How to become very attractive to girls

by admin on November 11, 2009

Your appearance. The way you look. This item male attractiveness is critical in the first impression, as well as in communication and seduction of very beautiful girls. You do want to have success with the beauties?

First let’s define.

You are lying on the shelf fashion-gloss with your pictures on the cover? Well, or at least on the turn? If not – have gone further. Take a photo of himself to the usual soap dish, full-length in your casual (everyday) locker room, in the form in which you’ll meet a nice girl, if you will move along the road and you’ll understand that that’s it – the girl of your dreams. Do not photoshop this picture, let them all be honest.  Wait until you appreciate quite a few people and see – you got in Top 100? Your score is better than 90% of the site? If not – you can safely read on.
mprovement of explosives you will greatly benefit your friend, who rummages in style. Or a girl who looks very cool.

Feel free to ask them about the free advice and consultations.

Once I questioned her friends that they are primarily evaluated in a guy. Top3 had eyes (face), shoes and hands.

Let’s start with the person.
If you have pimples, blackheads and other – run to the beautician or a dermatologist in particularly severe cases. The skin, especially on the face should be beautiful and healthy. The girls are paying attention to it. Well, of course, that person should be washed once a day by some means for cleaning the face. If you want to – then use the paraphernalia to a person and wellness masks.

If you have a beard or mustache, you need to care for them. Put all clean and smooth shave, do not forget to use lotion after shaving. As my friend told me when I preen in front of the club – “the evening shave only ladies’ man.

Points in most cases it is better to replace the lenses. Or pick up those who go to your face type.

If a dental problem, then quickly fly to the dentist, because the smile is an important tool in communicating with the opposite sex, and generally in life. Smile be a little white and a pretty, and smell the freshness of his mouth. On that brushing your teeth should be 2 times a day after meals, and after each snack and a smoke – restore acid-alkaline balance of chewing gum.

Hair do.
I recommend to find a good stylist and fashionable haircuts. Everything is simple, you take the base of hair in inete or a pack of fashionable gloss and finds you like hair on the principle of “I want to like him.”
Then go to the salon with the notch of the magazine and konsultirueshsya with the stylist.
I recommend Maija, Kolonna, Lauima lux, or any other salon on the recommendation of a good standard, at least for the first time – because at the classroom hairstyle is not worth saving. Level of prices there, plus or minus 10-15ls, but working experts in their field as a rule!
If you want, after you can buy them right there (or in any Drogas’e) gel or wax, for that would be every day to maintain this beauty, putting your hair. Well, recently – shampoo, wash your hair to once a day in the morning. If your hair is sick, then buy in a pharmacy medicine (as for example nizoral dandruff).

Shower must be taken every day, enjoy delicious toilet water and antiperspirants. Nails are cut regularly, once a month you can go to the manicure. Socks and underwear too, naturally change every day.
And about the daily procedures – cleaning shoes. We strongly recommend to buy expensive shoes and clean it before each exit from the house, even if you went outside for 10 minutes. This is a very good habit!
With stubble on his face is desirable to shave your armpits and crotch, this is of course optional, but if you have the view that it is the prerogative of gays, then that’s your limiting beliefs. You’re like, what would have been there all girls shaved, so they, too:)

