Golden rules that ensure your success with women

by admin on November 10, 2009

Would like to have her?

Would like to have her?

1. Self-reliance is the key. Without it, you are doomed to fail. Women like men complacent. If you do not have confidence in yourself, then Play it for a moment. Impulsive decision-making is rarely the right thing. Believe in yourself and your decisions. Stick to your guns.
2. Good appearance is always useful, but not all, when we talk about seducing a woman. Men are not made to be nice and sweet little face. Why more women are impressed by words and actions. And men who are strong, independent and have self-esteem.
Therefore, rule number 1 is so important.

3. Maintain be fresh. Do everything possible to smell good. Shower, deodorant and clothes are always clean. A breath you need to be perfect. No woman will not pay attention if you are, just as – just out of gym.

4. Addition to Rule 3. Looks. Buy new clothes look different – a new hairstyle, clothes, habits, etc. Look and be competent with regard to appearance. Forget tattoos and type of metroseksualen type.
5. Always seemed not interested in it. This causes it to be increasingly interested – seriously, it does.
6. Spend money, but not all of it. Buy drinks for you, your friends, and only then for it. If you are spending will look like – for an attractive woman.
7. Try to be seen by women as you can. This will cause women – others think that you are quite welcome. Competition stimulates them and they will look on you with different eyes. And of course, will incite them to attack.
8. Take its position in disputes and discussions. This will be favorable to you.

9. Never pretend to be someone or something like that just because she likes it like that. You must watch “Big Brother” if we do not tolerate. Women however, like the so-called men’s work as: “How can you watch these stuck, look at what seems to be a great game?” Etc.
10. View as a great woman and want to talk to her, not an easy, just do it. Thinking what to tell you discourage to do so. Just go over there and talk to her. If you do not act within 3 seconds, it will never do it. Women like to be liked by unknown men who act immediately.
11. Be patient and persistent. Even if you have done everything absolutely right when downloading does not mean that she would be interested. If the focus is another object, but to put this in the “failure”. Just retire with dignity or to be – assertive but not pushy.
12. When you first meet a woman closed meeting you first before she did. Send it to them and Wish her good night and maybe it will suddenly inquired of coffee and will invite you. Women like men who do not prick up. . . before themselves.
13. Do not take to heart her personal drama. Be prepared to stay away from her problems and drama. you may a little harder, show that you are supportive, but only that. Then remove their hidden weapons and diverted the topic to bring to its objective fact. Women like men, they soothe and gladden.
14. Just be a man. Women want a man, strong, brave, confident, knowledgeable and understanding of almost everything. I love football, soap operas and hating able to tap a good soul.

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