How to seduce my roommate?

by admin on October 18, 2009

The first few days I was alone, but a couple of months ago she came in and I called her Mony (I wont forget that name anymore)

When we start learning about each other was very interesting ….. In the early days we were just “Hi and hello … a few days later asked if he could check my mail  and then check it started to talk and get to know … Then … she came every day .. not stood by me not two hours .. a lot more (as to say it was more a day to 1-2 in the morning )…. and that day after day .. friendly my feelings faded and show love (a little strong a word … to say that thinking about it all day and night .. at least )…. spent asleep as a super .. passed on by ragovori Jokes (be it in words .. tickling and now I can not think) … and especially our stomach hurt from laughing as we start to be a pussy … we did most things together … like we were girlfriends (one time I was thinking that we really, really ..)… until now … but nothing bad comes the nasty part ..
As I said we are landline (about 50 men and no children) …. I could tell that she landlady, a lot of influence on Monino … as I have in mind.
I had to go out of town for several days … you talked on Skype every night (2-3 hours non-stop) and by phone during the day … but what was that bothered Monino landlady began to interrogate her .. ” what is m / t us …. what we did to 2-3 in the morning “-these are some of vaposite … Monino says … there is nothing here to say almost nothing wrong … but then landlady began to talk to me and monitoring of anyone who encounters … (even the call of God and her friends … to tell them what we have done it …….. and basically we did nothing .. . prodazhavala but she can speak and speak as you decorate with false tales ….. all this stuff happens when I was there) … Then comes the worst part for me … when I got back was … Monino completely changed … no longer comes to me so often … and if you come … come to check their mail and go back ….. set distance away from me … it torments me a lot. … but most tormented me is that she did not know to my feelings (which is really strange … because another girl in its place would be immediately understood ….. maybe Monino podoriza can only feel something to it) …
For Monino I can say I had vraka with another … but he broke up with her and she still has chuestva to it (they have broken 5-6 months before) … now I do not know what to do … I thought to tell her what chuvtva (but do not know how they will react) … also I think to stop thinking about it all (although I know many others work as it is in other room) … and competition is high … so if a little advice .. what to do.

PP Thank those who came to the end of istoriyatai who showed patience … but you will best get the idea.


Hello from me
Really impressive history. But there are moments that are just screwed. Why after so you have converged, tickle you, gushkali you have not done anything to get to have sex? You had all the comfortable conditions. Do you think she did not like? Or do you think it is different and must not act with her in this way? Very often girls who are not like us much do the right things, and when meet a woman who really likes us, we think it is different, our country has to escalate and consequently lost it. Genius right?
In your imagination, love it this way: you first have friends, then you feel, share your feelings, and now she feels love. Things just do not work that way. The dynamics between men and women is very different.
But sometimes things still happen and on your way. And you can get if you had not interfered landlady. It is normal for a lonely 50-year-old woman to be slightly bitter to the young and afraid what people will think. But where were you? The first signal I had to act with the girl. Big mistake, you’re gone. You let the girl fall into a very bad influence. If you had sex with her now could leave the apartment and start over. Because they would be perceived in a different way. And now of no value to it. At least not in the way you want. Most people want advice only when things messy irreparable. What do you advise? Fun, not thinking much about it and get out with friends. And immediately quit this accommodation. Liaise with the girl, I guess once you quit your landlady will not interfere too much. And surely come out with other girls. Women’s emotions are very variable, if it is now after the cold weather and will go and who knows …. And most importantly of all – learn from my mistakes.


Very interesting and instructive story. And funny too
There are several points that are hammering in my brain right now.
1. If a roommate (I dislocated my finger while you write) you like it that far and I fell in love with her – what are you waiting for? Stands are to 1-2 at night. I understand that a good boy and do not loshki rabotki, but as I stood to naleesh had one vodka and moist eyes, and to explain in love and it nagrabish. No seriously what are you waiting for man? She herself is naebe you – sorry that you servants illusions, but will not happen.
2. Then. Who is Alpha or your old lady? How did Babe nekvo will have a major impact on your pussy than you? May Dobrich region very loyal boy. I had to skratsnesh 2-3 times with teeth like asking what to do nights. Met is “It’s not your job, you watch yourself.” There is nothing shameful in this enjoys a babe. So even if you re in love with it and let some old lady to tell pretsakva life. You know how many hundreds of wonderful moments for her (ie for yourself) is now missing.
3. How fucked so will tolerate behavior of chicks. Even if you do, even if you love to ear “comes to check her mail and went back into the room” should not be allowed. Even if you have to skratsnesh and teeth and to tell her that you are the man and not a computer rental for use and such treatment is unacceptable.

Apparently a lot of honey and dobrichak in mind and you do not pass that this is probably your main problem. And the monkey gets on your head and babe you like and other people also hold bass.


When I  read the story stayed with the impression that you are  good boy. This type of guys usually end as “friends” of women rather than their mistresses. Overall, it is better to change their thinking and behavior towards people.

1. Be direct and do not be afraid of what they feel. This does not mean to explain in love with words, but more CINEMA, more sexual jokes, innuendos, etc. more only will you benefit.

2! Build your frame. At this time you miss. Babe they used for computer rank ruining your old lady with a few talks, etc. In real life, people are like viruses – Do they smell that you’re weak, they will trample on and will infect you or will at least try /. And not just women who like – employers, friends, relatives and even family will make it … Put limits on its goodness. Learn to say NO. Learn to teeth and growl when needed. This is indeed very important!

Good luck!

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