How Important are the first 30 min. when you are flirting

by admin on October 21, 2009

Attraction is done literally in minutes – about 20 (30 max) and these are the first minutes that are getting to know a girl.

If these first few minutes she put in the” friends “to do anything as it draw as to talk to her and turn into her mental waste basket, no matter how fat and (compliments) it will not have sex with you. Attraction can not buy! ”

I absolutely agree that attaching to each other naturally you can not buy it, try to buy it is almost 100% of the cases have the opposite effect.

But to say that “crush” has succeeded or not in the first 30 minutes, so I do not agree at all. Natural that the beginning is always very important. I often create attraction for about 3-5 seconds, just as the girl looked into his eyes and he immediately understood that I am not AFC, I know exactly what I want, I can get a bunch of other girls if she wants to be with me should it deserved. This approach is killer with almost all women.

But that is not always so easily obtained. And often just women, who have not received my more interesting.

It is clear that we should prompt the creation of the attraction, especially if you meet a woman in such circumstances that no longer see her unless she did not get the coordinates, eg the street, in shops or on board. In these cases under pressure, in some cases is a matter of seconds, others – on the train or plane – even if they fail to prikovesh vnimamieto momentalicheski her, you know you have some hours in which to show her you’re cool .

My thought is, however, to a situation where you meet a woman who know that they will meet again and again and again. Stupid is you think you have only 30 minutes: Wow, now I only have 30 minutes and if anything sgafya not handle will stay for ever only “friend” of this beautiful girl …

Personally I would not tell nyaoy novice that attraction can be created only in the first half hour and then forget about the girl. Firstly because it is simply not true and secondly because the dude in this way will be feeling pressure and will deal worse than if you calmly approaches.

Generally, if the first 30 minutes are “failed” (this in itself is AFC way of thinking, even though I was never thinking that things are screwed whatever happens) that prevents the next time you see a girl To create erotic tension applying the “handles” that you have learned. (Personally I do not apply “tricks” or rather, they intuitively apply themselves when the time comes, and it inevitably comes from sebesi only.)

In a word, it’s all about inner attitude that even if you can gradually AFC to set up. But it is important that none of the rules for Dating should not be considered absolute. There is no such thing as inviolable rules in the crush.

Even at a time to look weak and susceptible (naturally only as a brief episode, and possibly not at the beginning of the game!) This can have a positive effect on the fairy that down.

The only firm rule is to achieve a condition in which general and not for a moment doubt that you are the most exciting experience that women around you may have.

The more you reap success, the more experienced you become, the more often women are saying that the way it makes you feel is great, the more you are convinced that you alpha. As it says in English, One receives self-fulfilling prophesy. Prediction, which predicts only itself a kind.

Good luck to all!

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