How to start a conversation with a woman on the street

by admin on January 28, 2011

One of the most difficult places for dating with a
woman street. That is why I love to get acquainted right there – this is the real test of capacity.

Dating Advice

Dating Advice

Of course, the easiest way is good old method of “sociological survey”, but in all his security, I do not now deliver great pleasure.

Absolutely necessary condition for acquaintance on the street is to be as pleasant in communication, polite and friendly. Women are afraid of strangers on the streets of major cities.

Here is a great street dating algorithm, which is equally effective in supermarkets. I call this algorithm “conveyer of compliments.

Runs well. Select your “target”, then approaches her side, find something in it sincerely praise and say: “I like your hat.” It will say “Thanks”. Then say: “I like your watch.”

It will still say: “Thanks.” Then pause, pretend that evaluating the view and with all your open charm and sympathetic humor saying: “If I think of everything as you like.

Nine out of ten cases your reply will cause a long laugh. (If a woman does not laugh, then this is a difficult case and you will most likely cut you when you ask for a meeting). When she stops laughing, finish it with this:

“My name is … What you called a name, you brilliant image of natural perfection?” I know it sounds fancy, so long does it cause laughter (at least here I believe). When she said his name, you say:

“You know, you have fantastic taste? And you know how I know this? “She will ask, how.You: Because you laugh at my jokes! “

It will still laugh. Then complete the installation in another direction.

“You believe in a senseless and destructive not love at first sight?”

It will still laugh. If he says he believes, you jokingly portraying unearthly pleasure say:

“Thank God! So we can drink a cup of coffee? “

If the issue still destructive love, she said he did not believe, you reply:

“Great! I want to invite you for coffee (ice cream, corn, zrancho) with serious intentions. “

But whatever the answer to the lady, be sure to invite the public in any place immediately, without delay. If she replied that she would have agreed with pleasure, but now fast, then agree to meet in the evening. Say something like: “I will be extremely flattered if you agree to have dinner with me.”

Proceed straight, but at the same time try to look charming and no rebel! Your honesty is an integral part of your appeal and when you combine the directness with charm, humor and smile, you render a truly profound impact on women.

And for a little flatter. I do not know for what reason it works very well even if flattery is rude or not so sophisticated, so must include flattery in their speeches. Let’s look so that you go somewhere with it – this is the biggest compliment you.

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