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by admin on October 30, 2009

Get A Girl - Special Report

Get A Girl - Special Report

Girls choose their guys do not like guys choose girls. A pair of tits and pretty face – it is enough for a guy called attention to the girl. For girls looks men also plays a role, but far from home.

All ideas in this article, I tried out in practice.They work. Some of them I borrowed from Western pikaperov, some I have come myself.With every idea I will try to give an example to make it clearer. I’ll talk about how to attract the attention of girls, make it considers you as a man who interested her. Interest her to treat you as a potential partner. Well, there already and before bed is not far away. Good girl is interested, you can easily vyzvonit and invite her to visit. Learn to use everything that is described in this paper – the words “Let’s be friends” (PED), you’ll hear less and less. I want to warn you that in this article, I’m not going to discover America. Many of the things you seem familiar, but I think even if you have enough experience, still find something worthwhile.Well, for most of the pioneers of this will be the basics.

So there you go.

Let’s be friends …
The phrase I’ve heard dozens of times and could not understand what the actual cause. In the beginning of its development, I do not understand how all the same interesting girl, as not to become her friend how to take the phone, so you did not otmazok from the meeting. And when I still somehow inexplicably managed to do it, I copied everything to luck.

At that time I believed: the main thing that attracts girls – it looks. Beauty at the time I did not differ. I was 18 years old – I was tall, thin, pimply teenager. At some point I got tired of wank, and I decided to take a – gain weight, get rid of pimples, and began to dress better – and now both girls were like me pay attention. But fundamentally in my life, nothing has changed.

The fact that the girls choose their guys do not like guys choose girls. A pair of tits and pretty face – it is enough for a guy called attention to the girl. Girls are also more appealing demeanor, deportment, a sense of humor, etc.Undoubtedly, the appearance also plays a role, but in one appearance does not go far. In this I am convinced every time I come to the club. Dozens of cute guys stupidly plump with friends, and it seems that girls do not pay attention to them.Girls on the nature of being passive, so active position almost always has to take a guy. Let’s take a closer look than you can attract them, and at every point in more detail. Each of the components – it is like a piece of a puzzle, and on reading the entire article you will get a complete picture.

There are two types of interest a girl – active and passive.

Passive – is when you do not really do, but girl you begin to wonder just watching from the sidelines. Passive interest cause the appearance neverbalika, self-confidence and their actions, social status, Life-style, frame. Notice I said nothing about the money! By themselves, the money does not attract anyone. Attracts that can be purchased through them – namely, saturated with Life-style, social status, confidence in the future, etc.

The active way – this is when you are dealing directly c girl and it motivates their behavior and communication. The active way – a sense of humor, intrigue / originality, banter, the ability to conduct an interesting conversation, confidence in the behavior, kinestetika, dominance.

Let’s delve into each of these components in greater detail.

Appearance is important. But not so important as to most guys. I saw the beautiful guys who did not enjoy success with the girls. They are commonplace not know which model behavior focuses. So I saw normal, the average guys who stacked beauties, one after another. Долго останавливаться на внешнем виде я не буду – на эту тему было написано горы статей и разделов книг по соблазнению.

It is important to always be clean, well-groomed and delicious smell. Hair and nails must be neatly trimmed. You can make an interesting hair – is that you add a few points. Clothes have to be in size and in any case not worn. Daddy T-shirt 5-year old that you continue wearing – to burn in the fire immediately. Specifically, counsel or any style I will not.Here are all individually. Let me just say – try to dress tastefully. If you do not know what a “tasteful”, look how they dressed guys who enjoy constant success with the girls read fashion magazines, socialize with people who understand this. Section SBS pikapforume – even a very good idea to start. Do not wear boring. Add accessories and items of interest in his clothes. For example, a guy dressed in blue jeans, shoes and shirt – looks normal. Add a stylish leather jacket, sunglasses and original pendant – and here he looks pretty sexy.

Person is given to us by nature, and it does not change. But we are lucky, the notion of a handsome man’s face – very elastic. Ask 10 girls on how a man’s face is beautiful and each will give you your answer. It is important to the skin on the face in order, everything else does not play a big role.

But with the figure, fortunately, can and should work. If you are thin – in a rocking chair. And no excuses here is not Conan. I myself weighed 60 kg with an increase in 185cm, and I know how hard to gain weight, not by hearsay. I went to the rocking chair, and began to eat differently – gained about 15 kg and still continue to work on his figure. Well, on the fight against overweight written more literature than any other theme. In the search. From myself I can say – diet / cardio / swing – will do their work, provided that you are ready to make due efforts.


