How to fall in love with a girl?

by admin on November 3, 2009

Fall in love

Fall in love

You already asked this question? Then we have for you a magnificent plan of action, proven by years of experience and even numbered. Read carefully.
Good day, my friend. Today we’ll discuss one interesting thing – both fall in love with a girl? What is it? By and large, this state, when the girl all the time thinking about you and to your person is experiencing lots of good emotions.
The key word here – the emotions. Yes, yes, falling in love – is an emotional process. So do not get the young lady in love with you, picking his nose and leading boring conversations about football or drinking bouts with his comrades.
So how do you fall in love with a girl? Oh, we have for you a magnificent plan of action, proven by years of experience, which works just for all two hundred and fifty per cent. Read carefully.
1. Mandatory element of success – is “kryshesnosy”, that is romantic and pleasant. Unexpected behavior. This can be anything – to watch the sunset, admire the aurora, meow on the roof, playing snowballs, run a race in the rain, or even hang out among the participants role-playing games. Remember that the goal kryshesnosa – create new, good emotions, which are immediately associated with your personality.
2. Do little unexpected gifts. Forget about obyazalovku like roses on a date, or there day lovers – let it boring guys that are predictable. Just for no reason. I am sure that she no one gave a teddy Dracula:) Remember that the gift should be small, funny and completely useless.
3. Play in a magical game called “closer – more”. It is described on this site. So not worth comment.
4. Once you become predictable – you’ll be boring. So Get used to different ways to respond to the same word. For example, today the phrase “went to the movies!” You happily agreed, and tomorrow – offers to go drink some tea.
5. You must have a wonderful, orgasmic, explosive and more sex. Well, what do you want? The best way to fall in love with a girl – it takes love to her. Where and how do you know about this more – for example, in the section of our forum under the name of “sexology”.
6. Down with the routine! There is nothing worse than a quagmire of family life, when the two of you rake mold of harmony and joy in urns collect stale smile. Once you have become “official” couple, continues to conduct unexpected entertainment, hiking and hangouts. Remember – a girl with you every day should be interesting, but not “as usual skukota.
At the end of this article, I’ll tell you one simple observation. Girls go to the left in only one case – they got bored. You see my point? It’s boring in bed and bored in the house. Understand that if all the fun – you’ll look at each other with loving eyes as much as you like, giving each other the joy of communication and the magic of this relationship. Is not that every man wants and every girl?
Good luck! Now you know how to fall in love with a girl!

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