LTR (long term relationship)

by admin on November 4, 2009



What is the fundamental difference between the approaches of relations “at night” or “long time”? In ecological? So it should be everywhere at the height … more pressing issue is building relations.

First, let me give a model of relations for Leslie Cameron-Bandler:
1. Introduction.
2. Habituation. In this stage people learn a lot about each other: the habits, preferences, characteristics, partner – is a world that is so interesting to know! This stage is the most full of pleasant emotions, is characteristic of the state of love and connection to the partner.
3. Expectations. “Hu what he knows everything that I love, he loves me and all my life everything will be done for me …” familiar? And the claim – as if I told her something must …
4. Disappointment. Logical conclusion of expectations. Sooner or later it will occur …
5. Threshold. Gap.
So, the secret of a good many mutually agreeable relationship is simple – to always be on the stage of addiction. It seems to be all easy … tear patterns, do it “closer-farther, sometimes arrange a quarrel – so, for the prevention of … On the other hand, if you bend the stick, it will be too badly: a girl, all while being in a trance – not a gift … Empirical it was found that enough times (from 3 days to 2 months. depending on the girl) to organize her display of new items from his collection, and it will be at the stage of addiction as long as necessary … and will always love … Excellent True? It remains her to teach you to do the same thing – and you are to a great age to be envied around – your love will burn happily ever after.
Now a little more about the pick-up “at night” … From my recent practice: acquaintance, picked up the phone, pulled out for a walk, sex, disappeared … again appeared in a couple of weeks, broke the pattern qualitatively, sex again, she is ecstatic declaration of love … More — more … In this case at some point stabilizing relations are beginning to appear more often at the same time do not let her get used to a different unexpected antics (now appearing in the night with flowers, it will make do in a minibus that prinarodno do not, invent something else). A “starred” it strategy “at night” …

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