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by admin on November 2, 2009

Do you really want her?

Do you really want her?

In this volume work describes how to program your girl to communicate only with you. How to make sure that she really wanted was only you and only you? Use advanced techniques of NLP.

Warning: The translator and editor are not responsible for the use of this technique, people without skills, which are listed below. You use this method at your own risk.
Brief introduction.
Purpose of this course – to teach you a miracle. Miracle, simplicity and efficiency that you recognize in the next few hours. The strength of this miracle will be constantly open to you in the future, starting now, and this is exactly like you. Teach, do and feel the results! So, what today we will share with you today, is a way to bring a new level of pickup. At the moment you learned of the idea to approach, meet and charm women, who for so long wanted. And you are good to learn that your own ability to make an impression on women (as well as on yourself) have no relation to the fears and limiting beliefs that you had before. Right now, we invite you to the future, full of impressive features that until now we have had to give in teaching these methods masses. Right, this is the first complete publication of the methods, models and techniques that we developed during our research Trukore ( – ca. Mankubusa), aimed at creating powerful and sustainable change in the thoughts, beliefs, actions and emotions of women! Think about it – it is really possible – to create and keep forever in your head girl any thought, desire, feeling, or behavior that can only imagine your excited imagination. And the most beautiful thing in this is that you can do it in such a way that it will be her thoughts, her option and its КАЙФ!
It sounds rather not without a claim, right?
We Trukore spent more than ten thousand hours in the development of advanced methods of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, plus thousands of hours of polishing techniques in individual sessions in our clinics. All you uchitsh today, was designed specifically to work with a wide range of women’s emotions, beliefs and behaviors. All this has been tested and verified on more women than you can imagine. And now it’s available to you for use on women in YOUR own life.
What we are looking at our girls?
We are all men and we all have our own ideas about what we wanted from the women in our lives. And this is especially true for women, which we choose in a companion, because in many cases are women, from whom we expect to meet our dreams, our desires and our dreams. These dreams and desires is very easy to determine, because we men are at heart a very simple creation. In women, we want to see mostly fine sex, intercourse without unnecessary complications, the ability to tastefully dress and undress, openness to new ideas, ability to delay as this Pivnyak, while remaining a lady. These desires are strong and getting stronger, because the generated key, contradictory aspirations. To the extent that how we live our lives, we are all around repeating that need to be realistic in their needs. That is why it is impossible to find anything we want in a woman. Therefore, we need to cherish a woman as it is now, and forget about the fact that we initially searched. But our needs and desires continue to ask out. THEY DO NOT WANT TO GO by forest, THAT WOULD BE AND WHO WOULD not think about it. In fact, they become stronger, become clearer and brighter, because they were not satisfied. Needless to say, or think that we men have to throw these thoughts out of my head. It’s just a waste of time – say, that we should renounce our desires as unrealistic, chauvinistic, or immature, as some women. In our list there is nothing that would have been less significant or less important than in the same women! This is so, my friends. They have voluminous lists of what they want in a man, and every social structure in America today supports their God-given right to get what they want. What . And what happens as soon as our lists do not match? Similarly, we are advised to swallow the tongue and be a man. To see the trap and walk straight into it! Society requires us to shut up and accept what is offered to us women. And it clearly gives you realize that everything that is done – all the better. You have a feeling that women are beginning to close, as the pistol shot. Do you think that you have reached the finish line, but it appears that the race has just begun? It seems that you regard as a pretty chock, from which, after extensive processing of a file can be tolerable partner. They are willing to use any method described in the book affect you, except, perhaps, red-hot irons and tongs to transform you into something that at least act as they want. Meanwhile, all your thoughts, all your hidden desires seethe directly on the surface of your brain, squeezing in your dreams. And you’re in a secret corner of his mind the question: . You can protect yourself for the perfect woman who embodies all that you are only your imagination can provide an ideal companion in life. This assumes that you really have a clear idea of what you want. And you can do these six steps that will lead you directly to that to get what you want, as you comfortably, and as many as you need! You see – I’m not one of those guys who says – . And I do not believe that women in general can coerce or force. Because I have a method that is so well and fully working, that I do not have to ask why whatsoever. I do not have to ask, because they want to do whatever I want! How do you think about what to learn the secret of my success? This secret will give you the opportunity to take any woman and softly send her to the understanding and desires that made her want to be your ideal lover. And best of all, my methods propishut all your hot desires so deeply into her own brain, that she will always think that it was entirely her idea! Sounds good? It seems that you are eagerly waiting for? Well, let’s start!
