How to have great sex

by admin on May 27, 2011

Hello dear gentlemen!
I am writing this topic to help at least some of the men who want to give pleasure to her friends but not very clearly how to do this!
First, you must agree with me that women are radically different from us.
Gentlemen Sex is not just physical pleasure! It is much deeper and more beautiful! Brain, and anoint themselves with and for women is the most sensitive “erogenous zone”! Especially in women. Women are much more easily excited by erotic fantasies than men. So the main rule of sex is to have sex first with her brain and then her body!
But how excited her brain! From thoughts and feelings. We all know that women cheer them males. And it is quite normal for women to be attracted to such men! Unfortunately, male practitioners are increasingly pozhenchva, but that’s another story!
Let us return to the question! First it create a sense of comfort and warmth! Show her that you are a man, but act like a kind and gentle man! Would like to quote a conversation between two friends with, one of which I slept!
– Is it true that Zhorko (ie I) is a good lover?
– Yes of course! It’s Great!
– I do not understand!
– I’ll explain: It is a dude. Lord it over, makes you feel like a virgin girl with his behavior! Male from anywhere generates respect. Grabs you and you feel his. But although though they attacked is extremely gentle.
Speak your running miles and still looks manly. Behaves as a ruler, but they bear the stairs to his house. Background, his whole flammability, take care of you. They throw on the bed and look like they will break, but actually is kind and considerate …

That is, you must be real men, but at the same time careful and gentle! Make her feel comfortable with you. Be observant for minor works. As an example, put a pillow under her head, if you notice that she was embarrassed to bring her water, you notice that thirsty (of course, when her mouth is dry with a kiss).
To bring her coffee or whatever in bed. Generally, to care for her and even her ankles! To be able to feel the comfort in your company! But do not overdo it, so as not to become a servant!
Once you are sure that she has built the image of the predator for loving you, you can go to the game …
For us men sex means penetration of the woman! For women, sex means the interchange of tenderness and flattery! Maybe repeat as saying that the whole body of the woman is a great erogenous zone! For to which it is breaded and kissing everywhere. Arms, legs, buttocks, face, chest, neck, ears, feet (massage of the feet is a dream for pretty women), hands, eyelids, lips, tongue, ears behind everything!
Once you have “heated” all you can go to her nipples and vagina! Let’s start straight with her vagina and nipples before you aroused by caresses all over your body is almost worthless! Since arousal is very different hormones and drugs. One of which increases sensitivity! So if you have pre-excited stimulation of the vagina and nipples and has a much greater effect!
How does this work? It is almost impossible to answer this question correctly! But there are several ways that is sure to love it!
Start very slowly and softly with her nipples! It is advisable to start with the mouth and tongue, as a dry sometimes uncomfortable! And while stimulating her vagina directly is forbidden! First lick them by your hands have to kiss everywhere. For many women, to institute a maximum and reach orgasm, it is necessary to stimulate at least two places!
Then, as you swallowed the breast and start to lick! Watch it! When the pleasure of one breast reduced, start with the other! This could understand it and breathing expression on her face! A former girlfriend told me: “Zhorko, you know why women have two breasts?” I: “?!?”, it: “to enable men to kiss both !!!”…
I got to the stimulation of the breasts and nipples! Now I’ll finish!
Note that not only are sensitive nipples and breasts purposes! So while dealing with nipples and rub her breasts! Do not focus only on the nipples! From time to time alter the mouth with his hands and mouth to kiss and caress the city below! Exactly where the breast ends and begins the body is very sensitive!
While dealing with her breast, moisten your fingers with something. Sample lubricant or saliva, your or her, no matter! But for some women is exciting to them stirring in the mouth and tongue to massage them! For its saliva that May is a better option! Put your hand in its *******! For starters do not massage, it only squeeze his hand! It will show you whether you want to begin massaging as to move the pelvis!
Then fingers farther apart as the middle and ring were collected and forefinger and little finger are stretched to the sides! K ******* So it will stand between middle and ring you exactly where contact with the palm, this place of your hand is soft, and in the ****** nothing better than soft leather top of this wet!
The rest of your fingers will be halfway between the labia majora! Pinky and forefinger as you are where your hips start! Thumb you can be on her pubic bone and it rubs or pulls the skin of a top-down to open the head of k ******! Your other cancer must deal with something as it rubbed on the ribs. And your mouth of the grains. Her hands can also do something, as you feel or she is stroking away. In fact, women also feel excited when men!
Perhaps the most important thing is not to hurry. After some time you can make your movements more powerful! Now comes the OD ***** sex! A former girlfriend told me: “Bob, if sex is not dirty, you are not doing it properly!
