How to get acquainted with the clerk

by admin on November 7, 2009

Did she like me?

Did she like me?

“How to get acquainted with the clerk? What can be interesting to think, to be not like the others? The idea to come with flowers and give the whole store has been, but for some reason do not like. There is some ideas? Just interesting. Banal, such as: “A girl! Sour fresh?” I have a very loose … ”

Hachnem with the fact that while you were for her regular client. It is useful to become a regular customer. And for this purpose should be regularly buy from her while talking with her on okolomolochnye, commercial and social exchanges. Useful at first to be witty jokes and simple compliments.
It has long been seen such a “phenomenon”: a permanent customer relationship with the seller is no longer as a client, but as a good friend. Even if a client has already stopped anything to buy, the seller is always pleased to see him and talk with him on any topic. If you become for her such a client, you will already be in the hands of the trump card: she got used to trust you, you will appreciate, and perhaps wait for your new arrival shopping.
By the way, you probably noticed that the nurse, hairdresser and shop assistants are often at work dying of boredom, ready to wait for anyone with at least about something to talk about. Who cares that one day she sells cream dozens of young men who want her to stick together. Is each of them is its “loyal customer”?
Ask her as a regular customer, about the discounts. If she says that to give a discount – not in its competence, then the answer is that to give your phone (and not just the phone) – it is certainly within its competence 🙂

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