Overall picture
The world is full of interesting, wonderful women. However, most of them are accustomed to act as they were taught, but wait! We’re going to fix it, right? Since this course is called , you must be some kind of in the first place. So take one, you really want and use all their skills pikapera to impress her, seduce and satisfy her. Are you with me? Since you and it – real people, and we live in the real world, I believe that you have a normal girl that has unquestionable merits, something that you absolutely will not touch, well, and cockroaches, which are almost forced to You climb on the wall. In other words, you have a female human model – but at least you chose her and not wander in thought, who would take.
There will indeed be interesting!
Time to make a Six Steps to ecstasy. Here they are:
1. To deepen and strengthen the rapport.
2. Determine its values and beliefs.
3. Identify and remember everything that you find valuable.
4. Create in her brain.
5. Describe and make a real new element of thoughts, feelings, behavior, and put it there.
6. Give her candy – to create irresistible propulsion system.
Let us give the definition of each step, and then discuss them in more detail.
When we are only moving closer to someone, we already have some level of rapport. And this level is good enough to start. But, as you know, sometimes there are misunderstandings and wonderful repeats disappear, leaving us to wonder – what the hell happened. Therefore the first step – to establish a powerful sense of rapport, so that she could feel it every minute 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that she could in her thoughts to rely on him as a source of heat and power, directed from you to her .
Then we need to accurately and precisely determine its value, as well as the beliefs associated with these values. We want to understand what is her most important in her life, and in what order. What it claims and what is her opinion of their own ability? And what beliefs she uses in order to ensure that its values are met.
In the third step, we must define clearly demarcate and reinforce feelings, beliefs and behaviors that you find most desirable in it. Before you start the modification / training / embed behavior, is to make sure that I am part of it that you like – well protected. Maybe it is enough adventuristic? She likes to do something for you? It is open and communicative? She developed a spiritual side? Find it what you highly you value and make sure it is securely fixed.
The fourth step – a place where start Cool Stuff. We have to create a special place INSIDE HER MIND – the secret and safe place where she can begin to wonder and fantasize. The town, which will give the opportunity to play, explore, a place where all her hopes and desires, all her secret dreams can become reality. And as we help her find a place inside herself, only two of us it will be available!
Believe me – people do not perceive things taken separately, they see everything in context. And to the extent that it will be deeper and deeper to explore her / our special place, it will move away from all the old beliefs and behaviors! And (God, it becomes even better!) Because all possible and real in its special place, it easy and natural to follow your suggestions to create an acceptable and enjoyable context for new ideas, beliefs and behavior! Five – to describe and make real a new element of thoughts, feelings and behavior, and put it there. Words have tremendous power, and it is time to drop all the brakes. When we call something, we do it real. And when we describe it, we put it into practice. Again! When we call something, we do it real. And when we describe it, we put it into practice. Describe your (or her) a perfect result in the form of ideas, beliefs and related actions desired bright living language, which will affect all of its perceptual system, while you stimuliruesh strong emotions. Submerge it in the example of the complete sensory stimulation, using the present time, and then move it back and forth in time. And when she could create this, rejoice this and possess it, fixes it through the harsh introduction into the inner region, where the very foundation of her personality. Six! Since we can not be with her every moment and every day to strengthen and promote its new vision and new behavior, we have to create and build an irrepressible motor system. This, which will naturally and inevitably can maintain its motion in the right direction.
