How to raise the profile of a girl

by admin on November 3, 2009

Raise her profile

Raise her profile

Games with a decrease in value sometimes come to an end so that she becomes completely indifferent. So to be able to improve the relevance of time – a good skill.

Often faced with such a strange conviction: “Long-term relationship can not tie between a man and woman if the guy has applied a lot of pikaperskih methods (including changes submodalities HLP and hypnosis – approx. The author), and even more so if they had had sex within a few first meetings.
Ironically, in the maps pikaperskih and “not quite” techniques, this method has been missed. So let’s talk about adding value.
The method of lowering the value pikaperam known for quite some time and has proved its excellent performance. On the other hand, this way of taming their own feelings towards the girl has a side effect – it becomes unnecessary. Its use and forget. That, however, often justifiably and properly.
On the other hand, sometimes deliberately want to extend the relationship with the girl, meanwhile, as the “trend” is already on to the next girlfriend.
Here and need this method of increasing significance for themselves girls to strive for it not only consciousness, but his whole body and soul.
Environmental warning: increased visibility may lead to that girl you send. Be ready for this turn of events and keep your relationship under control.
The method of the first (the easiest and weakest)
A lot to think about it. The more you think about it, the faster fall in love. Presented himself next to her in many different situations and mentally scroll through the movie or dialogue. After a while, you find that you want to be with her.
Method Two (requires some imagination, faster)
Haznachay her to meet and prepare everything before. Until the purchase of her toothbrush and light nadushivaniya some perfume for clothes that she will wear her robe in the morning instead of your belongings. Such training usually takes a day (sometimes more), then a quiet evening alone has seen quite differently. A couple of evenings – and you’ll be in love with her strongly enough. It is important to think about and consider all the details for her comfort and pleasure.
The method of the third (for HLP-jers, fastest)
Submodalities changes. Change the Submodalities own perception of girls before the relationship to it, which you want to receive. Should strictly take into account the ecology of action on the model of setting goals and ask for part of the possible objections.
In principle, this article could finish. I would like to draw your attention to the point that I consider essential: your relationship with a woman – as a result of your activities. And these relations will be as what you yourself want them to do. The approach to solving your problems creatively – create their own methods of increasing importance, in the right situation Enact fall, and then be able to raise back, perhaps even this cycle will have to do repeatedly … experiment!

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