while they are alone while they go to the toilet or returning from it while talking to someone else or quietly drink at the bar.
The problem with waiting is that the more visible and wait / convenient time /, the more accept hem rank funk, both in you builds up tension and possibly fear, which may be screwed all approach. Never ask for crush ‘when’ but always ‘how’ / how you met a Dating and not when /.

– Exit from ram company.
Guys who are trained to have experienced the consequences of his back. Do not know if there’s something low rank of this great company out of men / more than three / and approaches a woman, but even there it is certainly in the top three. When it does not matter the place, nor any other factors / unless other men are not any selebritis /.
Wherever you are, when you do try to approach it is not clear that the men leave large company / least at the beginning of the approach /.

– Do not keep crush.
Okay, already in her / her whether it stopped in the street, whether in the disco, a party or other. / And then just smile awkwardly and wait.
Most girls will not remove yourself dude. Be aware of what you want to do after the opener or improvised on the spot, but do not stand like an idiot with protruding tongue.

– Stall when talking to her on the phone.
When you call a woman Be candid and open. She knows that and calls to and scored some deals. If the fence just rip your ranking and reduce their chances for it to adopt a “tender”.

– Look at great length the menu.
This subkomunikira do not hang out much. Also, if you lead her to school / what should be done at least in the opening means that you were there or not visit him often.
Most visokorangoviyat behavior here is when you bring the menu to order directly without looking at them.

– Order a beer or something cheaper.
Beer has many negative effects such as unpleasant breath, belching, bloating of stomach, etc. To order something like coins or Sokcho chair funny.
Order for 2-3 things about themselves such as vodka – car, Gin – Tonic, branded tea – milk, mint – Sprite, cognac – a cigar:), whiskey with anything you joy, etc. Never mind what she ordered / unless something very exotic and will become a laughing / and does not make instructive comments.

– Account.
Willingly to pay the bill, indicating that their wont to do or skinflint, looking at the ceiling while wearing the note is still the same negative effect on you.
Try to do so that one way to pay you, but next time it is. When pay and say “The other way you will draw and keep this really” the other way. ” If she took money and wishes to pay his part, did not insist on paying for it. Collapse shoulders and say “OK” – show that this is not a big deal. Moment of paying bills should not be turned into something decisive about the meeting, but can you play a bad joke.

– Nalazvash it too much, too fast.
Kino escalation is not mandatory, but if the girl shows negativity towards her shyness or is highly discouraged to nalazvash too.
Moreover, if after her behavior and just escalated steadily, but to her it is nice not become another “nategach, from which she would gladly be rid of the moment.

– Proposes to ride in public transportation.
Whether it lead you in to her sex or just somewhere Bounce, public transportation is extremely niskorangovo means of movement. Even walking lower not your level as atrocious but as miserable use of public transport.
Enough is made of alum – if your destination is nearby trekking on foot, using those minutes to a little more physical escalation / movie /. If you will pay the travel distance charges – no excuses here, just accept that you have to do so.

– Mention of low rank “details of your life.
Living with his mother and father, doing troshka for 1000 leva Driving under trips, no friends, do not go out of their farewell dance, watch TV all day or kibitz the computer clock.
If you are still not clear – these are not things with which to praise and who to tell or subkomunikirash. Be what you is a good thing – but at least the beginning Avoid low rank tell or show details in their lives.

– Frame Game.
For beginners  this is the hardest game to master. Did not tie too many, if not its humor too, whether it is “tree” and amogvash too, if you listen to it carefully it or snap if able to lead and how you do it.
Frame games are usually the most powerful weapon for women and if no clear cause and strong frame is almost always lost. The good news is that winning behavior and frame can be learned, either alone, watching guys who are successful with women or training where you will illustrate what is it strong frame.

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