How to maintain relationships with several women

by admin on October 23, 2009

This is the dream of most men. To date some amazing, cool, sexy women at the same time…

When you get advanced with dating womans and you start to have real success with women at some point you will find that you may not want to be bound only by a woman. This would mean an end to many hot chicks ass that you meet every day and you want to have sex, fits of jealousy when the late, celebration of anniversaries, nervous breakdown, when they see another woman, etc.
To meet some amazing, cool women both e dream of most men. I know some of you would respond: “But I only want a woman who loves me.” If you think deeply, however, this response is driven more by fear to stay alone and not to pursue approval than by genuine internal urge. And when you really have a choice with women will start to see things differently. This theme is designed for those who recognize themselves at least to their wishes and aims to help protect you from mistakes that most men do when they have more than one girlfriend.
We will start by saying that most men have some nekongruentnost between what they really want and what they designed it out. For example, they want a woman with which to spend a good moment, but unconsciously behave as if looking for commitment. This is mainly due to social programming and subkomunikatsiyata we derive from the media and Hollywood movies, which states that a person is happy only if it is monogamous relationship and that woman must need a deep commitment before they can have sex with man .
By the time I began to realize that engaging women love sex just as much as we men. Else that I noticed is that depending on how the man presents himself, so are the expectations of the woman to him. Ie if man behaves like he wants a relationship, the woman will expect him to say this and will not lead to casual sex, and to reach the woman will be disappointed, as is expected otherwise. On the other hand, if a man is entirely focused on what is cool and fun both at the present moment without any expectations for the future, women will perceive it in this way. Here are some rules that are the basis of being a man with many women:
1. Not date with a girl too often – once a week is enough.
Thus, none of you will develop deep emotional connection with others. Also, she did not call and did not write too often. This will avoid it, she constantly thinks about you, which leads to a desire for involvement. In addition, you will have more time to meet with other women.
2. Do not get in a traditional frame to buy her gifts, to meet with her parents to keep in hand, and others.
In principle, these things do when you’re in a relationship with someone. The more things you do make any boyfriends, the greater is the likelihood that it felt bound to you. Do not be jealous, not to keep account of where and with whom went flirting. In the end, and you do the same.
3. Be discreet and imported on the emotions.
No pipes left – right about which one was you. Rumors are spreading fast, sooner or later it will reach and women who do or want to have sex. Every woman wants to feel that can not be disclosed fully to you without being convicted of it.
And when really you disclose to respect that. It is almost impossible among you only have sex. Always prehvarchat various emotions. She also feels a desire to share. Let her talk without telling much about yourself.
4. Their scheduled time so that the few friends who have not intercepted a single location.
If it gets them to imagine each other like old friends without any disturbance, separating them with a positive and facetious tone, and not allow any further explanation. If you are not promised a relationship no one should have any further problems. Often happens to me I have only one day off, but I’d like to see several women. Adjusting datings in 3 hours – for example in 14 hours with one in 17 hours with the other. If you have time between datings I start talking to other women.
5. Never Be you the one who wants a serious relationship.
Even really want a relationship with a girl, always wait for it to tackle this topic. In case you do not want commitment when she talked about it and you can say: “You know how much they like me and be nice to you, but right now I do not feel ready for a serious relationship. I hope you will understand me. “There are some likely to lose it then, but I know that you were sincere. Do not tell her that you have sex with other women, unless it is very open about it. Referring to all women in their lives with respect, respect their independence and and require them to respect yours.
6. Do not flirt with other women before her, unless looking for a triple.
Flirting with other women before her, and jealousy are the creation of approaches in the beginning but once you do have sex with her regularly, do not need it. This can create jealousy and subkomunikira low rank, because if you’re self-confident man, liked by women, will not hurry to throw to his girlfriend next to each.
7. If indeed you can not contrive to hang out with some women may try this: you choose two, which you the best two weeks and only seeing them.
On the other you say you need a little time for any reason you have a lot of work to prepare for an exam, you navehnal my knee … /. Then you change them and say the same thing in the first two. So you can alternate them as you want. If you think this is disrespectful to them wrong. You’re not promised anything to anyone. Beautiful women also can not contrive a lot of men and act in this way.
8. Regardless of how much time you meet a woman to try to always be in her best form.
For example, I meet weekly with a woman who comes straight home and spend half an hour together. My room is always fine, never meet her dressed in an old pair of pajamas, even after they know that we will only have sex. Always have some drinks at home, candy, etc.
9. When you want to end her relationship with her, start a little – less distance to increase.
When you think of women and do so. They are broken and the other men before you, and understand very well what was happening. Trying to meet more with it and stop calling her and her writing. FAQ – I generally wear it in “frend area. Over time, the sexual tension between you will quiet down.
But not completely cut off all doors. If you write something and respond normally, as a friend. In the end, you never know how things will develop in your life and who knows in the future may still be something between you.
Understand that many people live in polygamy, and have multiple connections, it is much more – usually, than ever thought. Stick to the rules but be flexible and experiment when necessary. In time you will acquire more experience and build their own rules. Of course you can always go back to the good old way: you meet the girl of your life, turn it left and they live together long and happily.

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