This process assumes that you know the mechanics of an trance and are able to visit him in ordinary conversation. It does not matter – whether you use implicit or explicit guidance, but as you work towards the creation of powerful emotional states are linked to behavior, the process works much better in a deep (but not hypnotic) Trans. Light trance states also are working well, but it is something like a workshop on setting up cars in the city where I live. Previously, they had a big sign outside: “Speed costs money – how fast you want to go?”
If you do not know how to do this, then either try and think over the course materials on high-speed pickup, or contact us (, to get our regular or advanced course on hypnosis (And you can go on NLP practitioner. There, except for those skills that are required in the course of the text is given a further pile of tasty – mankubus).
Another assumption is that you are interested in strong and permanent changes. If not, do the same as that used in high-speed pick-up (NLP patterns of Speed Seduction – mankubus), and the average object you will get the desired effect in 2-8 hours.
1. Rapport
Start with the re-establishment of the current state of rapport and link it with visualization of the cable that connects the two of you and representing the love and trust that exist between you. Convert the cable in a luminous ribbon of light and notice that when you double the intensity of the exciting sensations, the tape begins to shine brighter, stronger and warmer than ever before. Stop for a few seconds, and create an opportunity to make this feeling became stronger and spread down across her body down, reaching the places where she feels that this is what she needed, and exactly as she wanted.
Now, to draw her attention to the fact that, while you sit next to each other, she could clearly see and feel the glow and pulse of your connection to those beautiful sentiments that you share. I suggest that because you have so much depth is not available from outside, what do you want to share with her now, she can draw from you even more warm and wonderful feelings through this link. The most interesting is that since you have enough of this, one can tell, it can use this relationship, eating out of this looking like a never-ending river, a stream of love and trust. And as long as it supports this relationship, it will always be warmth, strength, energy, support and love that are so necessary for her to be happy.
Anchor is the state of his voice. Go back and continue the trans (crushing) to establish and consolidate a trance state and a strong rapport.
Bring her in trance state, Turn up her feelings to new levels and focus its attention on the feelings themselves. Again, move the feelings of her depth, and invite her to feel them even without visualization of connecting tape. Calm, strengthen and Reward. Describe the details of this sense of connection and ask it to provide a feeling this strong connections in different situations – when it works, go shopping, have fun at parties, playing sports and other things – supporting and enjoying this state, regardless of your presence. Help her to remember the difficult times in her past and spend reframing, to show how such a deep state of rapport would improve the situation. Distribute a state of rapport for the future and return all the success and enjoyment of the future in the present.
Anchor and strengthen. Ask her to choose something so that it will serve to trigger and enable it to re-establish rapport instantly at any time as long as it does not learn to remain in this state.
Repeat as necessary. And do not be surprised if she yearns for that state.
[More notes from Mankubusa]
All this, of course, excellent. But please take into account that for qualitative development and maintenance of such trance states should not only read books. Requires excellent work in the Milton-model, lead and follow, while remaining congruent and environmentally friendly. It turns out that the minimum skill for such a focus – NLP-Practicioner, or at least, good practices ericson hypnosis. Incidentally, the author has forgotten that such metaphors, and therefore very desirable to provide multi-modal.
2. Values, rights and opportunities.
Using pikaperskogo pattern allows anyone to extract the light as a cherished value, and the rules defining these values from any woman.
But if pikaperskom approach do you define the values that should not be violated, in our case you are looking for values that can be used for the desired changes.
Start with the definition of its needs and feelings of confidence in your relationship. Make reframing the time of its requests in the coming future success and put an anchor to that feeling of success in your general . Added and is a constantly growing sense of rapport.
Determine its value, associated with happiness, with a feeling of fullness of life. Awaken them, strengthen them and to put it aside in a safe place where the two of you could at any time to touch and draw them all the time, until she needs them to re-evaluate in light of what she learns from you.