Neverbalika more important than appearance. If a man attracts mostly the appearance of women, the woman drew something else. For her, it is important how well the man knows how to behave, his eyes, gait, voice, posture, ability to look into the eyes and a smile. If you still doubt that neverbalika important, imagine some well-known sex symbol, for example, Brad Pitt, with Down syndrome – on the face of incomprehensible stupid expression, retarded smile, saliva flow, etc. I think it’s not attractive.
It neverbalika led many famous Hollywood actors on the pedestal of fame. Look at Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson – none of them is different visual appeal, but their neverbalika reeks iron certainty. No one turns the language to say that they are unattractive men. They are considered a sex symbol in Hollywood, and all because of their brutal neverbaliki.

The good news is that neverbaliku can develop. It will take time and requires constant work on myself – but the result will be worth it. Swing, martial arts and other sports – is the first step towards the development neverbaliki. No wonder they say – in a healthy body, healthy spirit.

Posture – for her constant need to watch – stop slouch, shoulders straighten, lift his head! Poor posture – this is a bad habit, and, as from any other bad habits from her can and should wean. Gait must be sure – in any case not to look at the floor! We look at the skyline. The girl does not bend! Stand upright, even leaning back. This is one of the main mistakes of all guys. If you bend down to the girl – it immediately shows lack of confidence in himself / excessive interest. Person must be relaxed, and not look like a brick. When approaching a girl is desirable to smile, especially if you’re somewhere in a club or a large get-together. So she understands that you have good intentions, relaxed and comfortable with you.

See the interlocutor in the eye! If you say – you have to watch 90% of the time, occasionally looking away to the side, but not in the bottom. If they talk to, look into the eyes 60% of the time. The voice should be deep and relaxed – to say slowly and clearly.

Neverbaliku do not develop overnight. With practice in communicating with girls, you will become more confident in themselves, and from this it will improve. Neverbalika depends heavily on confidence. Develop yourself to T100B and neverbalika will improve. It is also useful to observe the behavior of successful people. If in your environment such persons are not available, see the classic Hollywood movies with Mickey Rourke, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, etc. Actors best know how important neverbalika and how to put it. You can also practice in front of the mirror – it sounds funny, but it works. Another option – work in pairs with a partner. But it is important that the partner at least in general terms to understand what is happening.

Confidence in themselves and their actions
If you interview all the women on earth, that most attracted them to the man – 99% of the answer that is confidence.Every woman wants a man who knows what he wants and knows how to do it. She did not want a boy who will constantly vary their actions. If you decided to come and meet with the girl, come and do it! No need to think “what if?”. Of course, it is easy to say – Be confident. For one day you yourself will not change. But it is important to constantly push yourself, to leave the comfort zone, and then experience everything you get.

To you do, always be confident in their actions, and if you happen to fail – that’s okay, it’s just experience. Revise all his life and views – that there is a successful guys, why do not you? They have confidence. Getting acquainted with the girl, they do not think – “What if she refuses. Fails, so fails – “I am one, but a lot of girls” (c) Mankubus.

Every girls see dozens, even hundreds of guys. Do you think girls who stand out from the masses? Those who are confident. Confident guy – about the same thing as the girl with big boobs.:) How to become like this? Score horseradish on opinions, and do only what you in the thrill. Well, obviously, experience in communication, and generally out of the comfort zone with time you will build in the inner core, which can not be bend. A good example of a confident guy – this we all loved James Bond, he has a lot to learn beginner seducers.

Social status
Social status – is not only your high position in a respectable bank. Social status may assume leadership in its class or leadership in a criminal group. To entice the girls soc. status is very important, because it is no secret that girls are always attracted by a man upstairs. Deep to go into this point I will not. He is very well described in the Theory of a Hundred Points, I advise you to read. In the meantime, you should not get hung up on him heavily. For street dating is not so important, at least in the initial stages.

It’s simple. If you have cool lifestyle, people to reach for you. Girls interested in guys who have busy lives, they seem to want to be part of such a life. They are not interested in those who always sit at home playing computer games and drink beer at the entrance.

Take, for example, two identical guys in a vacuum. They both work for the same jobs, live in different apartments and drive the same cars. The only difference is that one is constantly traveling the world, playing sports, he has interesting hobbies, goes to great advanced parties, rotates in a circle of interesting people, with him never boring, he always knows how to entertain themselves and others. The second guy restricts their free-time session with friends over a bottle of beer. Do you think some of these guys will be more attractive to girls? I think the answer is obvious. Of course, I realize that is not so easy to change your lifestyle. Start small – enjoy a workout, find a great hobby, communicate interesting people, create an interesting little world around him, and I assure you, the girls in this little world irresistibly.

What is the frame? Roughly speaking, the frame – this is a window through which people see the world. If you take two people in a vacuum, one who has the frame will be stronger, will dominate. Most guys sag and the stele as a rag, a girl for them to cool and did not hesitate to throw. And all because the guys a weak frame. They are easy to bend, they have no clear opinion, the permissible limits, self-respect. Learn how to keep the frame, guys! Nobody let yourself bend!Respect yourself, and then others will respect you. If you are into something you believe is holy, do not let someone else convince you of this.

