How to seduce a girl

by admin on October 19, 2009

Ho to pick up a chick which we like!

The first job is to go naturally, and it began to talk. The girls are constantly talking about them. Must keep up a conversation. Relationship should be like that some old friend began to talk. Women do not look so talk what works. Watch how you look, how you dress, whether you are tidy, whether you are confident in yourself, if you have kind of a man who has money. Then you have to start to talk to her and to let You ‘re kidding ðàçâëå ÷ åíèå constantly to amuse her. If you get to start laughing, then you’re done half the work. Another element is the closest physical contact – to touch her while talking to shorten the distance to hug her waist to her ear talking.

Sure it’s nice to choose the right girl, so that will be naebe with someone from the first night. Without this condition can still eventually going to bed, just a little more difficult.

Alcohol will only help you work just that most need it to drink less and you. Not vice versa.

If you get to dance like a blues – everywhere your hands on it should be. In the dance can check whether you will be curled. Began to grope her and even if it takes you waving your hands – no problems. Just dance.

Kissing – should be somewhere in dalechko of her friends, it’s best to be alone with you. It is easier to start from the door. Then go to your lips very easily.

You should have all terrain and must be prepared to fuck – have been ordered, the champagne is difficult to cool, and so on. You should have several types of alcohol at home and to suggest to drink less when you came in and took off.

Must at all times to your guy and not a freak and fuck them, both to be very confident and cheeky, yet her laugh constantly.

You have to be very cheeky. Extremely perky should be. Only a little to be ashamed of yourself how you cheeky. You have to be cheeky, but should and observant. Is this what you are doing and is pleasant. Not interested in what he says. As you say “not nice to do that” say “yes, absolutely their right, it is not good and there to keep stirring in my pants or whatever you do. After only a reaction of the body. If you feel that what it likes doing it – keep ahead, without paying attention to her words

If, however, tell you to stop and the body and feel that is tense and it can take a bad situation – immediately stop all work and turn 180 degrees. For example if you take her with you and it takes you to pull – to stop pressing, zaebavash her, and pour a drink and I let you watch TV, and zero attention to it. Women hate so much after a little alone will come and you begin to press. However, you will be hard and doing that they do not give a fuck. And the girl being quite sharp and you will then turn around and make it gepash again and this time no longer move.

Or you come to a meeting and send it to them. If you like it if she liked, they must push it to kiss her at the end of the meeting.

If you do not then the girl will think of you that my pussy and have no courage. To me has happened to know. Once the meeting went well and it has laughed, then there will be nothing against it and ponatisnesh little to potseluvate ponatiskate and at the entrance or in the car. Women love to kiss.

Love and sex. If they are given the opportunity to be fucked good, without any implications of this work and they will agree.

Now, she may decide to make an interesting and inaccessible and to make important and that it would begin pulling. Ако нещо си я натиснал обаче тя вземе много да се дърпа – има си начин да и го до-набуташ. And say that you like her and you is very nice to her and would like to see more often or to get girlfriends or something. But only if you want it. Pressing her to tell her you want to get two boyfriends or unwilling. If you do not want to have girlfriends – tell her that there are no problems, you really like her and I was cool with it and so will still leave you as friends but not as boyfriends. And then you go out several times at meetings, walking to and fro, and not pay anything – everybody pays his or alternating right because it is like to have only friends and not pressing it and nothing you want from her only friends. And it going to take and their friends and talk with them and etc. You ‘re kidding. And then he starts pressing and friends there and may naebesh 1 or 2 if they like. And somewhere during this time will be yours except that iztarvava cool dude and it gepat and her friends, and already she begins to pursue you, but you pull away – will be made to inaccessible and that that would want you to just very good friends, and will flip straight dick. And while telling her that you want to be very close friends and at the same time you hugged her tightly and kissed her on the mouth and example to show that you keep it as a girlfriend Miscellaneous such work.

Otherwise, really – a new girl izchukva 2 hour talk (and action). Izchukva girl action, moreover, mainly. No matter what you say so. It’s how you say it.

You learn about, its funny, laugh, pat her chat. At the same time doing and cohesion – ask her some questions about it, say some work for himself. Maintain a light and engaging and lively conversation. If talkative – let her talk to her, you just listen with interest, nods, repeating what is said by others with your words, shifting to pleasant emotions (like me, you love to do this thing, etc. .) You say you too … Eddie what are you the same thing and you like him or you have a story where you …

If it is silent – mostly telling various interesting and funny stories about myself. Vmetvash cool dude what your claim is not so directly, because many women feel when you boast and preen and when its just a cool dude and you dish out. Many, many will be impressed by the work that she tells – most saying it was nothing, but to me even … What are you Eddie.

Sometime you’ll feel when the time is ripe to push. If you see that the spine and is not strictly vertical faces well inclined towards you, if not its various friends to bother. Then you will converge close to it and there will pochnesh with more intimate contact. Hugged her in the shoulder, your arm and knee, and while listening to the lively interest which tells bullshit.

It’s important to distract from her hands by her conversation with zabalamosvash. So must so embraced her, though she is your wife or girlfriend of 3 years at least and so now her ebal that right now you do not fuck it more interesting you to chat, although still your friend to hug her so. Hey so have to catch it. And further to the neck sindzhircheto looked and how interesting and zaebavash talk and then began to kiss her. And should you stubborn. If it is evident that love, however, attempts to pull – they do not give a fuck. Keep doing what and pleasant.

Oh, and should be with the attitude that everything you gave to pleasant sensations and pleasant emotions of the girl. Your sexual desires are without any significance and does not mention them. Nobody give a fuck if you fuck her or haven or ebal forth. All that matters is what the girl is nice and loves what she does and how he likes to do and etc.. Exactly that way should guide the conversation.

I forgot to say that at first the conversation is more neseksualni topics – what does what he likes to do, where you go to discos, what he likes to eat, such miscellaneous work. Favorite subject of all women for herself. Being granted and now the girl is nice and you and need to progress. If not as progressive as the girl will stop it is interesting and would say that we should walk and not be able to naebesh. So you must be pochnesh You ‘re kidding, and more sexual themes. The aim in this kid has to earn it and nymphomaniac horny and that she wants to fuck you.

Moreover, he loves talking about how to have sex, blowjobs whether he likes to do, but whether it likes it and lick for example talking about large penises to fuck such things. During the whole time after her reaction and if you feel that sprinkles something where she did not like it – now stop with this nonsense and supersede the subject before it can even be felt and is talking about something more innocent.

I’d forgotten the most important thing. Women all the time I’ll try to play games with you and check whether you keep your husband and whether or vagina. I will ask questions which are not obliged to answer them or will they make you work for them do not make them, or they will look to play in any way. She will try to command the parade. Has yet to firm and is careful to You ‘re kidding about this thing, yet can not give what he wants and bothering her, both to make clear that whatever you say it is going. Can it naebesh if she has respect for you. You need to man: but it is pussy. Should not going back.

Women are like shadows. Persecuting them when they flee. As a stop and turn around and leave them behind you. You should like yourself and I try to do what for you would be better, while women as they see that with you everything you is right and they will come.

Using different questions and tests you women do check. They would fuck a man, and if you get roughly the swell will fuck them from you then. However, they should check whether you meet the minimum requirements for them to fuck with you. Whether it will do what she wants or will a man. If you can fix crooked and mood to laugh. If you can become familiar with it. If you manage to deal with these works, you got the green light and later.

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