How to be direct with your date

by admin on October 19, 2009

Direct Game  is often much more effective!

To be direct, when hitting a woman is not as easy as most of you think. Straightforwardness in the words which are all immediately think of is the basic component, which should follow when you direct. Main straightforwardness do with behavior, voice, body language and frame. I myself, even when zagovaryam woman with indirect words have entirely direct approach in other components, which causes most of my success with women.

I. Nonverbal communication in the Dating direct.
– The voice should be calm and strong, but persistent and secure. If you and say “Hey, I like you very” uncertain uncertainly and this is not the direct approach rather unfortunate similarity of approach and samootsvirvane.
– All internal setup you should be – I кефя this woman and she will enjoys me. Settings like – “just going to try, what did happen” or “just do not try” are not profitable, nose and lead to otsvirvane.
– Body language should be direct and posture and your posture should be directed entirely to the woman. Go to it, without overreacting, slowly, calmly and confidently. Drew close enough to hear clearly. Offset too positive body language and give a mild disinterest in her voice.
– Check should be in her eyes at first, until you open it, then you can move it to is not kriypi but never down. If you want to move makes it look slightly to the right or left.
– When doing a major compliment mistake to do too excited and stimulated with protruding tongue. Straight always compliments from the heart with simple words, but also let your voice is simply informative and even slightly disinterested. Subkomunikatsiyata Let your voice be “yes i like you you’re cool, but I’m also a cool and if I cut my ass is not particularly long because I am” to you “with women.
– I like to know what comes after openra, which is usually very short. Do not expect just shook, “Hi I like you” shut up and she fell into her arms.
– Smile and really look with an open countenance and pleasure that you talk to her. Keyword in the previous sentence is “really”. Artificial, forced, smiles and explicit expressions are not quoted. If you do not take pleasure in that is aware of it, then something is wrong, and gesture of the person you will issue and she will feel. Also learn to smile with his eyes, not only to face.
– Do not mock her and negvay strong at the beginning of Dating Direct. Try to use only its intended purpose, namely, when the babe is inflated. This idea is not to amogvate and the two mutually recognize and respect the other’s highest rank.

II. Close fastest phone.
Will most often use a direct approach to answering Close quick when you or she does a lot of time. If you are on the street and she moves her head-stop from 5 meters with the words:
“Hey, hey – I noticed it from afar – all bright, very kefi me they broadcast. I’m Niki / her and extend a helping hand /. Getting to be converted at one another and keep more reply “You know, Ralitsa, I am very glad to talk to, but I now work, will let you swap phones and will call you sometime to see and to talk more – you pull yours and write my number … well … Now that I have to record your clip. “Ok bye for now, I’ll call you.”
Effectiveness of rapid Close phone is slightly lower than that in the introduction of indirect exchange items and contacts from a longer set, but saves time and is a cool way to quickly achieve your initial goal to cool chick – an exchange of contacts.

III. Direct meeting.
To drive directly over the meetings is often a risk, so it is good to combine direct and indirect elements of a smooth escalation. Yet if you want to be in direct meetings:
– At the beginning of the meeting started with a stronger Cinema, as a kiss on both cheeks or serious hug. If you can get started with a kiss directly Mouth to Mouth / which is quite a serious risk to try her say “Oh, you we have nothing to lose any time in the cafe, come come” and her castle directly to your home.
– Verbal Vmetni something like “Come to going to drink something and then go directly to our sex. / Say it serious enough, but with voice chat maytapchiyski /. If you answered “We’ll see” playful – this is so, if he does not then cool danish. Shut be embarrassed if you type a cheerful voice Alf “Майтап was Willie, you did what ‘win’. If things begin to murmur “And no, not … bla bla “It was his cheeky … it – again mines the upper meter with a laugh.
– The establishment of sexual zachekni conversation topic such as “do you love to do oral, the default theme of” favorite poses, “the thing is razkrepostenoto rules in sex” and others. Strive to talk slightly as kid to avoid embarrassment while her and describe what you love to do with women in bed and what’s with you.
– Faster film escalate it. While sexual and describe something, such as where touching, stroking, holding – demonstrating with his hands.
– Hang-frame control more strongly than normal meetings to try to impose it, and they should be in everything. Does not lose much time in place – no more than an hour and then commanding a little more. For example – “Come consult their drinking and going to show me what you described -” I give you 5 minutes to drink the quota will still drink, but then they want filled with energy. “- However slight hem hem slightly seriously a joke .

Watch – calibrated every one of these moments, not cause them to turn a blind. If the girl uncomfortable to have to deal with indirect elements – no way – otherwise just lost it. Monitor its effects and try to dominate more, for they should be easier for any escalation.

IV. Straightforwardness in pubs.
When women take off in pubs anyway can not afford non-direct. That is not necessarily his mega-direct, but to be effective must average at least directly.
– Isolation faster. While his girlfriend or his company, they will hinder you.
– If the purpose is only an exchange of contacts did not explain anything indirectly – to drive rapid Close – tell her that you noticed that “very passionate dance and it suits you, then ask you to meet and exchange contacts.
– If the aim is more Put something like “Well a few more dance / drink / and then going to have sex with us. After careful what you answer. If there is something playful sense to continue to escalate / CINEMA already mostly / if it is something totally negative exchanged phones and go. If you say something mean, “Well, anyway I can not know that noise – Come a little will go to eat something where you and Eddie will talk.”
– No more meaning in that to grieve, to her company to prislamchvash / unless they adopt a very welcomed /. Smakva rank, and the other in most cases will prevent you.

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1 Clarky August 8, 2012 at 6:27 pm

Although I understood the underlying message, as I’m well versed on this material, this was an amazing read. Laughed all the way through! Obviously badly translated from Russian. Hilarious! Good points tho, although I may have read between the lines…

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