How do I invite a girl to a date?

by admin on September 15, 2011

Rules of inviting girl to a date I will present the basic rules to keep in mind when you want to invite the girl to a date:
1. Do not describe it as something romantic and intimate – it can only frighten the girl. Candlelight dinner is NOT a good idea, no matter what your mother says or lachrymal film.
2. Most men think about how to “get” the girl to come with them. But this is the wrong attitude. You are a classy man, in which women are crazy – you do not need to drive and convince anyone to go with you! It is understood that people would be happy. Therefore we urge the girl to come with us, we only invite you to join us and have fun activities, which will be attended.
3. One of the most important things – to agree to go with you most effectively is the first girl you like! I know that sounds obvious, but many guys make the mistake of inviting girls who do not send any signals of interest . Whatever tactics you do if your girl does not like you is hard to go out with! Usual practice is to beg her (please..) Calling her a 4-5-6 times as long and it becomes uncomfortable and sadly agree. And then wonder why would you say that you want to be only friends at the date night .. Just because things do not work that way. If I am honest, I came to thrash any boy who behaves so pathetic! If you made this mistake already, now is the time to change.
4. How do I stop? Here is a concrete way to approach – instead of proposing a girl and wonder if you refuse or not.
Tell her about the new event (or activity) that intend to visit. Whether it’s new concert, movie or comedy show, if you watch “Avatar”, will go to ice skating – you choose, you just have to be interesting! Describe how it will be fun and watch how she began to show enthusiasm and willingness to come to you! At this point it’s easy to invite and of course, the chance to agree is much higher. Just Feel the soil, Grow its congruence test that check where you go in the result. Once you see that he wants to come and say something like:

– Hey, you can join us – and add a playful disqualification – if you promise to behave, of course!
If you do not show enthusiasm for g your story or mention that the songs of hate *** – just wasting your bullets and do not invite now.

5. You’ve probably heard that a man should keep his word. This is good quality, if you do not mind! Also remember that the popular men and women – “can be seen on Saturday for coffee “- not denote anything solid. There is solid agreement, but simply an opportunity. And if you do not see on Saturday, there is no one to blame. This does not always take everything ruined when they leave the “Subject” in your Saturday. Many people confuse this situation with the term “flake” – which describes a situation where the girl is your cancellation and tin tie.
6. Take her your with you and your friends. Let it be “fighting” for your attention. And as said Mystery Men is time to kill the head to the idea of such datings – dinner and a movie, or coffee, or walk in the park. Instead, think of how to get the girl in your own world, your friends, your entertainment, your girls and other cool hobbies. “It must be my imagination how cool part of your scene.” Note that when you alone with your friends, it depends on you and will usually be obedient as a puppy. Now is the time your friends and girlfriends to make you better performance. Of course at some point to make “magic” will be isolated and will depend your things together.
7. If the girl you refuse the invitation, there are several options. If you offer another day of getting together, means that you like her and just have commitments. If you refuse, sounds like it wants – just say (completely unaffected, without malice and sulks) – “No problem. I will call someone else. “

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