Kiss of Death and how to get rid of it !

by admin on May 18, 2011

He met his most incredible girl in the world. I dont know her, but I am sure she is Goddess, sent directly from heaven, but in jeans.
The perfect Kiss

Exchanging glances, your chemistry is changed, several brief conversation after the course, even if you meet accidentally in the park. (You think it’s fate)
You know that you want her. No doubt about it. Now comes the question – “And if she likes you?”
It is your smile, but whether friendly or is it flirting? You see her leave with another boy after classes – it was a boyfriend? She flirted with you last week even touch your shoulder … and the next day not even noticed. Do they?
How do I know? You must at all costs to know this before you start to “run” after it, right?
Perhaps the most frequently asked question, anywhere, through all the forums linked to “the interpretation of female behavior and attempts to find out whether they like it or not. Posed usually describes the situation, what he did, and then asks, “Does that mean she likes me?” Or, “Does that mean it does not like me?”
Definitely a popular question. Definitely a question that must be answered.
RESPONSE – Constantly thinking about a certain girl, and whether she likes it or not, is known among pikapyorite the kiss of death!
Worrying about whether a girl likes you or not decreases your chances with her and is more likely to not like you. Will not like it, just because “fear” because you think your obsession with what she thinks about you, you will repel.
Let me clarify.
When you let it fall into the trap of ” obsession “going to analyze every action of the dream girl, each of its word, her every move … and try to contact them with you.
It is your smile – do not you be smiling. Puts your mail – not your e-mail launched. Returned your call – do not you get a call. Confusion, frustration and the resulting anxiety and depression.
This obsession of her behaviors and their meanings, they paralyzed, confused and sucks every drop of confidence that brings. Turning into an absolute ball of nerves and uncertainty. And women generally are not attracted by the bundle of nerves and uncertainty.
So is it wrong that I confused by the behavior of women? NO! IN NO EVENT! Women are confusing. Always been and always will be. Such are his. Accept it.
Especially when it comes to romantic feelings , the women seem totally inconsistent. At some point you are sure that you’re the man of her dreams, the next – just do not exist for her. At some point, flirting and smiles, stroking his body in yours, the next is gone, has gone without even saying goodbye. You must be confused and frustrated, naturally!
So is not yet known the exact reason why women made such mixed signals, and ultimately look like an attempt to confuse us. Some believe the reason is in the magazines that they read. Others believe it is related to the secret meetings they held in the bathroom. Third believe that their irrational behavior due to some wacky hormones raging in their bodies. The reason apparently is not important. You just have to accept it and a plan how to react in such situations.
Just say NO to the “interpretation” of female behavior.
Well if you really do not try to “analyze” women to understand whether we like what we do then? What is our strategy? Ultimately they are illogical, confusing and quite annoying, but we want to fuck them, right?
Very simple: If a woman attracts you, then simply take that you also attracts her. ACTING AND DUE.
Accept that they like and would like to know you better. Accept that she is attracted to physically. Accept that you are in ourselves All required to attract such a boyfriend, no matter how attractive and stunning.
Take positive …. always positive. Accepting negative will kill any chance you have of it. (Pessimists, my friends are not “pussy magnet”.)
There are many exciting benefits if this behavior becomes part of you. Namely to accept that women like you like you too … and treat them accordingly.
Ultimately … if we give … we are obsessed … of all the little “signs” … it gives us … be it good or bad … will feel much more comfortable … COOL … and confident. (Less PNL) will not have “high” when we smile, and “low” when she smiled to someone else.
Let’s try it “interpret” will only lead to confusion, frustration and anxiety. And it will make us more tense when we are around them and thus less likely to have charming, charismatic Don Giovanni, as ultimately we have to get, right?
Also not to waste time to guess what he thinks … what does every small gesture … and where are we in all this. We can use your precious “mental time” for something more useful and productive.
Second, if you just accept it like they actually increase the probability eventually she really liked it. This is known as “samosbadvashto prophecy” and is very well known, documented phenomenon in psychological research.
Basically this means that if I have the attitude that “she likes me, will design it into positive, optimistic thoughts and actions. It will catch them in. .. I would like.
If on the other hand I have attitude, “she does not like me, will design a negative, pessimistic thoughts and actions. Similarly, it will notice them and will like me less.
If you think “if she likes me, then I will design tension, thoughts and actions dictated by bezspokoystvo that will reduce the likelihood of it like … or even not her pleasant company me. (Is not it easier to leave some people who are calm and relaxed?)
And thirdly, the attitude to just assume that she likes us, allows us to have control of the situation …. and ourselves.
If we are obsessed with “gestures” and it allowed them to control our actions, thoughts and emotions, then give it full control over the situation. And full control over ourselves.
If it is ‘good’ to you You’re lucky if he was bad – sad. If they want to encourage it placed several positive signal. If they want to discourage – a few negative. Your happiness is literally in her hands in her control … whether they realize it or not. No such movie, guys!
Not a status in which a good pikapyor wants to be.
In short, if you just accept that she likes you and treat her accordingly conviction, refuse to obey all its small gestures and actions (especially negative), you take control of the situation. You have already decided that you like her. And I decided that she likes … or it will start when they know a little better. And act like this is the most natural thing in the world. For you this is reality.
Radiate confidence. Calm her. And designed “aura” which every budding pikapyor dreams. (Poor girl just no chance with such an aura.)
Okay, you agree that the obsession of a particular girl and her feelings towards us are not in our interest. This will become a ball of nerves, will reduce the likelihood of her like and will give full control over your happiness.
And what we do when these thoughts start to fill our minds and take a peak? You still Goddess, de?
Here’s a little mental trick that will help us.
When they appear obsessive thoughts like “I like her?” and prevail in your mind, even if they are good in mind grab them with both hands, throw them on the floor and break them. Then I recalled that her obsessions are not in your interest that will suck the last drop of confidence from you and will ultimately reduce the chances you have it.
At this point, take a deep breath … smile … laugh out loud … and think, “Hey, this guy is fucking Dion!”

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