Here you can discuss a long time, but I will say two things: Cool – not necessarily expensive.
If you have money – better to invest it in high quality clothes.
Must be that everything was clean (washed, fresh smell) and neat (no holes, poglazheno) and size.
I am a fan of freebies, always looking for where to buy cheaper. In the theme is a very good habit of always asking “and the discounts you have?” (you’re surprised, but almost everywhere can give 5% on the new collection). For example in Stockman’e, if you make a 2ls card buyer, within a day you will have a 10% discount.
And of course – SALES. I would recommend be purchased only at Seila. Yes, he does resemble a little bit, what would I find my size, but you can tear schoolroom thing for funny money (50% is not uncommon for the same DG in Venezia). Another bonus – stock-points, which are not blaming the entire out-of Shemot. For example, on the top floor Palazio Italia, Jam Store stock a number of Venice and Diesel-stock on the third floor of Origo.
He has made himself in the lifestyle shopping. By the way, where you can meet cool girls.
Brand clothes.
If you allow the money – you can buy brands, but not fakie, but real. Buying a fake is like summer at the beach underlay paralon in smelting. Conditionally branded clothing can be divided into an original copy of the original and forgery. Original – is the price, design and quality. Here everything is clear. Copies of the original – the same model that the original collection of the same materials of good quality. But such things are almost like the original and very rare. And the last category. Proezvideniya art of Chinese and Turkish fashion, the letters q and r to the whole breast (moronity and stupid, yes), all sorts of mediocre eagles Armani and inscriptions on dskvared badge. Excellent chance to look tasteless and stupid.
Original branded things is that – that smacks of success, elegance and style. Again, I do not insist, you can look cool without brands, expensive clothes are just a couple of bonus points.
In pumping this item will read GQ and MH (unlike in the fact that the second reading managers, and the first of their bosses).

General advice on clothes:
Casual for everyday wear, and something more than fashion in a nightclub. It is important that a “suit sitting, ie All were picked up by size. Length jeans to mid-heel, strips, separating sleeves on their shirts and jackets just on their shoulders. Strap the color of shoes. Not shoved garbage (phone, wallet, cigarettes) in the pockets of jeans.
Clean your shoes before each exit from the house. In general, footwear should be expensive and need to care for her (like – tell in a shoe store). I repeat course, but it is of paramount!

Particularly inadequate cases:
Do not wear a purse – well, if only with a crimson jacket. Athletic attire and athletic shoes – only at sports. Open-toe sandals with socks you can wear just to shock the girls. Very short socks that as much leg is visible in a sitting position – it is a mortal sin. Mobil’nik on a string – for the fifth graders, in a holster on his belt – for plumbers (you can still go Wrench trailers). Wired holes worn sweaters, pull the sleeves and dimensionless T-shirts leave for summer picnics.

I’ve written only a general. Full dress analysis and individual selection of personal style is at the training RMES the first day.

Next, my speech will go to the theme of the development which will take a little more time:

The body should be sporty and fit, the girls are very fond of. Because of this I insist that any man should engage in sports. If you do not know what, look eurosports and select the type in which you like the most sympathetic figure athletes.
Again let me remind that every professional sport is injury, but if you do for yourself – it is health and beauty.
You can visit three times a week fitness and be in shape. Enroll in a rocking chair and make a personal program. Or you can do pull-ups at home (I have personally weighed in the horizontal bar the door, cost in the sports shop 5ls), pushups, squats and press. 3 times a week. Not so sure how the effect of pumping with the coach, but better than nothing.
You can run in the mornings. You can do exercises every morning. Then no matter what it is that the taste – so he did.
Just do not tell me that it is difficult. It is easy to just sit at home companies to entice the right and left hand turns. Aside time for sports, for the weekly runs. You would not believe what kicks you get a month of this lifestyle.

In addition, about the body – posture should be straight. If you work for the computer The continuously on a machine or a whole lot of sitting, voobshchem if the spin is not perfectly straight, it would save two things – manual therapist, who straightens his back and removes the clips in the body (very respektny dock, which you choose, on the recommendation) and exercise 10 minutes a day to stand against the wall (in contact with the wall 4 points – butt, shoulder blades and temechko).

And finally tan. Summer рулит beach, tanning in the winter to 10 minutes per month. This is very nice and like girls, believe me.
Just answer those who say that tanning is not for “real men”. This means that real men do not light? Summer do not go to the beach? Not well, of course, if there is money podzagoret at the resort 4 times a year – please. But tanning is quick, convenient and beautiful.

Now sit comfortably and pomedetiruy. Make a personal plan for yourself, what will you do for pumping the appearance that he would do now and what you would plan for tomorrow. Imagine a clear picture of how you want to see myself in a month or three, cool-looking in an embrace with the girl of his dreams. Come along! This world is yours!
Let your motto be: if you want – do it!

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