How to answer any question that you do not want to answer

by admin on November 2, 2009

Answer to a woman

Answer to a woman

For women, there is some attraction to the questions.

A feeling that they always ask is, what men do not want to answer.

Such questions as:

“You are with someone you meet?”

“What do you think about marriage?”

“You would like to have children?”

“What do you feel me?”

“I look fat in those shorts?”

What I am saying?

Okay, it took me a while but I finally determined how to respond to difficult questions: evasive behavior.

Here’s how it works. She asked a difficult question. Do not get lost and give her the answer that she wants to hear.Then connect the rude jokes.

For example, she asks: “Do you have a girlfriend?”

You answer: “No … I have a boyfriend.


Here’s another: She asks: “Do you love me?”, You answer: “Of course … as a friend.”

And again: “Where were you last night? I’m called. Your answer: “I was at home and thought about you … but since you called too late, I went and hired 10 striptizerok.

At first I thought that this tactic does not work. But then I tried to use it several times and saw that it works in almost all situations.

And if she presses and asks: “Long enough, seriously …”

You say: “No, seriously. I was at home and thought about you … OK, OK, persuaded. I actually went out with two girls. Are you happy? What, you doubt yourself? ”

If you continue in the same spirit, it will lag behind.

Make sure that you do not act like a loser or not to worry and it too will work for you. Remember that women are very well perceive hints.

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