How to communicate with married women?

by admin on November 3, 2009

How to talk to a married woman

How to talk to a married woman

Married women – are people too, they also want sex. Often, even more than their “bachelor” friend. However, most of the problems and issues are solved with simple, in general, the rules.

1. Do not ask questions about her husband and family. If she would tell, do not let any comments – only polite attention.
2. Remember that it is not easy to dispose of his time, so the maximum aligned to its schedule. But, naturally, do not rush to her on her first whistle, keep rank.
3. Maintain confidentiality (calls to her home when there is no household, try not to give flowers, it will be difficult to explain this at home, does not glow in the eyes of her children – all blab, etc.)
Recipe: Strict confidentiality. You should, it was you and it should forget what she said about her life outside of you. In public, you are strictly friends or colleagues, that is – keep yourself within. On the dates negotiated in advance, it is better for a couple of days, so she managed to find a reason to come to you. I was sympathetic to the fact that she has a family – namely, the obligation. As a bonus – the construction of any call to do so that she could talk comfortably and quietly, preferably interjections “yes, no. Example of a typical phrase: “Hello.” This is (name). How are you doing? “Excellent. You can meet me on Thursday, where usually in the 15?”.
Conclusion: stick to those rules and everything will be fine.

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