As an example – if you love retro cars, no need to fear that the girl would not like it. You should not care. How does a regular guy? – He begins to lie to her, they say, no – this car he inherited from his father, but in fact he loves sports cars.And the girls something – being thin, they begin to feel that somewhere there naebyvayut. In the end, she realizes that the guy is simply trying to grease it, because his frame is not strong enough. And there’s nothing less attractive than a weak frame. Even if she can not tolerate a retro car, do not be afraid to tell her about it – it will respect the fact that you are not afraid of his true tastes, even if they do not generally accepted.

Now turn to an active way to attract attention girls

Sense of humor
Man with a sense of humor as a magnet attracts people of both sexes. It is important to distinguish between a good sense of humor and clown behavior. The last thing you want to be a clown. Such behavior is not attractive. Usually because people behave with a bunch of systems that attempt to gain acceptance of others. On the other hand, a good sense of humor – this is our everything.

Make a comment in the presence of carbon monoxide you liked girls, and this will significantly increase your chances of a successful seduction. And in general comic frame of reference of the conversation with a girl much better than a dull conversation, consisting of questions. Sense of humor can and should be developed. Do not be a bore, which is trying to build itself from a brutal macho.

If you look at most guys in the clubs, they all try to walk with a serious mug, trying to show it, which, they say, they are steep peppers. Watching these guys funny, and the girls are in turn pushes. Be happy positive guy, and then your success with women will increase. Read humorous books, see Cabarets Club, etc. Observe the people who have a good sense of humor. In the company tries to joke, but in moderation.

Intrigue / Originality
These two components cause the girl’s emotions, but as you know, if you want to enjoy the girl calls her different emotions. I put these two items together because each of them in principle, not very important, but both of them – a rather effective tool in seduction.

Originality – If you’re a girl than a surprise, it will increase your chances of a successful seduction. Just do not surprise her expensive restaurants – this is not surprising. Surprise can be a highlight in their clothes, in its nature or manner of communication. You can also surprise her to his own action. A friend of mine met a girl in the club. After several minutes, he began communicating with her role-playing game, they say, they just married her. He took her arm and began to walk to the club, going up to strangers and announcing their wedding. All the people responded positively, and congratulate them on this happy occasion. Girl swept away the roof completely. After 15 minutes, he sucked it, and another 10 prisunul in the VIP booth.

Intrigue, as well as originality, not very important in itself, but can be very effective bonus in a good seduction. Coy her something. What? Decide you. For example: “You know, I remember noticing something very interesting.” Do not tell her that it was, it coy. Pull time, clocked her emotions. In fact, you should not even be in it something to see, in the end you can simply stebanut – but the emotion in it will already be present. The contrast of emotions – a nuclear bomb in seduction. Example, intrigue / banter, closer / farther, and so on.

Like most guys get acquainted with the girls? “Hi, you’re so pretty, leave your phone. I’ll pick you in your BMW, inviting in cool restaurant, feed an expensive dinner.” They are trying to grease the girl, logically explain to her why you should go with him to visit, and think that thereby attract it. But the brains of girls are arranged quite differently from how we think.

The girl did not need to explain logically why it is to meet us. The first and most important rule – the girls are driven by emotion rather than logic. The Western pikaperov even have a saying – “Change her mood, and not opinions.” Tearing open the template, you do so that the head girls run dozens of different emotions. The best way to break the pattern – stebanut it. They are acting as the dynamite. The guy who stebet seems original and unlike any other. Most guys are afraid to joke about a girl, they think, how would be better for her to grease, but in vain.

It is important to distinguish the line between banter and collisions. A girl must always smile, if you are her stebanul. If she was offended, then most likely you too far. Stebaev need with a smile, then she will understand that you’re making fun of her as a friend. Example, taken from the LJ of one of my Frendo:

The girl, all dressed up, went to днюху. He came up, got to know – began to communicate.
He said: “It’s you that’s like balls and you want a postcard from otmazatsya gift?
She (K +): “Nuuuu, emmmmm …”
He said: “You look Comedy Club?” There was a miniature of that, if nothing to give. I told him: “So, buy a roll of toilet paper. You go to the DR and this type of congratulations:” Igor, yes you have 21-year OBOSRATSA! : DDDD “
(girl just did ahuela!) “

Ability to conduct an interesting conversation
Instead, to suit the girls questioning, better tell some interesting history. Here imagine how you communicate with your friends. You just tell them something interesting that happened to you. And they listen with pleasure. Do not zaebyvaesh their dozens of questions. So it is with the girl. New girl is much more interesting to listen to you than a boring answer your questions. After all, you came up to her, not she to you – so the first couple of minutes to speak to you.

