How to start a conversation with an unknown girl?

by admin on January 16, 2012

Problem 1: Courage

The most convenient excuse not to learn to open sets is fear . As you think about it, fear is a convenient excuse for everything, if they are too lazy to develop and change something about yourself. If there was a cool pill developed by a large company that successfully removes the approach anxiety, I would recommend it. It’s a pity.

The only way to stop being afraid is a few times himself. Yes, if you have not start talking to girls on the street, in a subway, in a bar or disco, lifts the block on your grandmother, then in the beginning will be difficult and you have 90% chance they reject. If this sounds like something you super scary, you can safely leave the blog. If you want to learn something, read the whole article carefully consider what it and get out your lazy ass on the street in order to achieve success.

Problem 2: hesitance

You wonder. What will I say? How will you continue the conversation after empty “Hey, girls, I come to ask you something …”? How I will they their numbers or bring them for coffee?

Nice, but it is not a wonder. Knowing what and when to say, learn by experience. Even if you have ready oupanar must have social intelligence to know how to keep the conversation – to find something in comment with the girls.. etc. And, unfortunately, still the only way to achieve this is to go out and learn.

Problem 3: Voice and energy

Fact: if you’re mopey, mopey will sound. If you are tired, it will sound tired. If you are scared, I’ll just look ridiculous as someone who is not in place.

High energy and cool voice comes from confidence and desire to succeed. Deep inner game. I will not talk about ways to become more energetic, such as topics in the forum you want. Will you only one tip that I give to anyone with problems with his voice – speak as if you say something very interesting. Whatever are you talking about ending sentences with a question intonation (rising).

Problem 4: Stand

What should I do? Back straight, face smiling, confident eyes, hands in pockets in any case (especially the rear), high shoulders and legs apart, like give presentations to large audiences. Smite firmly with hands to attract attention. If sweethearts get scared, not mopey and smile and say “Hey, how cute is scared, listen now to what I tell you …”

Problem 5: Stubbornness

Some people refuse scary fast. It is not so. Do not expect the company to stop walking on your first word. Stand beside them, clapped his hands, tell them opanara, mines a few steps forward and stand before them to stop. You can easily make a gesture to stop, to understand what you expect of them. “Wait now, hear me, then I’ll hurry” or “will only take a minute, so listen to me” is neither excessive nor presumptuous. On the contrary, works really well.

Well, what are you waiting for? The rest is completely up to you.

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