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by admin on October 24, 2009

sexual desire

How to turn a woman into sexual desire machine

Do you remember when I told you, what distinguishes the novice from the professional in any case? Beginner immediately puzzled by the study’s most Crown technician, without studying the basic concepts and techniques. And such a hugely region, like sex, is one of the most striking evidence of this rule. Poor awareness of sexual matters and a strong desire to become skilled lovers you and I encourage our countrymen to buy books and magazines sexual themes with a plethora of candid pictures and photos. What is filled with this literature? It offers the reader a detailed description of male and female physiology, as well as sexual positions and techniques. In this article I will acquaint you with neither the one nor the other. I will suggest to your attention the very important information that you will not find in any other source. I will try to explain to you the main reason why the same woman different men excite and satisfy the very different ways.
Have you ever wondered why a man raises a specific woman, and another – no, why a man meets a woman, and another – no? The most common view on this matter – one man is superior to another on the external parameters, said certain phrases and owns certain sexual techniques. I would not say that this view is contrary to the truth, but still far from it. MAIN REASON FOR SUCCESSFUL MEN SEXUAL career is not his appearance and NOT in the techniques which he owns, but in the images that he created.
Talking about the concept of the triple cord, I have already told you that the woman instinctively drawn to the most dominant male, the one that has a certain superiority in the men’s team, and generally in society. Such a man characterized by dedication, selfishness, optimism, he usually builds a good career, earn a lot of money and achieves some fame. No doubt that you will learn the attributes of an attractive man, considered in the article “6” whale “of male attractiveness.” And now I will share with you a very inquisitive mind, which you will not find in any psychological or in the sexual literature. IF THE IMAGE IS NOT ENOUGH MEN involve women, the only sure way for IT to change the situation – in BED. But his behavior in bed is able to change his perception of women as sexual partners.
What I tell you now, does not make sense to use if your sexual life with a woman or women is high. In this case, a paragraph that goes below, may be absolutely useless to you. If in your life the presence of regular sex life, but you are not satisfied with its quality, then the advice I’ll give you should be very handy.
And just in a situation where a man does not satisfy the woman, the best decision on his part will change its treatment of her in bed. Due to the fact that women are more passive in nature, and they often lack the strength to realize themselves in everyday life in the role that they really like. Therefore, for women it is extremely important, what role it plays in bed. Because the bed she meets all their secret desires, it opens up another part of herself, she becomes a defenseless female. Such energy charge allows it to be in communion with other people properly, modest, business in general, the one whom she wanted to be, but what she is not the end. And in bed a woman wants to be a female, wants to obey the man wants to be depraved, wants to be with her ill-treated man to take her as a male, so he described the events rude words. Moreover, this desire is stronger, the more “correct” he was accustomed to see her. Do not be afraid in bed games at the peak of excitement to say the most sincere thing to show rudeness (within reasonable limits, of course), to demonstrate their power over women, behave very dissolute and offer it to new kinds of sexual games. All these actions make you sexually attractive. Do not miss this information went in one ear – they can bring you as many dividends as Bill Gates never dreamed in his most cherished dreams.
Returning to the above books and magazines, sexual orientation, should say that you are unlikely to find a description of what Psychological processes occur in the head of the women at the time of excitation. Only physiology. In this literature, described in detail all possible and impossible erogenous zones on a woman’s body, but forget the most important erogenous zone – female brain. Yes, yes. Just as men INDUCED APPEARANCE naked women, the woman is excited Thoughts on Images of Men, his conduct, created by it ATMOSPHERE.
Imagine this situation. A man walks down the street, and past him is a woman with the body of his dreams. Rather, he for some time excited, turns around, looks at her feet, and then continue its journey, returning to his previous thoughts. Is it possible to exactly the same situation with a woman? No! If the past is the ideal woman from her point of view man, sexually attractive, to bring up whether it immediately? No! It seems like circles, porazglyadyvaet it, think about it, will represent him in his bed. And only then excite! Then she could not immediately mentally go back to what she was thinking before I met this man. See the difference? Here’s my explanation to them: a woman, to excite, it is necessary to think about what is causing her excitement, while a man is not necessary to resort to such thoughts. She needs to think about what she sees, what she hears how a man behaves in what circumstances it is how it looks the part, etc. Come on, let’s imagine this scene. A man in a passionate outburst sharply woman leans against the wall, wraps her face in her hands and began to kiss. Within a few seconds a woman has time to assess the originality deed man, his strength, his confidence in himself, his passion. She realizes that he is worthy to give him. Following these thoughts and begins its stupendous burst of excitement. Seduction of women through speech, in particular through the techniques described above, is one of the most effective weapons in the hands of men, and the seduction of men by the same methods less effective. Why? For the same reason. Description of female sexual sensation translates all its thinking towards sex, but, as I said, these thoughts will inevitably lead to its initiation. Moreover, roads may be different: reading sexual literature, talk to the sexual theme, sexy dance, a demonstration of male power, single-mindedness of his behavior, the adoption of important decisions, men’s piercing gaze, etc. In any case, a woman always thinks first of external stimuli, and only then excited.
I’ve told you a lot about the fact that the plant is a woman and that makes passionate sex, how to create an image of a sexually attractive men on how to behave in bed. But I have not introduced you to the most important part of the sexual act – the prelude. Usually, when they heard this word from the woman, a man tries to move the subject in a different direction. All men are united by an internal sense that they do not need it. Why?
STIMULATION IN WOMEN SLOW FLOW long before AS SHE PHYSICALLY FEEL SEXUAL DESIRE. Before you immediately want sex, women feel their own sensuality, femininity and attractiveness. It stretches to the man and enjoys the fact that she spends time with him. And if he does not commit any scare of action, she begins to feel physical desire. Moreover, the process of growing excitement to women’s perceived physical level can last up to several days, held together. However, if a man likes a woman, physiological arousal, sooner or later is guaranteed to occur.

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