So let’s dirty! Lick and kiss all *****, and not slaps right on her ****** k! One of your cancer may be massaged her breasts and nipples, as if massaging her nipples would not be bad to get less than in ********** liquid so it will not be dry! Another cancer is recommended you have it! Note, if you think you will soon be over in no case stop!
Any movement of your hand in it as the tongue and mouth are allowed! You will see how she likes, watch it. I know that in such times it is difficult to focus and to watch, but it’s in your favor! Any additional components are allowed! Vibrating stimulators, lubricants, toys, silk scarves, naprasnitsi, dildos and so on!
Many women are aroused by this caressing her body with a soft object! Sold one sticks with pads at the end, they are a good option. I personally most often use a rose! Where did the Gauls careful with these accessories! Avoid her ribs Because it can take her ticklish to be worked loose and forget about everything!
Vibrating objects are also very useful! So if you’re tired, you can relax while you stimulate with these items! It may sound bad, but I’m using my phone vibrating, even your toothbrush for this purpose!
It is very important to get used to the idea that all sex is allowed!
Once with a friend discussing why sex tired of people who are long time together! We’ll quote!
– There are many factors that cause this phenomenon. But the main are few. And they are: sex is safe! Now you know it on schedule. Evening in bed means sex! Thereafter. The lack of new experiences! Sex is the same every time. And especially the fact that, to know and you impoverish each other! And in fact, sex can make so many new things that life will not get to try everything!
How can you avoid boring sex. As a show of new works his girlfriend. Even for the first time you sleep with her do things that nobody else has done it! Can some ideas that you come to mind are odd or even perverse, but as I said in my previous article, “if sex is not dirty, you are not doing it right.”
You can really do a lot of new things. But first to shake off the idea of ​​taboo! No such thing! I asked this same friend, “where is the limit for sex and perversion in which things are forbidden! And she replied:
– No limit! Everything pleasure of both permitted and even desirable!
I asked a question of knowledge, which we only have sex since I was 17 (am now 24) … “Why though, have a friend, go to sleep with me?” And she replied: “I like it perverse to you.”
I personally fully agree with her! And I will propose some ideas that you can try. And I assure you that it will not harm most help! But I repeat again be very open minded! No woman likes bond, standard and conservative men. And vice versa!
If you spend your first night together should try to present it in its best light! As they say first impression is most important! First, prepare yourself for the evening! Shave armpits and genitals (you can leave your “Brazilian band – some women very like it), unless you know it, she likes hair in which I doubt! In the brave can shave rectum (the gap), even as the ass! For the remaining hair would not be bad in advance to find out what she likes, because many women like hairy chest while others do not!
Then, in no event prior to masturbate tonight at least a day or two! If enough horny will be needed two minutes before it was over, after you start the real part! And it will survive to do it quickly and then start again. But surely struggle to survive, you do not happen! Incidentally, at present I plan to write a theme for sexual interference! There will be a good idea to inflate a little muscle before the big day (night) not only earn muscular fever!
Now comes the situation! Create a romantic atmosphere! It is not difficult. Several candles. Red cloth and blankets. Pretty quiet muzichka. Several flowers. And the smell of something relaxing! Several bottles of wine and that’s it! I recommend you red wine! Has been shown to induce production of a group of hormones that are required in such case! And intoxicating to remove inhibitions, concerns and others that may hinder you in this moment!
Maybe now become commonplace and is constantly repeating the importance of hygiene! Women are much more sensitive sense of smell than us and noticed the easiest smells! In addition, more observant and all spots and stains are really repulsive!
Have any “helpers” such as lubes, dildos, vibrating rings and so on. In any sex-shop you will find a wide selection of such accessories, which can only help! The price is a bit scary but I think it’s worth it! You can prepare cream or chocolate topping or ice cream. I think every woman and would love to play around a fetish unless extreme bondage, but in this case what is this woman you!
Furthermore, these foods are very high energy content and if you plan all night entertainment you need energy, and of these foods will get enough! And start with your experiments! Incidentally, avoid her genitals anoint themselves with the above products, if not lick it like humans can become sticky! Sale also Vaseline, which increases sensitivity! Be careful how you use because if you over-can become annoying!
Few men are willing to make the Body of her friends! So you do it! This will stand out from others! I will create an image of a man who himself knows what to do! I think you all know how much women love to massage them!
Place where sex is also important! The bathroom is a nice option. I think you know why. While working on the machine is also nice because the vibrations! On the table, a bureau of land and so on! Make sex everywhere! I personally have had sex many unusual places: in the trial of a clothing store in a pharmacy in a disco bar (which bore his “criticism” of the guards! Will not understand if it was not done) in the house of the rescuers beach and so on! And these women are always remembered as a lover wild with some of them maintain sexual relations more than 2-3 years!