Awaken all the feelings associated with its cherished values again, and built a kinesthetic collapse, to anchor these values within its sense of rapport and communication with you. Make her take a walk inside his mind, listening to him, directing it in accordance with its values while she is in a deep rapport with you.
3. Fixing that you find valuable.
Beliefs and values are very natural quality to change. What seems absolutely clear and solid as a rock today may disappear tomorrow. So how do you take her charm, that you value (and which she just appreciates), and fix them so that they stubbornly resisted change? Inside every woman is its representation of itself. This means that it has a set of well-rehearsed mental patterns, which, if taken in combination, comprise what she knows how its real. Ask her to go inside yourself and take the path KNOWING THE DEPTHS, for which she will be able to come to a place where it is in union with his true , with someone who she really is. Note: It is very likely that she may have a very vague idea about itself, so you might ask her to awaken something of its weaknesses. Therefore, you must first deal with its values and sense of fullness of life. If she has some shit in its central beliefs, you must be sure that you do not stimulate and anchor is NOT something useless! Only the best! Describe and embedded in its consciousness the voice of experience. That you kill two birds with one stone: he would send her deeper into herself to find the cases and events when she assesses her life as well, and he manages to rebuild its model of perception so that she will interpret your voice and your thoughts as coming from inside of herself, INSIDE ITS PROTECTION. Use the voice of experience for the study of all those traits and conditions that you (with her for a couple) want to do the same inside her. Ask her understanding and resolution, and then anchored them in the heart of its representations of itself. Now ask her to enjoy a sense of increased opportunities, freedom from stress and frustration that subconsciously contact with the expansion of its sense of self with you.
4. Create in her brain.
Describe it to the process by which we divide the world into suitable to understand the context. And now, using these contexts, we not only distinguish between good and evil, but also filter out or throw away everything that might be true, but is not part of our current vision of the world. And now describe how it can create a special place in her mind, a place for fantasy and miracles. Township, where she can, being in perfect comfort and security, to begin to explore all thoughts and feelings, all the actions and beliefs that can, and now let forgets all the restrictions. As if she stopped thinking and just listens, really listens to what is now whispers her subconscious. Listening to this voice coming from inside you will push your mind to something such, what you always wanted to do, but until now these thoughts boron have been impossible, as if you were not themselves. And because it happens inside, let it be so juicy, as far as you want!
Take one behavior or character trait (the sequence does not matter. If this behavior, move it through a variety of ways, yet they will not see this character trait, if this trait, explore behaviors that add this line in the world), and invited her to describe this in detail. Give her feedback, helping and making meaningful clues. Work, work and work to make sure that your descriptions are sent closer to the descriptions of examples of desirable states or traits.
Ask her to feel the joy that she has a special place, which is accessible only to you two, and tie it with repeats.
Note: The process is analogous to telling stories. They always start (a place for imagination and wonders), and all end with (perfect security and freedom from discomfort). And between this all happens! And just as children’s tales cling broad emotional strokes (reflecting a child’s strengths, uncontrollable emotions), your creation in this particular town without fail be with great confidence to the strong emotions, vivid pictures and incredible events sent to exhaustively satisfactory results!
5. Description and implementation of new thoughts, feelings and behavior
Yeah, begin goodies!
Inside the special town, which is free of context, anything is possible. Everything!
Now push it with you to explore all possible ways in which an active, exciting woman can explore their own potential for self-fulfillment, for filling his life, for fun (or something you found on the second step). What are the ways women can please her man? What are the ways a man can enjoy, together with a woman? How it will be felt – to be free, to escape the shackles of societal values, and live the life that it naturally is? Enjoy your life in every way, the data on birthright?
Be patient, be special. Describe using sensory-painted the words attitude and the result is that you want, but not the behavior!
For example. I used to know a girlfriend who loved to be desired – the feeling when she could help. It could rush in search of things you can do for me, and when she had had some idea, it just sausage, if I’m not going to meet her! When I got up from the table to make himself a cup of coffee – she was upset, because it’s her job!