Tell her something interesting that happened to you recently. Connect it to the conversation, ask her opinion. If absolutely nothing to tell, then asked, and there already improvising. For example —
(You) – And I’ll never seen before on this branch of the underground, though always there I go – you are from uni going?
(She) – Yes I’m on a lawyer.
(You) – Ah, so you love to deceive people. I have one friend, he is also studying for a lawyer … (tell some interesting story about a friend).

It also helps develop bredogeneratora. By the way, on his experience said that jump from subject to subject is very effective even when dealing with an unfamiliar woman. That is, he began to talk on one subject, jumped to a completely different, then again, etc. That you ask your frame of communication – and the girls drew a strong frame, as I have already explained. Naturally, there is nothing that develops your ability to communicate with people, as a practice.Communicate with different people, and you will never have any problem with the topics of conversation with the girl.

Confident demeanor
Self-confident demeanor – this is about the same thing as the self-confidence and in their actions. A girl can watch your confidence and can feel it on yourself. Confidence is similar to the banter in the sense that also breaks the pattern. Most of the guys trying to get acquainted with the girl, put her on the throne and talking, as a servant of the Queen – the voice faint, feel Trapped body, some incomprehensible action. For girls this behavior seems not terribly attractive. Silently she thinks – when he finally overthrow. If a guy approaches without ulterior motive, perhaps even a little impudent, the girl breaks the pattern – “Hmm, but he does not like everything,” and that such behavior it motivates. It was about this mysterious stranger girl dreams in their hearts. She will long be remembered it, then it is about him for months, maybe years, will tell their friends. Become them!

Girls need to touch – yes. At the beginning of the acquaintance not to go too far, so as not to startle. Suffice it socially acceptable touches to the elbow, shoulder, etc. Why do that? The guy who moves from the very beginning shows that he is not afraid to reduce the distance, and that DOD declare it will not work. It is clear that in the club and the subway you’ll be touched in different ways. The club will have a touch more sexual nature than in the subway.

I think everybody heard about the alpha male. In nature, alpha-male – a male who dominates over other males and get unlimited access to food, resources, and, of course, females. If you want to enjoy success with the girls learn to dominate / lead. The guy certainly has to be a leader in the acquaintance, communication, and relationships in general.If the leadership takes over the girl, then it gets boring and eventually from a guy she would leave. This is the most common mistake I see on this forum. Seduced a girl, the guys relax and give it up to you, this is the beginning of the end.

At acquaintance leadership should manifest itself in small details. For example, you are acquainted with the girl in the club, stood a couple of minutes, and you decided to move to the nearest sofa. No: “And you would not want to sit on the couch! It is this wanker forget once and for all. He took her hand: “Come, sit down on the couch, where it is more convenient – to speak confidently without hesitation. Developed his dominance, you not only begin to enjoy great success with the girls, but will win the respect of men. Even your boss will be afraid to run over you, because will feel the inner strength.

Each of these items is important in its own way. It is impossible to develop only one of them and become successful.Most guys, some quality will be better developed than others, but if you want to enjoy this success with the girls, we must work on each of them. Here I have described virtually all the benefits of a successful guy. It is clear that, getting acquainted with the girl on the street, you hardly have time to show them all. But it is not necessary – just show a confident, positive guy with a good neverbalikoy.

Material for the development I have given you enough. Do not try to cover everything at once, work on a couple of items at once. Self-development – is a complex and laborious process. But people who are on the ground, nobody cares about, and usually live gray, no discernible life. Do you have a choice. Do it now!

We discussed how to behave in order to impress a girl. Now I will briefly describe the 5 most common mistakes when meeting.

1. Needless girl zadrachivat questions: Where are you from? How old are you? Occupation Do you have a boyfriend? etc.This does not mean that the questions to ask quite impossible. Just one should always remember, you’re not an investigator, but it is not interrogation.

2. Ask the phone too quickly:
(You) – Hello
(She) – Hello
(You) – What’s your name?
(She) – Masha
(You) – Leave your phone
(She) – Do not leave
Why she would leave it to you? It you do not know you it does not attract. Remember, the phone – not an end in itself interesting girl – is the goal, well, a phone – it is simply a means of communication.

3. Doubt his actions. Female unique creation, they feel good when a guy in his doubts. If it prohavaet that you are not confident in their approach, be ready to fail. Since I came up, and behave properly – you have nothing to lose. And remember – the less you bother, the less bother girl and vice versa.

4. Ask permission. You’re a guy, but she’s a girl. Girls love when the guy leading, and she led. No need to ask questions of type – “Can I sit down?”, “Can I meet you?”, “Can I get you a phone?” Just do it.

5. Apologize for what you try to get to know her. “Girl, I’m sorry, but can meet you?” – The phrase itself is obviously designed to fail.

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