How to get acquainted with the girl on the Internet

by admin on October 30, 2009

Internet dating advice

Internet dating advice

This dating tips will help you in principle, if you are interested in the science of dating with the girls through the Internet.

The most important thing – this photo. Photos must be, above all, quality made not on a mobile phone, but at least on a qualitative camera, ideally – a professional photographer.
Do not be photographed against the background of machinery (especially foreign) and in large companies (I am fifth from left in the third row). It should make adequate photos where you look cool in appearance.

Cool would be if the photo you will have some cool emotion on his face or photo> will be with banter.

Very well, if by your photo, we can conclude that you have to spend their time – that’s kind of a game of pool, so you caught in the lens of photographer famous club, here you are with your friends to play poker, so you’re sitting on the steps of the White House here you are under water in the mask kosishsya fish. Approximately so.
Photos should be several. More importantly, what do you picture home and it looks like a small version (it is a mini-version is displayed during the search and when you write a girl a message).
How to fill in the questionnaire.
Intelligence, sense of humor and originality, as secondary sexual characteristics, are welcome. Fill in your own taste, no templates do not want to give, it would still be felt in future communication.
To write, to make it easier to meet.
At the bottom of each form is the number of hits per month. Approximately every tenth man wrote to her, so the girls with the number of hits per thousand great attention from the guys. And, as a consequence, the greater the likelihood that your message gets lost in the hundreds of others. But if you take a 50 page index, then there will be no less cool girls who wrote much smaller guys. Advantage of this. Another feature – in the provincial towns of Latvia, too many beautiful girls who are not as versed as the capital girl. Also, a closer look at the pictures, if intuition tells us that in life it is different from the photo – are best left to intuition.
Often this situation occurs, that in life the girl is somewhat different from the online image. It happens that not a few:))
These tips will help you in online dating:
1) If a girl only photo of her face, the Board requested the photo in full growth. Perhaps it is a little gross for your taste.
2) If the photo only model not hesitate to ask for more and photos of life.
3) talked to her before the meeting by telephone to complete the experience.
4) When the meeting came to a completely different girl – you have every right poproschatsya with her immediately, politely saying that you have a case. She was the first you cheated.
Write. What should be the first phrase for dating.
The main thing is not to write a girl one of the following:
1) wink
2) “Hey, can meet you?” and any other proposal dating
3) “Hello, how are you?”
4) “Hey, you’re beautiful!” and any other banal compliment
5) invitation to somewhere in the first message
6) please give a phone number in the first message

So writing is not worth at least, because I write 95% (I know, I spent the experiment). And, as a consequence, it is very trite and hackneyed. So write what you like, except this one.

Several generators of the first phrases for dating site:

1) Contextual opener. Give your opinion or asked her an interesting question about anything you saw in her photo album or read her questionnaire.
2) provocation. Any comment that it slightly touches and with whom she wants to argue with you. It is important that it does not hurt a girl, you can make it in a joking manner.
3) Correct compliment. It does not compliment the exterior and the fact that she got from nature, and something over which she had tried. Be careful: it is beautifully matched or clothing, or competently compiled form, or correctly imposed Meike up.
4) Humor. Any good banter in the context will be received cheers from the girls a sense of humor, but be careful – it can alert the girls who take dating seriously.
How to make a girl wrote you own a dating site.
Pretty simple. Making a good album, is an interesting form, which must cram a provocation, or ask opinions about anything with girls. Better if this opinion on the issue of flirting, dating and generally mezhpolovyh relations. This is to ensure that girls were easier to figure out how to engage in dialogue with you.

More fun are four things:
1) Program tete-a-tete, which can be downloaded directly from the site – it allows you all the time, when you turned your computer to be online on a dating site. Many girls, when a guy looking for dating, include the function “show only those currently on the site.
2) From time to time to raise your profile up smskoy that she was looking in the first ten pages, because eventually fall below a questionnaire to find, but what would you class was not a girl just can not see your profile, if she fell down thousandth place.
3) Periodically smskami stand out in the leaders to be in the limelight or to buy VIP status
4) See the largest possible number of questionnaires cool girls. Because then you showed up in her section “guests” and she will notice you.
How to communicate, how to get the phone number and invite the girl for a date.
Communicate, motivate, invite her to a meeting. At some point, you can take her phone number, or even Skype, the voice that would be communicated to invite her out.

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