I could go directly to the binding of the hot sex, to one of my everlasting favorite requests. But instead, I sat down and gave her a few ideas and structured hints that she followed: First, I recreated the feelings associated with doing something nice for me, told an existing example of its action for me. Then I described the similar example, but one which has not happened. And then I have described is not related example, and stressed how I would have been nice in another case about which I could not even think or dream. Sweet words, I described how I was touched by her actions, which pleased me, and I am more and more like what it can offer me, from what I understand as love, involvement and desire, which are contained in each of its action. And as far as how it is finding new ways of Radovan ME HOW It strengthens the ties bind us, I feel more and more of these bonds are not as a limitation, but as a support. And of course I gave her notice, as our rapport and affection continue to grow and grow with each of its action, showing her love for me.
I got everything I wanted and she got more pleasure when she happily . And if I asked a great blowjob, it would be ALL that I have received!
If there is or there is discomfort or resistance (and this resistance must not be directed at you – because you have to stretch the notion of her dignity, her old beliefs and behaviors may push back at you), simply ask her:
And as soon as new condition and features become a reality within her, ask her questions, which will direct it to create acceptable contexts for its new behaviors and beliefs. And as soon as she becomes comfortable with the new elements of her life, apparently asked for the permission and led it in a gentle movement of the new stuff from an imaginary small town deep in the heart of its conception of oneself, to make it permanent.
Anchors, reinforces, again, anchors, binding, integrate, verify.
7. Create a strong motive movement.
Because you can not, and did not want to be with her constantly, you need a system that will surely and inevitably to keep her on track. Therefore it is desirable to establish the motive of its motion, which will powerfully work for her. I am constantly amazed at the number of guys who think that they need a subordinate servant of love. In the past, I concocted a little of their own hands and I can tell you – it is not worth it. Too much work! Yes, you can teach someone to sit and lie down on command at any time and anywhere. But can you imagine what is hemorrhoids – always be required to take decisions? How it annoys – always be those who invents ideas? Let’s do something more than good. Let’s do something that captured and making permanent all the desired changes, retain and caregiver all her talents and lovely lines, and motivate it to build their lives, putting you in the center of all this! In the first step we built a nuclear sense of connectedness, seasoned with rapturous pleasure and positive emotions. Hmm? Will we be something done about this?
It is time to move it all into perspective. Call the state of great pleasure and deep satisfaction, and eventually place them in the future, showing her how to combine new concepts of its expression and freedom to become all of who she could be with you, will show themselves in all areas of her life. Now let us show her that when she firmly holds on to this relationship with you and for all that she now shares with you – her life becomes a living proof of what her fantasy and imagination can imagine. Pull it forward and upward, brings back good feelings and anchors them. Let it rebuild of himself, including the new fantastic fun. Now do it again. Damn it, do it again, again, many, many times:
Go back to the past and for every occasion, when she felt lost, lonely, disappointed, upset, and so on, caused her to see this experience as it was, and then go through it with the knowledge of how much better it could be with you. Again, pull it back and forth until until you can replace all the bad to good. Anchors build, do the same, etc.
This is the heart of the motor mechanism. Associates to move forward with the achievement of miraculous results from all what she learned and now shares with you. Now she must clearly grasp, as it was before she met you, before she really understood what is possible between a man and a woman.
I now propose that ALWAYS AND EACH moment when she knows that to move towards this wonderful shared future, it may FEEL ALL these unusual pleasure that – she knows – can receive, and this is its merit. And that every moment when she knows what to do something out of this environment SVYASCHANNOSTI and community, she feels that all this SATISFACTION AND ATTACHMENT We forget farther into the distance. And can this loss is so small that it quietly endure?
Prize Hint: Because you gave her to understand that feeling of trance, how difficult it is to make it be on their guard about trance states, to be sure that only you can initiate a trance state, which direct the change? This is so little thought, just wanted to draw attention.
So, now you are aware of everything. As promised, simply, powerfully and effectively. So forward, improving his girl!

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