How to achieve your voice to be more sexy and not to sound too weak.

by admin on October 21, 2009

It does not matter how you look, how much money you have and what kind of tricks you know to pick up a woman, if your voice is weak and it does not sound unassertive, the first impression that you will leave to a woman is weak and not sure in your words man.

No matter what it looks like in appearance, a man, how much money you have and what tricks for removing the women knows if his voice was weak and shaky first impression you will leave with a woman will be that of a weak and insecure man. That is why we Pick-Up Project does not cease and cease to emphasize the importance of votes in the crush and flirtation. Most people do not realize how important the vote until the technique of mastering good voice, and only then begin to hear how ridiculous they sound horrible and over 90 (not exaggerating) the percentage of men and what are the benefits of a strong cool voice from the outset. Good voice but is made difficult, and we regularly receive questions from students and readers of the forum, what should I do to improve your voice. This article finally answer all your questions. It contains information gathered by years of books, articles, programs to improve the voice – and of course mostly from personal experience. This information is summarized in the shortest possible and a clear option to be able to concentrate on precisely those elements of the votes, which are the most important and will have the greatest effect on you.

First you need to know to improve your voice is that this is not an easy task that can require much time and effort. If you speak clearly, and only need to make your voice stronger, you can achieve a visible change in just a few weeks, even days. If you have any speech defects or other more serious problems may need to spend time talking with for months to achieve satisfactory results. Think about what you are talking the same way for decades, and the whole physiology of speech your machine is configured to deliver the sounds in a particular way. There is no magic wand that will give you the voice of George Clooney in a second.

Characteristics of a good voice
Let’s define what constitutes a good voice. Consider how it sounds radio presenter, who listen to every morning. Consider how the narrator sounds like the documentary film on television. Think about how sound your favorite actor. All these are examples of good voice – sharp, mesmerizing, with beautiful timbre. But the fact is that nobody is born a voice. Anyone who is a professional voice (radio or TV host, actor in film or theater, songs, Conference interpreter, etc.) is passed through an education specialist. Here are the basic elements, which has worked to achieve good voice:
1. Power
2. Depth
3. Articulation
4. Speed
5. Dynamics
Later in this article we will examine each of these elements and how the least effort to achieve maximum results. To be able to get an objective idea of what to work, however, must have something in mind:

Hear your own voice
This fact may surprise you, but one rarely knows how sound his own voice. The voice you hear in your head while talking, is not the voice you hear people around you. Our own perception of our voice is modified by the fact that a significant proportion of the vibrations of our voice reach the hearing aid directly, literally without leaving our head. For a man often can not recognize my voice when I hear the recording, and I think that record is not good. Reality is another – our voice as we hear it ourselves, it is qualitatively different from our voice as I hear people around us. You are accustomed to your own voice and for you it is very nice and understandable, but whether and people around you are of the same opinion it is quite another matter. The answer – find a decent microphone and record your voice on a computer and then play it back to more or less quality t columns. This must be the voice in which henceforth will be working and not the voice you hear in your head!

Force of the voice
The biggest problem, which have almost all of our students is weak, timid and uncertain voice. Voice which transmit subliminal fear of saying something wrong, fear not to offend anyone, is not afraid to show surly. But strong and confident man should speak so as to be heard, understood and followed. Strong voice is one of the key features of the alpha males – both in animals and humans. If you learn one thing from this article, then he is that – with a weak voice impression otherwise.

But how strong must be my voice? You should not call started as a buffoon! I have a golden rule for calibrating the voice – try to speak more loudly and more strongly until they begin to get comments from people that talk too loud. This is the upper limit of the power of your voice to be very little to reduce his daily interaction. It will gradually get used to the new power of his voice and will calibrate it according to the specific situation.

More on the strong voice
Although the above advice will be enough to achieve optimal voice should pay attention to some specific details of what constitutes a strong voice. The power of voice is not in hue, but in this he has called. “Projection” or to hear a great deal of space without being disagreeable. This is achieved by passing air from the diaphragm (lower abdomen) rather than the lungs. Submission of air from the diaphragm has two advantages – first it may take more air from the lungs, and second, the exhalation of the diaphragm voice resonates in the chest, which makes it much stronger and more bulky than the throat, which resonates in the exhalation of lungs.

