How to forget a girl

by admin on November 3, 2009

Learn how to forget her

Learn how to forget her

Sometimes we communicate with girls, it’s normal. Sometimes we communicate with them is not quite as I would like to communicate with them and sometimes we need to know how to forget a girl

I say honestly – this idea by Terry Pratchett. Reading, it seems, “The Color of Magic”, I have long remembered for his incredible wit character named trunk. Of course, it was a simple chest, which, however, has a terrific feature – he “ate” everything I wanted and gave nothing back. Is that in case of extreme necessity. More details are from the author.
So, I decided to grow in his chest. Which has very similar properties – running after me everywhere, stores that do not need or outdated, and, if necessary, give back. Of course, that if I see this chest is real, and it will, indeed, for me to run, the white columns and a hospital named after Kashchenko happy to take me on full board. So I cheat. I used self hypnosis (for details see chapter “Kunnilingvistika”, section on trance techniques), and established himself in the trunk of my unconscious part of the brain.
Technique “trunk”
Technique “trunk” is used to create access to the memory, and with deliberately blocked access. If you really need is access. If you do not need to operate the natural processes of amnesia.
The technique is best done in explanation of trance techniques “scale and devices”, which is studied in our trance workshop. For those who do not understand what it can go to our seminar or read the structure of the establishment of this great utility “of the situation nashegocherdaka.
1. Write a good trance state at the client, install signaling. It is desirable to dissociate conscious and unconscious processes, shed in the consciousness of the transformation of external factors.
2. Describe the unconscious chest, the maximum detail in the uncertainty.
3. Describe the properties of the chest, that is, permanent blocking of access to certain areas of memory.
4. Create a “key” – a symbol of a WAC image to access the innards of the chest. It takes a very detailed representation of the key, stay on it more.
5. Check the environment. That is, obstructs or no chest, when he runs back, set a comfortable distance, to get a positive response through signaling.
6. Check performance trunk. Right, through signaling. Therefore, the principle of better to explain again.
7. Check the overall ecology.
8. A man out of trance and test the functionality of the trunk in a conscious mode.
Anything more you can enjoy life and remember the chest, when you need something to forget  (learn how to forget a girl.)

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