Play anywhere, you can feel and caress everywhere in the cafeteria, restaurants, discos and other places. I do not know why, but thought that might get caught is exciting. And so will it prepare for what is waiting for her evening!
Already stripped it almost horny. Here now is the time it “complete”
Start small with just your fingertips to caress it. You can test yourself on what should be slightly touching! Must be contiguous with ticklish. So her senses will sharpen, which is very nice! Avoid top it touching the genitals and nipples. You can describe circles around her nipples! Your mouth, unless it is busy kissing her or talk to her nice work in the ear is also advisable to act again slightly with the tip of the tongue and lips.
I am sure that you know the main erogenous zones. Why will not enumerate them. Would be good to stimulate and not so famous erogenous zones. Such as the clavicle, abdomen and under breasts. Her belly is very convenient because a large area of ​​”work.” Do not overlook her navel there skin is very thin and easily stimulated.
Push your tongue inside but be careful with power! Above the clavicle stimulation should be more and more pressure! The most effective it is to lick under the breasts. Galen not only provides such results. As I said initially must be very small. And gradually become stronger!
You’ll know when you go to her nipples and vagina, and when bristle. No, no fooling. Will bristle! And when I would touch the shivers. Now is the time to start with her nipples!
As you all know the stimulation of nipples is most effective by mouth. In any of the previous threads mentioned what a way to stimulate it through nipples! Here we offer a few more! But first, while its grain stimulate one with the mouth, stimulate other hand. Do not crush, pulling, twisting, squeezing and other such harsh action! Describe circles on it. And it massage. Incidentally middle finger looks good in such actions.
And your body has to move and rub on it. Most likely you have hair on your chest and abdomen. As you move the body in her hair doing these terrible job! Repeat for a start it should be mild and gentle! Not just sticks to a grain replace them!
How to lick them? Very simple. As lick her clit! Relax Take your tongue around it and run. Language is rough, wet and soft. This is nice! Siphon her nipple and lick it inside your mouth! Blow hot air on it. Blast of hot air is nice everywhere except her face!
Make circles with your tongue! would be nice to work out before, to drive his tongue to move downwards or sideways with great frequency and do the same grain size and and her vagina! Maybe it bites, but very lightly! It is good to “knead” its objectives breasts, because they are sensitive. Mainly because mammary glands! Press them, but gently!
When it starts to move the pelvis or vagina to rub into you it’s time to move further down! First, move your hand to watch as it is warm and moist with her saliva, for example! And only slightly. In the previous topic, I described how this can happen! Galen it there, insert your fingers into it. Spread throughout the vagina and a vaginal fluid! And massage! Finally move your mouth in her vagina!
Let your hands still caressing her all over and massaged her nipples. While you and oral sex!
Here I can offer you ways of licking, tie each woman likes a different way. You can see how she likes most lick it differently and watch how they react to different ways! It is advisable to have something in her fingers or dildos is not important! But let this thing move it back and forth, sideways, up and down, etc.!
Hence you decide what will happen! It has already excited the maximum and you can decide whether to continue with the game that will force it to end up with oral sex (that’ll please) or penetrate into it!
Here are some things that I promise you will love it! If you are very excited. Let her see it and touch it. You can apply a lubricant or vaginal fluid and rub it on her nipples! So can you win and fellatio! If you do not want to insist you do not!
Put her hands on her your penis! I doubt that there is a woman who does not like to touch horny dick! Naturally, while doing these things, keep it Gauls! You can take her hand and swallowed one or two fingers. Many women they like to confuse the man’s mouth! Rub his penis in her whole body (I’ve heard that was exciting).
Now again spread his penis with something and started massaging her clitoris with your penis. Then put it at the entrance of the vagina without insert it! If she wants alone will score! If not pressed for you or not you pulled no rush to insert it! Continue with caresses.
Someone then you can do them perverse and contrary to lick her anus and massaging it with your fingers, but it’s at your expense! Anus is very sensitive! There is even anal orgasm. I understand how sensitive! Resilient barrier between her anus and vagina is also sensitive! You can press without having to worry there is hardly any pain receptors!
You can also dissolve and labia, and between them you will see a pink, glowing skin. Lick or massage the space between her lips! You can hitch the skin on her pubic bone, thus stripping the head of the clitoris. It was also nice!
This article has again become very long and I will write next about the same topic. I am far from thinking that I can enumerate all the ways to stimulate it, but I hope at least to list some of them!

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