How to pick up a chick at the beach

by admin on October 23, 2009

This is a topic that every man likes. Here, we worked all year and now we want to relax for several days in a oceanside resort. And of course, the dream appears that we wanna pick up something during our vacation…

Despite many stories on this issue I will say a couple of his observations:
– In a large resort chernomoski beautiful girls are very large, they are everywhere and the dream of many men;
– Men who are successful with them are extremely small, except here of course, couples who have gone to sea family /.

This summer I spent only 5 days at beach and here are my results 3 numbers of Miami girls, sex with a girl from Ft. Lauderdale and a meeting with two beautiful girls from Boca / got pictures with them, now will not show to you /. At the same time have a good and fun, without much time to digress into truck.

But why is obtained so that most men do not have success on the beach? For those 5 days I saw only two men who remove their fear and they talk to women. What I saw was deplorable. 3 spoke was strange to be printed on towels calm and not even raised himself to speak with them. Do not honored and “c” grams attention. On the other hand, these two are broken for them to be smarmy and entertain them. Stood against them and pristapyaha nervously from foot to foot. One at a time and showed his identity card even. So 10-15 minutes was incomprehensible to me how much time lost for nothing. What does it rank them? Of course eventually went away with nothing. But at least these two had the courage to talk women on the beach.
Most men will not succeed because they are inert. Acquire courage only when in company, but even then just remove women and shouts pub without anything to stand out.

Here are some tips that will improve your beach flirting. When you’re on the beach – the biggest success you can have with the women who walk on the beach. It is enough just to walk along alone or with a friend and talk  to hottest girls. If you are a company indirectly if alone – directly. If you become hot, washed into the sea again and continued. If you have an interest in girls, leading them directly to coffee. On the beach there is pretty cafes. Then sit on the beach with them, bathing together, play some games and create report. Go with your friend from the beach at any time. Phone numbers of girls taking them out and evening. After 2 hours in any particular institution will have enough Reports to try to Bounce headquarters under a pretense. If this is not enough water in her coffee and then another try again.

If the girl can not go with you for coffee, then naturally you take only phone. Do not waste time in the set, which goes nanikade. If you feel that you are in a position in which they invest nothing and you only entertain them, then stop and tell them to tell you something interesting. If you do not wish to do so did not lose more time with them. Underlying sets of towels to play harder. It is a big mistake to lie down, and you are tilting at them. Need as quickly as possible to sit in them. At the same time, they must have a feeling that unless they make efforts to keep each moment will go. It is then Pulling them to your company or simply go for coffee.

The streets are also easy to play. But in – busy streets, such as it was in Sunny Beach, the girls are kept by the hussy who persuade them to buy something. As might be expected, sea and anyone trying to sunny thing. They should not think of another incur. There are mainly used direct game, so no two opinions about what I have come.

How to download a foreigner does not know which language? It is difficult but possible. This year the sea is full of Russians, many of them do not know English. Emotions are important. I guess everyone knows a little Russian and can make it funny Bulgarian – Russian. I remember some of the Russians said: “Vay group tATu?” And I started humming a song their own, and they died laughing.

The most important advice is: experiment. Pickup is something that requires much creativity and developing imagination. Good luck to all who intend to try the game of the sea. And do not forget one thing: success is pravoportsionalen the faith which you have in yourself, all those beautiful women you have always seemed unattainable, can be yours.

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