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by admin on October 29, 2009

Pick up + dating

Pick up + dating

Using new skills, ensures that the receiver of feedback remained engaged.

Many who read modern efficient methods of dating and seduction, and trying to apply them in practice, completely forget about the two very important points. And as a result – failure. Then take offense. In vain.
1. Area or the scope of the methodology.
In the world there is virtually no fully universal methods and technologies that have worked in all weathers in all conditions. Efficiency is achieved, as a rule, in certain categories (nature, mind, age, mentality, psychotype, etc.).
In other cases, the effectiveness is sharply reduced or absent. Initial information gathered about the object to be analyzed on the basis of which selection of an optimum plan of action. Use everything, act by spear – does not lead to success.
2. Contact Us – pledge of successful action.
If anyone familiar with the theory of automatic control, he knows what is really reliable and stable system can not be built without the use of feedback. A relationship that should be maintained and analyzed continuously.
Application of ever having to always monitor the reaction of control object (in our case – a girl). And then decide whether further action of the current plan and its adjustment.
3. Two in One
Almost like that. Want to pickup girls? Put away the stereotypes: “What to do on the first date that the second, etc.” All your actions will greatly depend on its reaction. You take the hand. Caress fingertips, palm. You can just gently squeezed into a strong man’s hand. The temperature of the conversation does not fall? Girl is set for you kindly? Slightly priobnimi waist, put his hand on her knee. Relax? Leans in your direction? Hezhno Touch her hand to her cheek, gently rotate it to face him. Look into her eyes. Kiss, caress and do not forget to monitor the reactions.
When all the conditions of the previous step is fully implemented, the probability of success in the following amounts to more than 90%. And if she remained silent, quite cold, the pleasure of monosyllabic answers … And you missed it to continue for different places … I think, is silent on what fainted from happiness?
Then imagine yourself in this situation: you like the girl, but she is called, “not to your taste. A person, for example, square, and everything else … So, she sits next to you, building you eyes, smiling. You have a responsibility to her sour grin interspersed with sleepy yawn. Then … Oh, God! She pats you on the knee, then just below the belt … I want to run away? That’s it! And girls, they too are people. I think, feel much the same.

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