How to start a conversation

by admin on October 18, 2009

How exactly to talk to her?

Can be divided into two parts. Most guys are interested in:
1. And what to say?
– You can tell her anything you want. The more spontaneous and reckless approach seem / Keyword “looks” rather than “is” / – the better. Actually you can start your approach, either directly or indirectly.
– “Hey, I like your radiation have very charming smile …”,” Such a nice girl like you – and yet sits alone in the park “/” not doing anything illegal “/ element has a direct / approach if / .
– “Hey, you dropped something from her bag while walking”, “S what color pants you have interesting,” “Tell me what you think on an issue …”,” I do not think that a DJ-only released tracks and extremely stupid that night, “” What I like to watch movies are your indirect elements.

What exactly will talk to her no particular importance. Must adhere to some simple rules such that if something powwow directly – you must seek payoff soon – will be an exchange of contacts, going to the nearest coffee, something she tells you about yourself or sex if thou wilt. If after a direct approach to try to stall things and to displace the subject in an inappropriate manner – that once you izkartva rank everywhere and you can forget about this girl.

If more indirectly you can hang it for a while and then you gonna get some more direct offer. The advantage is that here you can pick up ranking more – because you have more time at all in the first minutes and then when he scored direct something / some offer / you a chance to accept it will be much more serious. Another minor advantage is that by talking to some indirect nonsense may firstly it look better, see how they talk, how thoughts, etc. – That is to decide kefi they actually know or not.

2. How to talk to her? – Like behavior.
This part of the question should actually be more interesting for most men – as their failures come from problems here.

First need to look good for Max. Give them crap that does not look particularly great importance to men. If doing “Cold aprouch – approached an unknown girl / but not from your company as / with bad looks do not you get a chance to show how alpha or omega actually. Under this look good hiding many things and not just to buy some jeans and more or less cool shirt – showing the appearance and social status, but that is another topic that will give it to someone else wrote.

Then stand, gait and mood. While walking to the girl in any situation be sure that she noticed / only if a backup – you can be sure that they is / and makes his findings to you in this completely automatically. If you go “loser”, bent, too fussy, dragging feet, etc. – Reduce the chances that you quite seriously. You gotta go to the chick with a sure step, cheerfully, with proudly lifted head, shoulders, face and body – and without overreacting to understand / that becomes funny /.

When it zagovaryash – seems most friendly / pack without overreacting to something truckle / – did not scowl or disagreeable – relax the muscles of his face – looks like a bucket and let your eyes to twinkle. The voice with which it can either zagovaryash they scored it in bed or they burial / literally /. Speak loudly, with emotion in his voice, energy, pleasure – show with voice and mime of a person that is ill you can talk to her. Opposite – a quiet voice, mumbling, stuttering, embarrassment, blush, etc. nedruzhelyubnost. killed and its general desire to communicate with you.

It is very important to the overall calm, but not quiescent, but energetic at the beginning. It is important to radiate confidence but not great impudence / mild cheek is acceptable /. If it becomes a spek – immediately bringing any instance joke “Hey, what ‘is sduha now – chill de women I do not eat – at least not with such long hair like yours that begin to sneeze. A sense of humor is a great way to calibrate most situations. After her talk must ensure that the call to go to your order, to impose “control frame” – that you can control / greater degree / what happens in two sets and a bunch of others. things that will be discussed in another topic.

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