Inner game rank and attraction

by admin on October 22, 2009

Everywhere we read that to be successful in creating attraction should have high rank, good inside game, good body language, we are confident, etc.

For many, these are abstract concepts, it is easy to say: you must have this, this and this …. But how to acquire? Your saying all day: “I am confident” will hardly help you much. Wonder the game is a reflection of life in other fields, you can not look negatively on their lives and those around you and be successful in his truck. Because the game starts not at the moment you open the set, but long before that. Stop for a moment to read and think: the way you do one thing in life you do everything else. If you are someone who is easily denied when it encounters a difficulty, you think in the truck will not be the same? If you start one thing with enthusiasm and then reach a standstill, you start to rationalize why it occurs and to which the conclusion reached is that what you attach to your not worth it. It is too complicated for you … associated with emotional pain and effort … and it is easier to sit and do nothing. So you’ll have an excuse for inaction, but at the expense of it would spend his life and be content with what your parish from the other without using their full potential.
It is not easy to pick-up artist. If it was easy everyone would be. Is not as easy to millionaire. It is not easy to achieve every goal that is worth … Because the real things in life require time and effort. And require dedication. Easily you can learn some new opanar, some cool and rutin can achieve a good response from some set. And then? What you always go out. If you’re nowhere, at the moment that the material you do, you will show that you nowhere. If your belief is just a cover, it will understand. You can not escape from himself. But you can change yourself. Slowly, gradually had progressed a little each day. How long will you need? Is not it though? Even if you say that you are needed for many years, it will make you quit and spend his life in misery?
Firstly, ask yourself who you are? What do you want to accomplish in your life? What are your goals in the next few months? And in the next few years? What exactly are you looking for? Confidence comes from knowing what you want to know what you value that you contributed for the good of the people around you that gives them of their positive energy and mood. That you are bringing them into your world where they feel good. And those things that you give must be inexhaustible. Imagine that you are going to give someone one million leva. Would you insecure? Not sure. Because you know that this man will win from you. Whose rank will be higher? Your course. Because it gives. Now imagine the opposite case: that you are going to ask him something. How would you feel? Hesitatingly and embarrassing, right? Because it depends on his favor. Unfortunately, most men who zagovaryat women feel this way. The world we live in, advertising, media, predisposing us to seek an approval from the other addition. Our sense of value, our entire system of values is required from the outside. That’s why we are so afraid of disapproval and otsvirvane. Because we assume that the voice of a woman who does not even know us is more valuable than our own. And how can a man who for twenty years has been programmed to think and compelled thereby to change. With hard work and effort. This is not a single day.
When you go outside to zagovaryash girls, first you have to say is that today you will not care what others think about you. That you came to give the best of yourself, love all the people who will speak. That the world is cool and pleasant place, people love you and you kefiat. And whatever happens, you will keep your good mood. That women want to be with you, just looking for that occasion. And you have to give them that opportunity. Why deprive them of themselves, something they want so much? Just go and make them speak … Women are very good at it, to capture what is your inner state. They seem to have radar for it. Only by how you spoke them from your broadcast, they perceive how you deal with every area of life. They want to feel your personality, who you are and whether you strong enough to trust you. When you feel that a man on the spot, they will relax and take your leadership. This is the path to success.

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