How to seduce a woman for 24 hours

by admin on October 28, 2009

Trick of how to seduce a woman in short period of time

Trick of how to seduce a woman in short period of time

One of the eternal questions: Why do some men have only to look at the woman, and she is ready to go to bed? What is there to act – bewitch look? Athletic? 12 inches stick between your legs? Hardly. Tie one sex only with the size of your penis – so obviously get on the wrong track. But then what?

Penthouse has asked me to share the knowledge that, from which girls lose their heads. The result is a kind of a small handbook, or if you want a textbook, and if you can just follow his orders, your darling certainly be in your bed. In the best of circumstances can cope, and for 24 hours.

HIGHLIGHTS – this trust

When you happen to be with a girl in an intimate atmosphere, is essential that you tell her – so says Milton Diamond, author of “Sex Watching” ( “Notes on sex”). And love, and sex – forms of communication. Conversation in bed – your most powerful weapons.“I’m just losing my mind from some of the men, seemingly the most ordinary, – tells 28-year-old Harriet. – For me sexuality – is primarily a sexy voice and the ability to communicate.”

Of course, girls like flattering, intelligent and subtle conversations.But keep in mind that women have an uncanny ability to capture, when they begin to deceive. They remember your lies for long. Heed the advice of 28-year-old Jerry is very popular among my girlfriends: “If you want to get a girl into bed, do not begin to boast that you are head of an international company, especially if you are just trading clerk. It just feels false, and then you will never be able to climb to her under the blanket.

Flattery, as already mentioned – a good tool, but here, too, has its own rules. Yes, any woman happy when she was perceived as a charming goddess of love. But tell her what she is caring, gentle, understanding, recognize that it – the only person with whom you can talk for real, and her heart will melt much faster. Proceed with caution. If your girls big breasts, do not hold them his attention. Pretend not they have attracted, and it will be pleasantly surprised that the man talking to her is really for the sake of talk.

So what do women want to hear you ask? Studies show that women most importantly trusting conversations, makes them feel smart and sexy. For you it is too abstract? Okay, give a few proven ways of working almost flawlessly.

The method of “sympathy” (the appearance soothing full sense of security is guaranteed). “I never understood women. Maybe you try to help me?” Pause for the answer and continued: “Tell me how you sees a perfect man.”

The method of “I-want-something-more-than-just-climb-to-you-in-pants. “Why is it so difficult to find a woman who wishes to do serious relationship?” I do not see any sense to just sleep – so people will never know really. “

The method of “sympathy vice versa. “It does not matter now look what happened?” It is important to bring your companion for a frank conversation about himself, during which she filled for you great confidence. But beware: some women may have misunderstand and go to the counter-attack on the principle of “better look at yourself.”

After winning one woman’s credibility, consider that you have passed most of the road. “My ideal man loves a woman – tells 28-year-old Rosalind. – But when he’s with me, I always feel that all his ideas – just for me. I feel that he really is here … to me that I — his joy. With him I calmly. No need to hide anything. He understands my mind, heart and flesh. “

Sex appeal

In seduction, women play a major role three things: charisma, sex appeal and confidence. Charisma is not connected directly with external data. “Charismatic people are often far from being handsome, – says psychologist Ray Bull. – But they know how to adjust the nature and social behavior in their appearance and are always considered the fact that at a glance they do not ocharueshsya. 26-year-old Wendy fully agree with him: “Most men’s sexuality, which I knew – one who never gives up: not intrusive and aggressive and tenacious and incredibly charming. It is very difficult to refuse a man who so obviously wants you, and so do it. “

Achieve sexual attractiveness simple. It all comes down to two things: the ability to listen to and ownership of sign language. No woman shall stand before a man who really is listening to it: do not do anything, just showing interest.People who feel that all of their speech are perceived with great attention, immediately give listeners all kinds of virtues.All that you need to do – keep his mouth shut.

Then the sign language: react to what she says and copy her gestures. “Synchronizing gestures – an effective way to win the interlocutor, – explains Sandra Sedzhibir, author of” Sexual Power “(” The power of sex “). – Matching gestures demonstrate the same respect to the subject, from which it automatically finds the proximity of your views” . Add to all this trust intonation, and no woman will not refuse. “It is important to pose – adds Sandra Sedzhibir. – The way you are standing or sitting can say about you a lot. For example, a man with drooping shoulders gave the impression of a helpless, wretched. But pose fiduciary call: the body straight, head tilted slightly forward.

Do not be shy: Show!

To make an impression, use everything you have. If you know that women like your butt, wear tight jeans. Do you have an expressive glance – often look into the eyes of interlocutor. Practice in front of a mirror! Call attention to parts of his body, who are counting on the women’s affection: dress, say, a fashionable belt – her eyes were always stopped in the beautiful buckle, and then inevitably the thought of what was inside, under the pants.

Polls show that 80 percent of women in the men pay attention primarily to the eye: hit her with an incredibly sexy look (pre-practice, as already noted, the mirror). Your eyes – at least at first – should be expanded from the depths of her eyes! Studies N. Reyholdom, author of “The Tell-Tale Eye” ( “An eloquent look”), showed that pupils are most men at the sight of a pretty woman really growing, which is not observed, for example, when meeting with another man. Learn how to expand and narrow eyes, and your interlocutor will understand how you are shocked (even if it is not quite true).It is very simple. Look into the distance, and then again in her eyes – the pupils will automatically change their size and show your excitement.

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