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by admin on November 4, 2009

Saying something sweet to her

Saying something sweet to her

In this article, you learned something about compliments. Why, when and, most importantly, how. We even show you a short list ready compliments!

Before we’ll move on to the list of compliments, let’s start to define what is a compliment.
There are many definitions of that word, including “traditional bow after the actor a standing ovation.” So let’s introduce a new definition, we can understand you, and we will continue to enjoy. Thinking at the time, I decided that a compliment – it’s my approval or praise the fact that my girlfriend likes. Simple and tasteful.
How does a compliment? Extremely simple – it is positive and pleasant emotions. Typically, a compliment is always sufficient to start the conversation with a girl. After all, the girls really like when they are praised.
So what can be praised and that there was to approve? But whatever. For example, a compliment can be made regarding:
Topics in the conversation.
As you know, the list is not exhaustive. The very complete, in the process, so to speak. And while you a little example from our list of compliments:
Amazing eyes.
Beautiful gait.
That shirt you are going.
I can see, you have good taste.
Pleasant voice.
You dance well.
What is your smooth skin.
You appealing.
You have a nice smile.
Very neat look.
Beautiful teeth.
You have a good figure.
Pleasant sight.
You have very interesting eyes.
Beautiful makeup. Very good you stressed.
You have a beautiful even tan.
You have a real Italian smile – the same insidious.
Girl, you are beautiful at 85% (47, 90% – depending on the amount of clothing), the rest I have not seen (say with a smile).
Main, important and most essential rule: the compliment must be sincere! Backhanded compliment automatically converted to run over, and the reaction to run over and the reaction to a compliment – very different from each other. I say simply: if you sovresh, very high likelihood that you will receive a negative reaction in the beginning of communication. It must be you?
Second: you should not do things exactly a compliment. Why? Because you do not compliment a girl, and the designer who invented it all. But the compliment to her sense of style, ability to pick up things, creating the image – to do exactly worth it.
The third and last rule: do compliment her style and dress is when you are stronger and well-dressed than the girl. Otherwise, it is once again hitting or provocation. In any case not the best thing.

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