How to hit on a woman front of her boyfriend

by admin on October 23, 2009

Yes, it is entirely possible. Many men think that it is taboo to pick up a girl to hang around when her boyfriend is there.

This is completely wrong. Many women go out with a man just because there’s currently a better option. However, I would recommend ways of action that will describe in this article are already in advanced truck. To download a girl to her boyfriend you need sub-communication to be extremely strong and very good calibration. You have to be completely unperturbed and have inner confidence that will handle any situation. Be a real man for a woman is a great pleasure and you will actually do it with this great service. Perhaps some think this is immoral. Nonsense, do you think that a woman does not deserve to be a better man? If you go to a discotheque with a hot girlfriend will see how everyone remaining and it tries to download, even in front of you. The only difference is that now they will learn how to do it successfully. My article can not reasonably consider all possible situations, but will focus on three:

1. Spoke girl, everything is going well, but then her boyfriend appears.
To everyone who has been engaged in a long time pickup and flirting with many women it happened. This happens for instance at a shop when the girl is waiting outside, but her boyfriend was inside or some place where the governing mass meetings. Ironically, a newcomer zagovarya most notably sets, because a woman does not move, but stands alone, ie He believes such sets for the most simple. Then her boyfriend comes and he leaves be embarrassed. The best way to proceed in this situation is still in the moment the other man appeared to be calm oblegnesh back so that the girl is paid more to you than to him immediately and speak it. Your voice must be stronger than his, with a tone Adjustable reports. If you do it properly you will enter the frame and you will begin to respond. With this you become the leader immediately after his few questions and ask him to explain to you, immediately interrupted him, look at your watch, the girl tossed a kid and say that late. You say: “Z you give your phone to go another way.” Wadi phone numbers records her kid something departure of her boyfriend and his bother. You accept that came before her boyfriend built by attracting some of the girl.

2. Direct play in the event that her boyfriend is very sduhan and not bothering at all to any confrontation with him.
Couple walking down the street, a cool chick with a sucker and hand in hand. Going directly to the babe and telling her that it was very nice very nice there and its radiation want any contact. Completely ignore her boyfriend. This is done with body language. You directly to her, watching her eyes, takes a lot more space than him and he felt like an outsider. Every thing will be done poorly. Not be tied to him answer any questions, do not even look him or met him. If many persisted saying: “Quiet now” and continue. Do not be aggressive. Should a girl tell you that it is now your friend, simply look in the eye and saying, that as you pull your phone. The basis of all this is subkomunikatsiya. You must be very good at direct game. If you do the right girl will izkefi maximum will let the hand of his girlfriend and will lean towards you. But if events or at least hesitation girl friend and will be alliances against you and lose matches.

3. Indirect game.
Zagovaryash group with some indirect questions and then talking to her boyfriend and her You ‘re kidding. In his talk at a logical level, and with it – the emotional. His bazitsite and will prevent him to understand what are you doing with it until she feels will attract. Friendly with him, but not much because you are not dirty when you need to get chicks. If so do you like and dude you and to let them go. The idea is to be fun for all. At any time you ask a girl for his hobby and challenging it to him. For example, it tells you that plays good tennis. You say: “Are you good in tennis? I tell you that one point you can do against me. “It will rekindle her alone and she wants to meet to show you that it is better. Close is done intelligently and under pretext of friendship.

4. In the social circle.
Status everything is there. If you are in alpha it more leadership in the company reports more breaks than he and more looking babes you will have a huge advantage. The bad thing is that when download a woman from their social circle for sex that can have negative consequences in the future. Game in the social circle is quite complex and it is quite variable. There are complex relationships that can not be described here. That to which we must strive to be a cool dude and using lessons learned from the crush of other places / street parties, discos etc / to calibrate. You only experience can teach what is right and what is not.

Some important rules for the removal of “foreign” women:
1. Boyfriend did not take your friends and people that play.
2. Do not remove other women just to tickle his ego, to try to import something better in life of every woman you meet.
3. If you see that man whose girlfriend is hitting a cool guy and dude, leave it to him.
4. Do not be aggressive, even when the girl’s boyfriend acts of aggression. You can always osmeesh and use his aggression against him.
5. Whatever happens, do not lose the positive tone. Do you become irritable and lose the negative sets.
6. Measure of risk. Should be better able to assess the situation. Makes it more extreme things when your friends close. If properly calibrated it will Be right. For all those years never happened to me to fight with jealous girlfriends.
7. Drop Field reports. Each will be interesting and always can get some valuable advice or idea.

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