It is important to be gallant

by admin on October 25, 2009

How important is to be gallant?

How important is to be gallant?

If you’re not a brute, always causing the peoples pain, you are able to achieve great things. But if this is your courtesy will be emphasized, “extreme”, you will leave behind many competitors on the “Pick-up Artist.”

Chivalry – one of the best ways through which you can attract the attention of girls. Underline the politeness will allow you to win the heart of any girl – even the most spectacular and rich.
I first heard about the “gallant approach” from a guy named Ernie.We worked together in a small advertising agency. Ernie was smart, polite and quiet man. But I thought that politeness does not bring him serious dividends in dealing with women. I thought that with her help he can win only their friendship and trust. He gave the impression of a man who spends weekends with a fishing rod in hand or at home reading detectives. God, how wrong I was!
Ernie had his eye on our spectacular secretary Janet. (In the office worked five secretaries, but my male colleagues because of shyness never assigned them Goodbye). Janet did not pay much attention to Ernie, but he was determined to win her heart.
A gloomy, rainy day, we have developed a new advertising campaign. Suddenly, the office became Ernie. He brought five charming bouquets. Smiling, he walked all the girls and gave each of them a bouquet. You should have seen their faces! Our secretary looked as if Ernie told them of a solid increase in wages and handed the keys to his own Rolls-Royce, which, of course, did not. All day they thanked Ernie, admired by his action, saying how it would be nice if all men showed such gallantry. By the end of the day Ernie was able to make an appointment of any of the five girls. Needless to say, who exactly he was invited. That evening he led Janet to the restaurant. A year later, when I had left the advertising agency, these two are still met. Modest kid Ernie … This guy was a genius.
Gallant approach can be used in any situation. Buy a bottle of wine with a girl who has attracted your attention in a restaurant. Order a limousine for your next meeting (this is much cheaper than you think). Invite your exotic restaurant pretty neighbor.
There are thousands of gallant deeds, with which you conquer the heart of women. Become her knight in shining armor, and then she quickly forces you to remove them.

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