How to prepare a woman physically so she can begging you to sleep with her

by admin on October 25, 2009

How she can begg you for sex!

How she can begg you for sex!

How to seduce a woman so much that she begged the man to do with her sex? “Responsible”

That’s what I like … if it happens at night, look at his watch and say, “Okay, I have to get up tomorrow morning … but … OK, you can come to me for a few minutes …”

This is great! You say it in such a tone, as if trying to convince you to go inside, although she still did not say anything! Wonderful. (Read it again, if you do not understand what I mean).

Then I just I go inside and let her follow. (By the way, again, I always open the door for women, walking on the outer side of the sidewalk, pushing aside the chairs, etc.) If you rytsarstvuesh and weaken her confidence at the same time, I would get a good gift from Grandfather Frost.

So now we are in the house … and I showed her the house … and then sit down on the bed to talk to her, or on the couch … anywhere where we could ignite. I just choose a more peaceful place and while she says something, I look at it. I recede from it and continue to watch … sometimes looked the other way, as though something I think.

Then I leaned to her easily, and start stroking her hair, at a time when she says something. First, I touch the ends of hair. If it is normal for this reaction, I see this as a sign that it WORKS and within an hour I reconnoiter her to have sex with me (if you have any doubts, ask a woman if she allows a guy to stroke her hair when She sits with him on the bed on the first day of a meeting, if he did not plant).

This is a big piece of the puzzle, which I folded. Previously, I used the manual massage and other rubbish, but now I just spend test stroking the hair. If they like touching their hair, then most likely it will not be difficult to separate the sex in the near future. Then I sometimes do manual massage, or a little neck massage, but then I pulled her toward him and pressed him to her … and then comes the bomb.

Personally, I always liked the smell of a woman … so that when she was lying next to me while I stroked her hair, I start to sniff her shoulders … at first only a little, then more and more … until, touched her hair. 5-10 minutes, I inhale her neck and ears … do not kiss and totally groped her. Never!I just sniffed, then rejected, and behave as if I completely dissolve in it, as if it relaxes me. Try this, my friend … if you can continue to sniff it … so be acquired, that simply will not believe it! At one point she tries to kiss me … this is what I expect. I let her lips close to mine … even to touch a little bit … and then depart. I continue to sniff at. I can skazt: “YYYY, what we are fast, love it … a few more times and kiss her … and mileages hands through his hair … all sorts of romantic kisses … then again, I will. When you’re so teasing a woman, it is very strongly encourages it. I love it.

I’m waiting for her until she starts to do something sexual … for example, move her hips in my direction … snatch my ass … whatever.

When I am calm, the woman is usually the first to start doing something explicitly sexual. In this key, if the aggressor is it …

Then I make a verbal gesture: “You will be sufficient only to say please”

I’m laughing as I write this. This is really great.

The first time she will say: “No, no, no … I’m not going to beg you …” then I simply say: “OK” …

Then I just flip back and look up … not in her direction. This usually causes a woman to wonder what the hell is going on here, and starts to cuddle up close, kissing, etc. me again.

I still sensual kissing, breathing in the soup … all this useful nonsense … and when she again carried away, and I begin to hear her breathing becomes more frequent, frequent heartbeat and so forth, I say again: “You need only say please …”

OK, you got the basic idea … I continue to do so until she says: “OK, OK, please … please …”

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