How to remove your fear on your first date

by admin on October 18, 2009

Many guys, even cool, strong and fearless only be numb at the sight of a beautiful woman. Why is so that you softened feet when you need to talk to a chick and how to overcome this you will know immediately …

1. Why are they hit by shube hottest chicks.
Thousands of years ago people lived in small groups of about 50 people. Nowadays, the social circle of an average man is often even less. When a man is supposed to approach a woman then, it most often meant a death threat to him. On the one hand babe may already be having sex with the leader of a settlement or its friends and then they just kill him or drive the unfortunate. On the other hand if you cut it babe to understand that all her friends and did all the little society. This strongly smakva rank of the man and he will be very difficult to find a suitable wife for sex anymore.
These are the two main reasons that to this day are strongly rooted in the minds of most men.

2. How to get rid of this fear.
Note that this is instilling fear in the genes of thousands of years and you hardly ever be able to reach such a comfort zone, to avoid it 100%.

– Technique “Each subsequent Seth is easier. If your normal comfort-zone for several days or weeks and suddenly see a beautiful woman who want to download it most likely will suffer immediate or at least fear or embarrassment. However, if you previously spoken with several beautiful women much easier and more imaginative will speak this new chick. The trick works with both men and women and both live and by phone. That is, if talking on the phone with a hot girl You ‘re kidding, or in the company and its lifting power – much more easily be able to speak following an unknown woman than if you try to do it like that – “from scratch”.

– Technique “Reduction of importance. This technique is good if you can, your refreym least a basic level. Imagine that you go to talk with an ugly woman or a monkey or even a tree in the park. Would you be worried? Hardly – the importance of women and the ugly tree in the park are not particularly high in your mind. When the next time you have to talk nice woman just imagine that she is actually ugly or old or even that e inanimate object. By reducing the importance of the site will reduce the importance of communication. From here can already be quite nepukist and relaxed, but this will only help you.

– Technique “now or never.” Somewhere you can read about this technique as a “rule of the 3 seconds” or something else, but basically it was invented, not to leave during the fear they conquer. Indeed, if not thought about it just approaches a beautiful chick soon as you see it, you’ll feel that you received awkward and embarrassing moment just skipping it.

Do not forget that the three techniques are applied together, and if you use them together to overcome the initial fear of the approach will almost certainly slow down to barely noticeable levels of discomfort.

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