Diaphragm breathing is actually an extremely useful technique. All who use their voice professionally, able to breathe Diaphragm – for example, singers, theater actors, etc. Diaphragm breathing used in yoga for the treatment of gastric diseases for kegelovi exercises to prolong erections and probably for many purposes that I do not know. All mammals breathe diaphragms and babies in their first months. When someone is driving and talking imperative, the voice out more from the diaphragm. When you yell and lost control of his nerves voice goes higher than the lungs and is more acute and throat.

How is breathing Diaphragm? Although difficult to describe in an article that some of the most important rules. Try to collect air in the diaphragm. If you do not know exactly where your diaphragm is, ask someone or look for pictures on the Internet. Diaphragm breathing in the belly rises next inhalation. In chest breathing chest comes forward and shoulders are lifted him up. Diaphragm breathing when the inhalation air is collected only in the lower abdomen and arms do not move up and down.

Another important feature of the coolest male voice is deep. Male voice, which is high or shrill sounds infantile and unattractive. Listen to how George Clooney speaks or who else is your favorite actor. Record your voice on your computer and compare it with the voice of the man who reads the text in the documentary. Feel the difference? The depth of the voice is directly related to the location of resonance – when exhaling Diaphragm and chest resonance occurs deeper in voice volume. In chest breathing and resonance in the throat gets higher and thinner voice.

Good articulation means to pronounce words clearly and distinctly. And for most people this is a problem – the unclear pronunciation, lisp and mumbling occur much more frequently than it would be nice. The reason for the poor articulation is insufficient effort on the part of the facial muscles involved in articulation of sounds, and especially of the lips and tongue. Here are two simple exercises that can have a very strong effect on the improvement of articulation. First, stand in front of the mirror and watch something while talking. Try to speak the words slowly and clearly and pay attention to open his mouth more than usual, even this seem far-fetched. The second exercise is to talk between his teeth as a place object which does not allow full closure of the mouth, such as a piece of cork. Try to speak as clear – it will require much effort and it will be very tiring, but once you release your mouth will feel that you have stirred the facial muscles and saying words much more clearly. Тези упражнения искат много време и постоянство, за да стане използването на по-енергични движения при изговаряне навик. Spend 3-5 minutes each morning for at least 2-3 months. If the problems are more serious, contact a speech therapist, where you will identify specific warming-up exercises and training of these very individual muscles that are problematic for you. Consultation with a speech therapist is essential and where the articulation problems are associated with stuttering.

Speed speech
Unlike the previous three characteristics (strength, depth and articulation), the rate of articulation is something that is not a problem at all. If, however, speak more quickly than is necessary, a useful technique to slow the pace is deliberate to make longer pauses between words – initially it will be worth unnatural, but over time it will regulate the speed of speech.

Only when you have mastered all the cool features of the previous vote may go to the last and most effective feature – dynamics. Dynamics means you can vary any of the above characteristics (without articulation, which must always be clear) to pass the listener a feeling or emotion. Dynamics means alternating quiet and loud speech, varying the depth and speed of voice. Example – note how Slavi tells jokes. Usually these are very boring jokes, but are told with such emotion and dynamics that you only become interesting as they listen. Dynamics is critical to crush, especially in the first minutes after the relationship. If you start talking to some girl to her busy interest very quickly. So there are several ways – one with high status (expensive clothes, car) or appearance, one who teach in the Pick-Up Project is a high energy and dynamic emotional voice. Boring and monotonous speech is a guarantee for Dating ruined and terrible first impression.

Let’s make a summary of what was said. As they say in the movies, there is one good and one bad news. The good news is that the voice is entirely under your control. The bad news is that work on it a lot of patience and energy, and not just one of those miracles that happen overnight. But your voice is half the game, there is no dispute. What I wrote identifies the most important points that need to know, without deeper into the details, so that more specific questions and tips for advanced writing in the Forum.

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