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by admin on October 31, 2009

What not to do upfront of her

What not to do upfront of her

You’ve read a lot of literature on this topic, but then learned that all or most of the miss deaf ears? I am sure that you know in which hand should hold the knife, and to what extent – the plug, but that’s always whether you shake hands with the woman leaving the bus? Go? And if after your girlfriend go three more female, while not necessarily young and attractive? Also shake hands? Done! Because you will always sense. No?It is in vain. Such things should be done automatically. Entering somewhere, open the door girl and let her come. Not in the dark hallway or elevator – a potentially dangerous places, first you must enter yourself. On the stairs always go lower than girls to have time to catch her in his arms, if she stumbles.

What to do if you do not always get to open its doors? Try to do so to receive. However, if it turns out that she does it herself – not to tense up and not take in the head. Nothing terrible has happened. Opened the door and opened it. Minor exceptions do not supersede the rules. And, of course, if it so happened that a lady with a kind of luggage, handbags or flower apart, then you can guess who should bear all this?

When the lady comes to you in a taxi, do not make it so that it was paying the driver, and you’re waiting for her at home and then gave money to have her. Go down, and he paid the driver. If you send her a taxi on my own – put her in the car and ask the driver how much it will cost travel. Pay him immediately, but do not give money for a taxi its liabilities. All these little things make you gallant.

If you go with a girl in a catering establishment, then stick to the banal rules of etiquette. Quite simply, everyone knows everything, but Nifiga do not comply. Recently I conducted a study – for two hours sitting in a cafe and watched the incoming pairs. Everything went according to the standard algorithm – a young (or not) a man with a lady walks into a cafe, they both fit in the cash, buy something, the man pays, and they both come to the table. Then, in the best case, the man goes to the hanger, there is undressing, then returned, took the ladies clothing and carries it to the hanger. In the worst – they simply put their coats or jackets on the chair beside him. The majority observed was very elegantly and tastefully dressed, very well-groomed. Moreover, the girls apparently did not notice that something is not as it should.

And now imagine how powerful the gap pattern you are making his companion, when vedesh it somewhere and are acting not according to this scheme, as well as to do really? Do not know how to? Listen here and do it always and with all the ladies. You come in together, you confidently vedesh it to the table for which you want to sit down, help her take off clothes and pushes her chair for her on the table. Then you carry her clothes to the hanger, hang, ibid undress himself, returns to the lady (if necessary with the menu) and are interested in the fact that she will eat or drink. If she says “do not know, then take a couple of options. If you still do not know – to notify her that you bring to it. If it is, this option does not suit, she immediately offered an alternative to itself. Then go to the cashier to buy everything and bring to the table. If the time it does not take away – are you carrying her first, and only then – to itself. If you carry two of them at once – first you put in front of it what you want, and only then let down by her table. Then sit down and draw a pleasant conversation.

That’s all so simple. And it is very rare in real life. And when a woman gets this treatment, she immediately writes to your asset few extra points. Do not fussing with it and not particularly interested in how it is convenient and the like.Remember that you – the master of the situation, and you do what you want. Just do so she was comfortable and liked.

Lady smokes? Do not forget the time strike sharply lighter to light her cigarette. If you do not smoke, I try not to smoke in her presence, except when she loudly declares that tobacco smoke does not bother her. If you do not smoke – quite well. From you will not stink of tobacco, and your clothes will not be littered with crumbs of ashes. Smoking does not make you cooler, if it is, of course, the cigar under the cognac in a suitable environment. Although most aunts can not stand the smoke from the cigars – he was too vigorous.

If you plan to drink with a lady a couple of cups of coffee and eat ice cream, then do not act it in a restaurant. In the restaurant go there. For kofepitiya have cafes and bars, and they are not worse. And yet – in some restaurants especially zealous doorman or attendant may rush to withdraw with your companion’s coat. Gently and politely, do not let him do it. Take off her coat himself, and only then give his servants. The same goes for the reverse process. This woman – with you, and undress, to dress it for you.

Since I started talking about things related to food – not eat out of cans and drink from bottles. Shifted from the jar into a dish, pour the bottle into a glass. Do not look at men in the advertising, which lash cola from the bottle. Learn to respect yourself and do everything beautifully. But there are times when I can only drink from a bottle. In this case, particularly not bother and drink as drunk. But if you can drink from a glass – do so. Even if you’re sitting alone at home.As you all must be real and not for show.

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