How to “maintain” your girlfriend

by admin on November 4, 2009

What she really needs

What she really needs

Simple, but effective ways to support the interest on the part of girls.

It sounds like something that phrase incorrectly. Especially about “his girl”. It is that – housewares? The first thing to grasp – a woman can not be “their”. She sleeps with us, spends time, etc. because it has this “want”. And not because it “belongs”. Hence the need to make a natural conclusion: in order that the woman went to sleep with us, to do so, she wanted it.
The problem is thus reduced to the problem of pickup – seduction. Which is in the process of continuing relationship, on the one hand, simpler (it is more receptive to us, there are no initial fears), on the other hand, there is a set of confounding factors. For example, it is in you can find something that is repulsive to her line, or she may begin hearing voices – she can be heard Mendelssohn’s march (unlikely that you want, right?), Or … or someone else can take your place. It is this last case and analyze.
First, let’s get to the natural question: “Why?”. After all, we can always seemed to find himself someone else … a lot of women, in the end.
The answer, in my opinion, it is equally natural: “And because he wants”. Women are not all alike, and, sometimes, the amount of effort that will have to spend on finding an equivalent replacement, begin to exceed the amount of effort that have to spend on maintaining status quo.
So, we have the following ways.
1. MLTR (multi long time relations) – when you have openly established, “we just get together, spend time together, have sex and do not have a claim, if anyone of us would sleep with someone else.” Heky analogue of an open economy, when you just do not have enemies. That is, the “danger” that a woman will go to someone else, as it persists in the bud – it simply makes no sense to leave. However, this simple idea in the plan, it may be a little tricky to support. The main drawback – the woman can “love” someone, that is, to wish to stay only with him. And again we remain the task, which put.
2. “Exaltation of the walls” in the spirit that is doing most of the people. Jealousy, shadowing, dispersal of other men swatter … Adverse reactions to the proposal to go somewhere in a public place (like a club) together – how could there have so many other men! – Or (God forbid!) Let her go alone somewhere.
3. It should be remembered, however, that the fortress and city walls atrophied with the invention of heavy artillery. You can not graze the woman round the clock, even if she lives with you under one roof. I’m not talking about if you “meet” … Moreover, this tactic can cause resentment on her part. Mutiny on the ship. When so carefully “guarded” the girl you go to the club, so from a sense of contradiction there to pick up someone else.
4. The spirit of contradiction – is a quite strong engine, and I have no doubt that the spirit of contradiction girl, which banned the meet with a guy, not approved by the family, if not lie with him soon, it will find someone who would be with their point of view even more “idiot”. 16-year old spirit of contradiction, this simple rule, but does not die, usually in a much more mature age.
5. And, finally, should think about who can do this so troublesome thing – watch your treasure? Who is next to a woman all day and can look after her? Right – she is. Let us recall the natural property of the women – they tend to perceive attentions of many men, but they will be perfectly happy if at the same time they will have one – the best!
How to stay this “best”?
1. Every woman, like all of us, have needs. In addition to the desire of sex, there are certainly others. Examine them and make sure that you are fully covered by its requirements. In any case, you should be familiar with those of dissatisfaction which may cause the desire to look for them meet on the side of someone else.
2. I’m talking about emotional needs. Dig here! Huzhen whether her man, with whom it would be “cool” – Turretless pepper, able to drive at night on an unfamiliar road with the lights turned off? Or she needs care and kindness? Or is it both? Or else? Find, explore the market and become the best supplier. Keep in mind that the market tends to change.
3. The best way to spur competition. The degree of explicitness of this competition is always necessary to choose in each case, as the extent to which “it” man you are. Ho general principle is – she must understand the instability of his position. Look, do not overdo it – she can refuse to make long-term investments in too unstable and risky business. Once again – everything should be considered in each case separately.
4. Similarly, adjust the question of how she feels “owned”. Deviations from the optimum point of dangerous gap. Hadavite more – see paragraph 2. If she feels more free than she would – she will try the limits of this freedom, trying to finally bring you to jealousy (of course, how?). It is interesting how you need it.
5. Always stay for her interesting and not entirely comprehensible. Predictability kills feelings.
6. Hauchite her to share with you fantasies (even sexual), if possible bring them to life and create new ones.
7. Tell us (or show) it, as pick-up women. Let her know that you are in this good. Now any “pikaper” will not help compare it with you. And if you did everything correctly – it was not in his favor. She had a smile will look at the clumsy attempts of other guys to get her telephone number. Tell you – wonderful, you will have the opportunity hmyknut and with a serious face to say that he did not. Ho not addressing this “stuff” too much time and attention.
And again. Remember that a woman can not be “its”. Even if she finds herself completely yours, something you have to understand that she is here because she wants it. Cease to want – will not be. It is very simple.

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