How to start to talk to a girl – Why we are scared ?

by admin on March 28, 2011

What is of concern accost a girl?
This is the English translation and brief approach anxiety is uncontrollable terror and fear of the unknown accost a girl. I have it, you have it, damn many people have it. Naturally there are many less fortunate who do not know fear accost. Happy they!

Talking to her !

Talking to her !

I described it like this: you see a unique girl, beauty, in which all eyeing it and decide plots. You start to wonder what to say, time passes, your palms begin to sweat, your heart beating madly, all you stiff, your breathing is rapid and at one point the girl is gone … relief.
What causes this fear?
This fear was born from the past is not a modern phenomenon. Dates back to the cave people. Why a caver would be afraid to speak his wife? The reasons are two:
1. Afraid not to be cut. Imagine such a cave society. Then people were much less and lived in small groups. Risk was much higher. If a man is cut off, it will not pass your genes, which is its main mission in life.
Gaining one or two declined, it has already become a loser in the eyes of surrounding women who were very small and the chance to continue his kind (their mission in life) is greatly reduced.
2. Afraid of man who might be related to the woman. Or in other words, afraid for his life.
It has been in the past. Now things are very different. People do not live in caves and in small groups, but one feels the same emotions, feelings and fears and then. They were genetically set. So it will be.
In the future we will post more proven tips on how to overcome fear and to get to the gold

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