How to be attractive to her in the future, or how to extend your relationship

by admin on November 2, 2009

Relation ship advice

Relation ship advice

Once you learn to attract a woman, you will want to know about that will be particularly interesting. Something that is, in fact, love. How to learn to hold the girl next to him for some time.

Something that is, in fact, love.
How to learn to hold the girl next to him for some time.
Hey, can you even meet someone who would like to spend the rest of his life.
And although I am almost an entire book devoted to how to get acquainted with a woman, I feel that it would not be complete if I did not say, at least a few ideas on how to attract a woman for a long time.
But first, try to understand why relationships are breaking down:
When you start to meet with someone who you really like, the body releases certain chemical combinations that literally can be called a drug. These chemical elements cause a desire to be with this person all the time, to remain day and night to speak with him and having sex with this man three times a day.
But in 12-18 months, these chemical elements vary. Narcotic elements are replaced with “stable”. “Stay-all-night-not-leave-sex-three-times-per-day” would be changed to “settle down-have-two-children-and-buy-estate” elements. Understand this. (If you want to better understand the process, read the book “Alchemy of Love and Lust” Krenshou ( “The Alchemy of Love and Lust” by Crenshaw).
And now that you know about this, as you refrain from that relationship is not transferred to the category of “All for the sake of the family”?
Well, the short answer is to continue the fun, interesting, unpredictable behavior. Notice details. Be sensitive.
Here, some of the things I taught life: If you want to receive more than to give, then play the stock market. In fact, if you want to get a lot probably, you have to give even more.
Most people are selfish, and they say “I’m not going to give more than take in return.” But instead of getting a lot, they get old age and misfortune. I realized that much better to pay a ton, and get much in return, not caring that I gave more than he took, than to give little or nothing and get little or nothing in return.
Relationships – this is not the same as investing. If you need a lot, be prepared to pay even more. But in the end it’s worth it. Because the love and attention, and humor, and fun – this is not the same thing as money. If you give them, you will not become less. You will be more. Understand?

David De Angelo

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