How to win his heart

by admin on November 13, 2009

Seducing a man

Seducing a man

He likes you, and you tell him is not very. Hopeless situation? Not at all! A little crazy, cunning and perseverance, and he will be at your feet. Visiting friends or relatives, say, at work, you are constantly facing the man, who the person is good, and not poor, and witty, and even collects stamps, just like you as a child. It would seem, well, nothing fiance? Alas, there is only one problem: the fairy-tale prince does not pay you any attention. Well, then you have to take the initiative in their hands.
Let us cast away doubts

In doubt, but whether it is worth trying to win his heart? Certainly, it is worth, in the end, you’ve nothing to lose. Make a good face on a bad game, you always have time to, for example, said: “We argued with the girlfriend that you do not benefit women. Looks like I won!” Believe me, there are few men who can dispassionately listen to these words. Incidentally, it is possible that here are your many fruitless attempts to get his attention finally crowned with success.
First befriend

This is an old and tested method – to make better and irreplaceable friend of your chosen one. Constantly stresses his dignity (men generally amenable to flattery), and listen carefully to complaints and give sound advice and help in solving the pressing problems, from time to treat something yum-yum, preferably of their own making – in other words, teach him to think that you are always there and he can count on you in a difficult moment. You can share a hobby, then you will always be something to talk about. Of course, all must comply with the measure, not stooping to the role of a girl on an errand. Remember, you – a friend, and not a fan or a maid, so save your dignity.
If you loved a man allow himself to at least one disrespectful words or actions in your address, we recommend immediately end the relationship – or “the abyss of humiliation and torment zillion” you provided. But if the friendship really took place, then everything goes according to plan, and time for you to embark on its second part. Perish, and not necessarily mysterious, just go on holiday, where you’re a good rest before the decisive battle for the heart of the beloved. If you return you will be welcomed with open arms and the words: “How do you prettier!” You know, I so missed you, consider that the forces were well spent.
The method of contrasts

You can, however, act differently. Arrange his handpicked douches, skillfully alternating between fiery passion with icy inaccessibility. First, you appear before him in a frank, stressing the benefits your dignity clothes, flirting with him, casting meaningful glances, and his whole appearance, demonstrating: “Darling, you need only give a helping hand, and I am yours!” After some time (the main thing here to choose the right moment), your behavior will change to a diametrically opposite: now you button up both forward and in a figurative sense, but a wave of arctic cold, coming from you can freeze even the most experienced winterer. And there really any man would at least wonder why you had similar metamorphosis.
And how would you he is not treated initially, he felt hurt by the fact that he suddenly ceased to be the object of your worship. This means that you and the cards in your hand: to bear a meaningful pause, snizoydite to the confused poor thing, kindly smile, Keep a talk, and if after all this, your relationship will not be closer, alas, have to admit that you are in the very not to his taste. And by the way, the sooner you will understand, the better for you – a woman, for many years fruitlessly pursuing the man is truly a sad spectacle.

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